15 12 Great Googily Moogily

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- -Gojo POV- -

I whacked Superboy firmly in the side of the face with satisfying 'boink' accompanying such a blow, "Come on you can't tell me that's all you got."

Grinning manically as I watched him erupt from the floor once more and throw a right hook that surely had enough power to knock out an elephant and me in my current nerfed state if it connected

If it connected

I dodged nimbly with a lazy spin around his worn body before kicking his exposed back and knocking him down once more

"Stand still then!" He raged before attempting another strike only for that to come to an end before it was even shot from the barrel with the arrival of my foot planting itself on his face

"Even if I do can you even land a punch, weakling~!" I remarked with a perpetual mocking grin doing well to emphasise the lack of care I held

'That seemed to do the trick he he,' I chucked as I watched the stubborn figure of Superboys explode once more from the ground with an uppercut

"That's the spirit!" I moved my head out of the way and taking the unveiled opportunity to smash my elbow into his face.

I struck his head multiple times with multiple blows before delivering a final two palm attack to his stomach which sent him skidding out of the ring

"…How are you so strong?!" He barrelled towards to tackle me to the ground but I simply jumped above and landed a foul smack down onto his back which forced him to collapse onto the floor

"I'm not strong you're just too predictable~ come onnn I've turned off infinity and I've regulated my strength to your level what more do you want from me for you to be able to land a hit?" I questioned whilst cocking an eyebrow, "two hands behind my back- no all limbs tied up whilst blindfolded?"

He threw me off and whilst mimicking a raging gorilla he launched himself into the air before descending down at rapidly increasing speeds

I skated across the edge of the ring allowing his attack to ghostly pass by me as well as his other onslaught of hooks, jabs, uppercuts and kicks

The dance of weaves ensued for over 5 minutes, the sweat dripping from our bodies staining the ground until my frustration at his performance grew in ferocity

'Come on!'

'Come on! Hit me!

'Is that all you have' I screamed into the cave that was my own mind, '…Maybe I ovestimated hi-?!'

A blow out of nowhere collided with the tight side of face, mechanically swivelling my head like a toy doll

"Gotcha!" His features painted with sweat screaming of his magnanimous labour followed by strained gasps for air

Instinctually after receiving the blow i hooked his face and kicked him away to create distance between us

I flexed my fingers whilst caressing the back of my hair, adjusting my already fluctuating cursed energy levels to an appropriate base

'-Would you look at that? He's growing!' I laughed at the carelessness of myself as my all too familiar sadistic smile snuck up onto my face as the fever of this battle rose from the depths of boredom and my opponent now knew that things were about to go down, "Let's get a little rougher."

We disappeared from our spots, our movements blurred and fading into the painting of war was in the midst of being drawn

Everything from the clash of our feet and fists, feints, blocks and grapples were bordering along the lines of fast - too fast for the normal eye to consecutively keep track of

Even the iridescent sapphire of the six eyes failed to be contained as it trailed behind the iris to form the famed Sperm Eye of Korean manwhua myth!

He attempted a barely telegraphed leg sweep of my shins but I fully leaped over and plunged my knee into his face - obviously I limited the power to not enough to break a bone' but enough for the clone over there back flipping across the floor to feel the impact of such an attack

A bead of sweat ran down my face before dripping upon the floor while I exclaimed, "More!"

Performing an unlikely move, I removed the jujustu coat around my body and threw around his head to obscure his vision

And in rapid succession i backhand slapped his face before reversing the momentum of such a blow to palm his side and dip down to perform another copy of the 'left night goodnight' series of techniques

The Manji Kick!!

A resounding crackle of power resonated in the base as Superboy was launched out of the arena as hints of black partially materialised themselves in the material world

The air held strong unperturbed by such a powerful shockwave however the same couldn't be said for Superboy as akin to a rag doll he was flung away but still remained standing

'More!' My heart pounding with the adrenaline of a nice beat down

My eyes locked with his, the small euphoria of the moment encapsulated the two of us as he moved his worn body to move before he collapsed back onto the ground with a thump

…I momentarily deadpanned at my lack of awareness of Superboys current state

"…My bad?" I shrugged

"Why're you asking me?!" He gasped, his body turning over so his back faced the floor

Sweat clung to my body as the adrenaline wore off and the reinforcement placed on my body dissipated at my will

I slumped down into the ground to take a rest, 'Even though I was the one that held the advantage over all of the fight abd the one one sidedly beating the shit out the other i was regulating my strength durability stamina to Superboys level so to put it bluntly, "I'm tired!!"

I flipped back onto my feet intent on resting for the day like the lazy white haired cat I am until an energetic voice called my name and my ears perked up

"Satoru! Superboy! Beach time!!" M'ganns domains of pure naïve and lively bliss engulfed the room and my body though not drastically felt slightly rejuvenated but that still wasn't stopping my journey to the sweet drea-!


My clothes instantly disappeared, white censor lines covered my body and new clothes replaced the old - it was something ripped straight out of Sailor Moon

"Why didn't you say sooner let's go ~!" I gleefully jumped to the base exit with wild Robin and Aqualad appearing beside me confused at my speed

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My unzipped hoodie danced with the winds insistence while I stood in awe at the perfect picturesque scene before me

Weather? Outstanding

Waves and Water? Perfect

My appearance? Absolutely stunning. Otherworldly. Ethereal. Enchanting. Innocent. Seducing. Bewitching. Subtly charming. Enchanting. Glimmering. Handsome. Succulent Eye catching. Glazeworthy. Luxurious. Majestic

Did I forget to mention I'm humble on top of that? Ladies I'm just the whole bag

But for now the only thing I am is a beach enjoyer!

Throwing my hoodie to the wind exposing my perfectly sculpted physique that surpassed that of Greek Gods

I launched myself well into the air before like the incredible acrobatic sorcerer I propelled myself downwards and performed a series of backflips and twists that would put the Bat Family to shame

My figure collided with the water creating a splash that could be spotted from Space

The coolness of the water washing my tiredness away as I swam around backstroke for fun but in the midst of my relaxation a shadow loomed over my body

"It's payback time!" Superboy exclaimed excitedly jumping into the air and smashing his figure into the world, the result of such a move creating a wave of water to move rapidly in my direction

"So you've chosen death by water young one?" I spoke as I teleported behind him standing on the water thanks to infinity

Watching as a shiver ran down his spine, I waved my hand and with a literal flick of the wrist I sent a wave of pure magnitude that washed him back to shore drenching everyone but me


Their expressions darkened with frustration and vengeance in their eyes that they looked almost similar to Batman.

"Heh, it's so on!" Robin laughed menacingly causing me to chuckle innocently at the war I may or may not have wished for

"Well bring it on!" I shouted before being swallowed by a wave that eclipsed the Sun, 'Note to self double- no triple the beat down you give Superboy he needs more trauma *cough* character development…yeah more character development '

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"You all know the rules right?" M'gann questioned with an anticipating look painting her expression

We nodded each taking positions on the both sides of the court only divided by a single line

Me and Robin (Team Shades) vs Superboy and Aqualad ( Team Aquaboy )

'And yeah… I know the creative juices were definitely not flowing out when they thought of a title but that doesn't matter right now does it?

All that matters is that we win!'

The spirits of volleyball legends powered my body.

I had entered the ultimate domain shown only to the chosen few

The Zone

"Alright! Go!" M'gann shouted and we were off

Receiving the ball shot to him by Aqualads starter, Robin bounced the ball into the air expertly giving me enough time to prepare my finisher

Shooting up into like a bullet I posed for a sec then struck the volleyball with a kick of sheer terror

I watched onward as Superboy attempted to intercept it and was in arms reach but before it could he even grace his his hand it abnormally changed its direction and momentum and drove itself into the sand beside Superboy

Followed closely by the scolding glares of Superboy and Kaldur whilst I bowed

"I believe we agreed to no powers, Satoru?" Kaldurs eyes burned into my skull that I didn't dare turn around to face him preferring that much effective and deflective tactic of ignoring

"Not sure what you're talking about…" I pursed my lips mimicking a duck as I whistled innocently, "Rather than that don't tell me you're giving up already he he~"

Taking the bait hook line and sinker, we continued our little game with the victor obviously being yours truly the victor suffering a crushing defeat, having to cripple their dantian and kowdown to us 1000 times promising never to return to this ancestor's heavenly dragon conquering celestial palace sect

We made sure their depressing moods didn't hold us back as our schemes to have fun got even crazier and more insane

Entombing Superboy in a sand pyramid designed to hold him, sculpting sand cathedrals from the ground up and speedboating across the sea using the bioship

Our quest for entertainment ran well into the sun set, forcing even us excitement-cravers to retreat back to the base, laughing and chatting about the day as if we were old coots reminiscing about the Heian era

"Hello Megan! We should go beach every single day! This was the most amount of fun since I arrived on Earth!" M'gann excitedly cried out with enthusiasm

"First of all, a moment of silence for our absent comrade, Wally" Robin chimed in sombrely at the though of Wally missing out on all this fun because of school

""Rest In Peace Wally"" Superboy, Me and M'gann clasped our hands to make a silent prayer to the fallen

"He's not dead y'know" Robin chuckled at our actions before pointing at Superboy "Hey Superboy, what's that?" Robin asked pointing to a slimy object wedged inside his pocket. The clone reached inside to pull out an object of absolute majesty

"No way!" I giggled after snatching it from Superboy's grasp, "ITS A SEA CUCUMBER HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

I waved it around in the air laughing maturely at the unexpected cameo...until it squirted white ooze from it's tip

My face darkened in natural disgust as I threw back to a begrudging Superboy, "You can have it back."

"I DON'T WANT IT!" Superboy dodged it by hair's grasp but Aqualad wasn't so quick as the cucumber planted itself on his face like a clingy child 

The room went eerily thick with tension as Aqualad remove did from his face that it latched tightly onto before a stare that promised extreme bodily harm 

'Puerto Rico doesn't sound bad not only does it have a lot of thick Latinas but it also has a lot of thick Latinas,' I set my teleportation coordinates and mentally prepared my brain to learn Spanish but before my disappearance could be seen or not seen in this case a gruff cough cut right through the suspension

We turned our gaze to the four new sets of characters added to the scene, a robust scarlet android, a depressed furry, Hawkeye copy No.1 and a blonde archer who would make Bugs Bunny stretch out his eyes in wow

"So I'm guessing your the team then?" Her mellow yet playful voice that tantalised the ears was heard as she walked out from the group of Superheroes in front of us

"Guilty" My grin widening at her appearance, 'The whole gang's assembled...sweet'


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