9 8 Cross Country Chaos

[A/N* I'm gonna be honest here and say I had no idea what I was doing at the start of this novel and it may show in my writing earlier on.

Like at the time when I was writing this I overlooked a couple of things such as [Red] being the reversal or the input of positive energy into the limitless cursed technique.

I had no idea of that (yeah I know it was kinda in the name and in the fight) but after reviewing the latest chapters and helpful comments I realised it.

Also character interaction like in chapter 2 and 3 were kind of shltty not gonna lie so huge rewrite incoming.

That's mostly it but to summarise [Red] is being retconned into he only has [Blue] and its maximum output, Cursed Energy shots, simple domain, teleportation and Infinity currently*]


- -3rd POV- -

The team approached a cliff overlooking the base of operations for the Cobra cultists where their venom project seemed to be in motion.

Robin immediately bent down with high tech binoculars to view the headquarters only for the sight of the vastness of it all to slightly shock him, "Look at all that product, a buy is going down"

"But if Cobra is not selling too the usual suspects then...," He didn't finish that sentence as he continued to prod forward with fervour and curiosity.

"We need to identify the buyer," Aqualad stated obviously.

Kid placed his hand on his forehead with a grin, "Just what I was thinking."

"Yeah...of course, after all you're the thinker," Robin sarcastically said after standing up from the edge.

"Sarcasm, really dude? A real leader would focus on getting answers," Kid said sourly though the last part of his words drizzled into quiet whispers as a large thud was heard to the side.

Bane using his superhuman strength moved a heavy rock away from a secret mining tunnel, "Answers, are this way."

"~I thought he needed venom to be doing stuff like that~" Gojo asked inquisitively to Robin though his voice was clearly audible to the villain as he swiftly responded.

"Come on niño, my body has long since past the threshold of human limits or how else do you think I would have broken the Bat," Bane responded with pride practically coating his words and attitude.

"~I'm not sure~," Gojo shrugged his shoulders, "~but if I had to guess it would be through luck seeing as how you had to escape to another country with your tail between your legs just for him not to put you back in Arkham.~"

Gojos grin widened though still shrouded the essence of nonchalancy whilst Banes frown only grew and his anger pulsated vigorously to the point you didn't even need an empath to feel his overwhelming rage.

Bane gritted his teeth in self control and spoke once more, "Follow and we shall reach the base soon."

"Way to go angering our new 'leader', El luchador," Kid said to Gojo whilst simultaneously also taking shots at Robin.

Robin only elbowed Kid while walking past him in the tunnel who groaned while rubbing his arm.

They continued along the narrow path engulfed in a spiral of darkness until they reached a rusted door with lamps illuminating it in splendour.

Bane reached his hand forward to a button and allowed his finger to rest upon its surface before pressing it.

It brought to light a simple locker room with nothing but dust and a door at the end of the room. Robin creaked open the door with the ever present alertness before speaking, "All clear we can move out."

He rushed out and disappeared into the maze of metal and steam that was the factory. The group meandered around but Robin's presence had all to no end vanished.

"Has the little pájaro already been caught?" Bane questioned in a gruff voice.

"No....he just...does that," Aqualad rubbed his eyes in practically unbridled annoyance

"Stay put, I'll bring evidence and be back before the boy wonder," Kid said in a competitive voice and zoomed away as Aqualad scrambled to stop him

"Great team you got here," Bane said, watching the black and red streak of speed curve around heavy machinery and cargo.

"~We're definitely dedicated, at the very least,~" Gojo shrugged before folding his arms behind his head and walking towards the dock.

"At the very least," Aqualad muttered before following along...


--Gojo POV--

"Its a massive shipment," Aqualad stated as he overlooked the cobra workers using forklifts to elevate the cargo and lay it down onto the dock

"But they're only moving new product off the line, they're not touching this venom," Superboy contributed for once .

"Maybe freshness counts?" Miss Martian suggested though the Superboy didn't seem to hear as his neck craned to the left as if he could hear something that the others couldn't.

"Helicopters are coming," He spoke after a minute of moving his head around like a satellite disc

'Finally! Fighting time is just around the corner. I can finally let loose - kinda,' I pumped myself up internally with little chibi 'mes' in their own little cheerleading squad cheering me on

I didn't need my six eyes to see the green hue of the helicopter appearing from beyond the veil of the night for all to bare witness to, "~Miss Martian, you ready for a little invisible girl recon~."

She already knew what to do as body phased into nothingness with tiny distortions of light surrounding where she's supposed to be.

I peered to where she was heading, watching with interest whilst we climbed a stairwell to reach a ledge barred with railings.

When the helicopter landed, in front of the hooded cobra leader and the cyber punk girl at his side, a man in tactical military gear and a hockey mask stepped out with façade of someone who's experienced many fights and battles throughout their lifetime

'So that's Artemis' dad, he's way more buff than he was portrayed that's for sure.'

"Sportmaster?! He is the buyer?" Aqualad exclaimed to us, obviously receiving a telepathic image from MM," Aqualad to Red Tornado. Do you-?"

He clasped his hands in frustration and turned towards the two of us and Bane, "Ughh I can't reach the league, Robin or Kid - comms are jammed. We need a plan, NOW"

"I have a plan or suggestion," the villain cracked his knuckles with a ferocious smirk and jumped off the ledge to attack cobra cultists below.

Bane slapped away the first before gripping the second shooters gun and aiming it to the sky before the other could fire. He sent a straight punch into his chest which flung the guy into a metal poll.

"~That's definitely better than any plan we had since we got here~" I added, seeing the gunshots alert the enemies .

"You are not helping," Aqualad responded

"Not trying t-," My body acted on its own, robotically twisting my head to face the window beside, enhancing myself to the max with cursed energy and activating infinity

'This unprovoked spike in negative emotions...it's coming from behind!'

It turned out to be the right decision as a hulking mammoth collided against the glass shattering it instantly and as easily as one may take a breath.

It's complexion a mix of palish white and a sickly brown, its skin ripped and teared in certain places to reveal muscle and bone ; Its face contained taints of man and beast with his orange sideburns cascading down his face to reach his chest and its teeth sharper than the average ivory hunting knife of a poacher

It grappled onto both me and Superboy, breaking the ledge, and plummeting us both down onto the floor with terrifyingly horrid strength.

A loud BOOM echoed as a crater bigger than anything Superboy and I could have done was made.

The towering creature rose from us and stared us down before preparing another strike but before it could..

"[Limited Amplification: Azure Glow]!"A mini crater of my own was made -its radius only that of 3m to not injure Superboy next me, but it was enough for now.

'Well, that was a little disorientating but nothing to bad. Still, it annoys that this creature tried to jump me!' I screamed vexedly to the void inside my head

"Fuck! You made me bite my tongue!" I shouted in slightly slurred words, after spitting out saliva tainted by some of my blood, "You should've of take the time I was down to run cause you done goofed!"

"[Blue]!" the creature shot towards me as my hand turned into a black hole sucking up anything in its path.

When it got close, I chose to send a cursed energy imbued kick to its ribs in hopes of breaking something but it shrugged it off as soon as it landed.

"AHHHH!" It roared in defiance, bearing its fangs and spreading its arm wide open like asking me- no mocking me if that was all

'This guy's tough I'll give him that,' I activated infinity once more and sent a more explosively packed punch to the enemy's gut with something extra, "[Divergent Fist]."

The delayed effect of the strike was set it motion with the harsh sound of muscle colliding against muscle resounding throughout the room leaving me left to view the creature recoiling.

"Is that all you got?" I sneered in delight, "Superboy enough beauty sleep, let's finish this guy."

The echo of the clone launching himself into the air and tackling Mammoth into the wall sounded to all to hear and with that the true battle begun.

Gunshots zipped through their like red rays of light, the type you would see from a death ray like in cartoons

"DESTROY THEM!" The cobra leader cried out revealing his scaly, chalk white skin which made him look more akin to a snake than any human.

Aqualad appeared once again summoning water whips from his bearers to wrap around some of the shooters and electrocute them

Miss Martian, though hidden to the naked eye, was telekinetically making sure some parts of the cultist army were staying off our backs.

'If I could just get everyone out of here on time, I could use a full powered azure glow to blow this place right off the map, tch!' I brought two guards hurdling smashing into each other whilst allowing Mammoth to smash down hits into my cursed technique.

My blatant disregard of its presence must have infuriated it even more as it sent a barrage of fists, though this was downfall since while it was distracted it gave Superboy the chance to get behind it, grab its waist and German Suplex it.

With its head smashed against the ground, it rattled its basically non existent brain enough to bash against the cage known as its skull - effectively temporally knocking it out.

"~Superboy! We need to regro-!" I was cut off as the heat and noise from a nearby explosive activating alerted us.

We turned our heads to face the sight of MM's incorporeal form slowly turning corporeal as she plummeted like a fallen angel into machinery.

I immediately knew who's handiwork this was - Sportsmaster. Raising my hand to bring him here, I noticed both Aqualad and the now present Kid being backed into a corner by a rain of bullets, clearly in dire need of help.

'Sportsmaster I can definitely handle but right now isn't the time,' I instantly eliminated the space between the hockey themed villain and large chunks of rubble and allowed the diligent hand of fate to shoot them at the clueless Sportsmaster.

Even though I wanted to watch the spectacle with my own eyes, times slimy tendrils would not allow me to halt its advance

I dashed towards the shooters with Superboy in tow towards the shooters, using [Blue] to propel far away from our teammates and shooting CE shots at the stranglers that managed to escape the clinging vacuum of [Blue]

"I thank you but we still need to regroup and retreat to formulate a plan," he faced his head upwards with his hands covering the sides of his mouth, "MISS MARTIAN! RADIO IS JAMMED LINK US UP!"

There was no response from the green superteen for a few seconds but after I felt the familiar invasive poking and prodding of someone trying to breach my defence which this time I allowed through.

"Is everyone on line?" Miss Martian asked telepathically.

"yeaaaah,," Superboy's 'voice' still contained the small yet present glimmer of reluctance though at this point none of the team were in a good position to pander.

"You know it beautiful...," Kid replied with his usual flirtateous tone he took on when conversing with Miss Martian

"~Seriously? can you do this whole bad pickup artist act later~" I asked

"I was just responding to Miss Martian, relax mood killer, isn't that right babes"

"Blegh," My face contorted into one of exaggerated, audible disgust visible to Kid.

"Focus! We need to regroup together!" Aqualad said, shooting water bullets at the cultists

"Busy right now!" Robin announced like a 5 year old child attempting to say longer in the candy isle.

But like all parents who have had enough of their children's annoying begging, crying or troublemaking ; Aqualad cried out through the link, "ROBIN, NOW!"

"Retreat! Kid, clear a path," The Atlantean ordered.

Kid raced around factory, beating down any shooters unfortunate to cross his path and thanks to his efforts there was a quick and easy path to the door which we took immediately.

Without notice, a boom of beast like noises were heard from above that we soon discovered to be Mammoth descending down towards us at high speeds

"You should've just stayed down," I muttered silently, "[Blue]"

A blue ethereal glow consumed him as chunks of the building were torn apart and sent at him - even some of the shooters were pieced into this jigsaw puzzle, 'It's a bootleg 'Planetary Devastation' but it'll have to do.'

"~Lets go!~" We rushed into the tunnel with gunfire showering us in an inconsistent rhythm

"Superboy! The support beams!" Aqualad ordered once again

Superboy rapidly decimated the woodwork which supported this section of the tunnel, collapsing rubble, dirt and rock to the floor behind us

We caught our breath for a seconds as Aqualad lit a red crack stick but an upheaval of frustration and anger from Robin brought us back to life

"How could my first mission as leader go so wrong?" He punched the wall, not for the futile attempt of burrowing his way through rock but to unleash his pent up feeling upon Gaia's body.

"You do have the most experience but perhaps that is what has left you so ill prepared," the rational voice of the Atlantean spoke, "Fighting alongside Batman, your roles are so well defined. You two do not need to talk but this team is new and different."

"And a leader must be clear, explicit and he certainly can not vanish and expect others to play parts in an unknown plan," Aqualad concluded with intellect and experience guiding his tone

"OH SO I'M SUPPOSSED TO HOLD EVERYONE'S HA-!" Robin shouted though regained his composure at the end by allowing his words to slowly fade to the wind, "eughh, whom I kidding. You should lead us Cal, you['re the only one who can."

"Please! I can run circles arou-!" Kid shouted in argument but his train of speech was cut off by Robin.

"Wally c'mon. You know he's the one we all do," Robin grinned at Aqualad whom had turned towards the rest for confirmation

"Hello Megan! It was the obvious pick, right in front of our eyes," Miss Martian declared with comical actualisation.

"Could've told you," Superboy said with a smug smile like some asshole that pretends he did all the work for the group presentation when he didn't do shit.

"~What can I say except that you're the best pick~," I said giving my best 'class reunion' heart-warming impression that my face could give.

He turned away from me to face Wally with the others,

"Fiinnnne, ok!" Wally gave in, putting his hands on his hips with a smile that said 'I already knew this was going to happen'.

"Then I shall accept the burden...though only until you are ready to lift it from my shoulders," Aqualad placed his hand on Robin's shoulder, "You were born to lead this team - maybe not now but soon."

The Boy Wonder sent a composed grin, the simmering respect for Aqualad could not be veiled by his mask.

"Alright our first priority is preventing that shipment from leaving this island," Aqualad briefed all of us.

"That's funny cause I was thinking the same thing.."


--3rd POV--

The weak rumble of helicopter wings rang solemnly in the ears of everyone present - well that and the incessant 'mining' of a certain floating ball of rock and rubble

"haaah, sabotage," the blonde sports themed villain stepped out of the helicopter to face the other, "Robin?!

"Undoubtedly," the voldemort-looking criminal responded, "Find the problem and fix it." He spoke to the cyborg girl at his side, to which of whom quickly responded with a nod then a respectful bow.

"Exalted one, we are having troubles regaining the blockbuster test subject, 'Mammoth', from the strange contraption set up by the white haired one," A cultist spoke to the Kobra -the so called 'God' -, "We are failing to retrieve 'Mammoth' due the fact it may end up killing fellow worshippers trapped inside so we require your divin-"

"Utilise the explosives gathered from our purchases to remove Mammoth from his cage," Kobra declared before turning away, "In the face of this god's conquest a few measly lives means nothing in the grand scheme."

"Yes, exalted one," The cultist spoke once more, "Also, do you desire us to pursue the ignorant ones?"

"Do not be absurd, they will come to us like moths to a flame..."


--Gojo POV--

"...Sportsmaster's the supplier/buyer ..but it still doesn't track, he doesn't have the juice to acquire the blockbuster formula or to get Kobra to do his dirty work," Robin explained his theoory to rest of us

"And neither of them have the smarts to bond both venom and blockbuster - that would take some major nerdage," Wally topped off as we all raced down the narrow mining tunnel towards the exit.

"I believe the expression is, tip of the iceberg," Aqualad concluded

"~Like one of those of Chinese cultivation novels where if you offend a young master you end up offending the entire sect their backers?" I questioned using an analogy

I looked around to see confused faces of my teammates looking back at me, "~What? Don't look at me because you guys are so uncultured~"

'Wait were cliche face slapping cultivation novels even a thing back in 2010?' I queried internally whilst I was subconsciously scanning my memories to see

Our sprinting down the tunnel ended abruptly as the face of a certain roided up latino supervillain came into view at the end.

'And I hope we don't have to play 'Who's that Pokémon?' to know who it is'

It was the understatement of the century to say Bane had 'put on a few pounds' with his hulking figure of a man illuminated by the sweet honey of which the moon oozed

"Halt niños! I'm feeling explosive.." Bane spoke, his voice accompanied by the soft yet warning beeping of explosives above us

His muscles bulged in a state similar to madness so much so it looked like they threatened to rip though his very skin and consume him. Veins protruded from every where on his body in a desperate attempt to make themself know and his clothes just barely hanging on by the thread to stay intact.

I slightly whistled in shock, "~Wow, looks like someone's juiced up~.

"Venom," Robin whispered at my side

"You betrayed us! Why?" Aqualad confusedly asked, 'Kid you need a running start and Gojo be ready to teleport us behind him if all else fails' Aqualad telepathically ordered

'If you guys are ready to hurling your stomach out straight after then sure' I respponded

'Wait what is he talking about?' Robin asked

'~No time to explain just be ready when it comes'

"..where I forced you into a situation where yiu either take down my enemies or die trying," Bane monologued like a third rate villain, "If the latter, the Justice League would have certainty come to avenge their sidekicks."

"And when the smoke clears only I shall remain to reclaim Santa Prisca once more. Blowing up the tunnel with you inside shall have the same effect -goodbye ni-!"

Kid zoomed past Bane, expertly grabbing the trigger whilst our image flickered into obscurity then back into existence once more behind him.

"With what? This trigger perhaps?" Kid taunted

"GIVE THA-!" Bane raged but was interrupted as I just ped up to reach his height, grabbed his head and kneed him square in the face.

Blood flew from his broken nose as Bane stumbled backward with incoherent roars of pain and anger flew from his mouth

Miss Martian incapacitated him by raising him into the air defenceless before us.

Superboy crouched down to charge up a finishing punch - his face adorned with a menacing smirk as he spoke, " Finally, drop him."

And that Miss Martian, leaving the juiced up lucha libra to plummet graciously into the warm embrace of Superboy's fist which if I had to score would be a perfect uppercut.



--3rd POV--

"The helicopter is operational, exalted one," a cultist spoke in a dutiful tone when faced with his 'God', bowing as he finished

Sportsmaster slowly walked towards the helicopter guarded by many hooded cobra cultists until that organisation was broken all too quickly by a black and red blur

The blur rampaged across the lined shooters with ease, using the limited choice of his fists or kicks to get the job done.

Gunfire with the aim and precision of a stormtrooper missed the speedster by a mile and only helped the enemy to distract them long enough for a speeding bullet sent from the heavens above to enter the scene

"Ready for round 2?" Superboy spoke to the now newly freed Mammoth who only lunged at the clone with fierceness

"Take the shipment!" Kobra shouted with urgency in his tone but before he could give more orders he felt the presence of someone behind him

"~So you're the so called 'God',~" The boy with hair so white it mimicked the frozen waste lands of the artic lowered his glasses to reveal eyes of liquid sapphire.

"Yes and you shall do well to remember it, boy," Kobra said, "Shimmer, deal with this lost child."

The robot girl sent a kick to Gojo's head to which he only ducked his below to avoid it and took a few steps back.

"~You know as much as I love thick cyber punk girls, seriously ginger - really? what a waste~" Gojo rushed at her before she could react, swept her to the floor and punched them in the face "~This hurts me more than it hurts you but as a true advocate of gender equality I must fulfil my duty~"

After a couple more punches to knock her out, Gojo turned towards to the leader of this fanatical cult with a mocking grin, "~That the best you got, to rely on someone so weak to do your dirty work tsk tsk~" Gojo wagged his index finger like an alcoholic father refusing their kid a happy life.

Good old Koby didn't respond and only took of his hood to reveal his toned body akin to that of a warrior, a body conditioned by many battles and rigorous training sessions.

"~Getting undressed for a minor is a serious offense you know~" Gojo said, "~And to think a 'God' of all things would stoop down to face me - life is really unpredictable isn't it?~"

"Even a God must stoop to conquer those lower than him," Kobra places his hand behind his back, "Feel honoured that a welp such as you can be put down by a higher lifeform such as I."

Gojo sent a straight punch to Koby's punch but snake face managed to dodge at the last second and countered by kicking at Gojo's head

Gojo bowed forward, using his momentum to throw a hook at his ribs which connected luckily and put Koby at a disadvantage, making him take a couple of steps to shake the blow off

Elbowing Kobras solar plexus, Satoru followed through with another attack winding up his arm that was already in motion to back fist his knuckles into the villains mouth and nose

The villain spat out a misplaced tooth doused with his own blood, which looked as vermillion as that of any other human

"First to draw blood," Gojo spoke before side kicking Kobras leg inadvertently causing him to fall forward to the ground.

Not missing the opportunity Gojo slammed his fist down to the back of his head to reacquaint Kobras face with the ground of which Mother Nature had gifted.

"Thought you were meant to be above us but look at you now grovelling in the dirt," Gojo put his hands in his pockets with an unpleasant frown spray painted across his face, "Next time make sure to back the talk, you fucking Voldemort ripoff."


-- Gojo POV--

I kicked the head of Kobra for good measure then turned towards my teammates who were still currently dealing with the rest of the villains.

Aqualad had cleverly propelled Mammoth far enough for him to use his own magically orientated bioelectricity to shock the beast unconscious.

Robin and Kid were rounding up the cultists with rope Robin had gotten from his 4th dimensional unlimited storage device which he calls a Batbelt.

However unlike the others, Superboy and Miss Martian were being handled by Sportsmaster with them being put on the defensive. The criminal had managed to locate where MM had hidden and taken her hostage while he fired off rounds of bullets from a high tech gun at Superboy.

Proving to be more effective against the clone then one would think if the yelps and screams of agony exclaimed from Superboy were anything to go by.

'How are you even getting wrecked by a street level thug Superboy, I'm never letting him live this one down,' I haphazardly strolled towards the action before anything else could happen, though I had for deal with stragglers from the cult which was certainly unpleasant

"Thanks for the workout but I got to fly," He threw Miss Martian at Superboy, knocking them both down to the ground, and the sound of the helicopter lifting from the ground echoed at the helicopter landing area

The sound dragged on for longer until the ear shattering screech of explosives going off that were set off by Miss Martian pierced the air in unsettling familiarity.

I used [Blue] once again like the professional spammer I was and threw the leftover shrapnel and broken pieces away to the factory. Miss Martian who was thinking along the same wavelength as me brought the helicopter remains to the factory - destroying major chunks of it

"~haha I just know from whatever perch, Bane's watching from, he's definitely pissed off~" I couldn't help but snicker at his misfortune

'Nice one M'gann," I saw my green skinned friend pressing a hand to the forehead while the other one was waving around similar to a magicians wand, moving the parts away

Sportsmaster jumped from the barely hovering helicopter, rolling onto the ground as he did so : He seamlessly switched from a roll into a sprint across the land but before he continue forward his body became submerged in a marine aura emanating from both my palm and him.

'[Blue'] I declared in my head, watching as befuddlement spread across the masked face of Sportsmaster, watching as the elimination of space resulting in a vacuum instantly drew him towards me, "~You didn't really believe you could escape,~"

"You can't achieve anything without believing," He snidely replied throwing explosive hockey pucks at me as he was sucked in.

I activated infinity to protect myself and due to this I unconsciously deactivated [Blue] to my dismay and allowed Sportsmaster to gain freedom from its suction.

But in the end it didn't matter because Kid came zooming around with a sucker punch along with him tying him up with spare rope. Whilst Robin, infected with Batman's paranoia, placed a thick net over the villain.

"Children...always a nuisance," Sportsmaster groaned after his body gave way to the net above forcing him crouch down.

"What's wrong, you look disconcerted SM," Robin chuckled to himself but the realisation of something quickly dawned on him. He turned to Aqualad with a shit eating grin, "You agreed that you're the leader, right?"

"...Yes," Aqualad answered though quite unsure why Robin was asking the question

"Great just great," Robin threw his hands behind his head, whistling as he did it, "Cause someone's going to have to explain what happened here and it ain't going to be me...."


[Mount Justice, Happy Harbour August 4 2010]

"...A simple recon mission - observe and report," Batman drilled us with complaints over our 'poor performance' like a military general, pacing back and forth in front of us.

"You will each receive extensive reports detailing your many mistakes," Batman came close to Aqualad's face, staring him down with a glare.

"~Reports, ughhhh,~" I silently grumbled, my head facing down in unconcealed sadness.

"...Until then, good job, " To our surprise, the dark knight...praised us?

All of our heads raised like meerkats in the hot savannah, the shock still clearly evident on our faces.

Batman seeing our reaction, continued before we could voice our confusion, "No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy, how you adjust to the unforeseen is what determines success. And how you choose who leads determines character."

'Woah, gee wilikers! Golly gum drops! Coach Batman really is the goat!' I mused whilst watching the subtle smirks or triumph and happiness emerge from everyone's faces even.. my own


[Unknown, Unknown Location August 2 2010]

"This last unforeseen incident... has been everything but fruitful," a voice thick with a French accent spoke after the long seconds of foreboding silence, "These young heroes nay pests have truly provoked us now. First Cadmus, then Mr Twister and now Santa Prisca!"

"Your anger is certainly warranted but given the right circumstances, we could retrieve the subject 'Mammoth', dissect him and re engineer the cobra venom," A deep voice spoke, "However, once is happen stance, twice is coincidence although three times is enemy action."

"And an enemy of the light must not stand..."


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