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Hollywood is a place that has changed the fates of a lot of people, but Hollywood's fate changed when a soul from our world was reborn in there's. A soul whose life had been cut short, whose dream's remained unfulfilled, he who begrudgingly accepted his second chance at life. He vowed to make a difference this time around, for he was going to conquer Hollywood and to save it from itself; and fulfill his dreams in the process. DISCLAIMER - Contains adult/mature/R-18 content. THIS IS MY FIRST WORK SO THE STARTING OF THE NOVEL ISN'T THAT GOOD WITH MANY MISTAKES BUT I DO IMPROVE ON IT. SO STICK AROUND WITH TILL THE END IF YOU CAN. THANKS FOR READING. ALSO THERE'S NO NTR, NO YURI, BUT DEFINITELY A HAREM IN THIS STORY. __________________________________ Genre: Urban Fantasy, R-18, Slow Paced, Slice of life, System, Reincarnated in Past, Romance, Harem, Smut, Showbiz, Celebrities, Movies, Marvel, DC, E-Sports, Middle class to Ultra-Rich. __________________________________ Upload schedule: 1/2 chapter every 2 days. Word count of the chapter - 5.5k to 7.5k words. So the word count for half of the chapter ranges between 2.75k words to 3.75k words. __________________________________ {Author's note 1: A promise from to all the readers of this work. I might take small breaks in between but I will never stop writing this book until it's finished. Great thing is I already know how I want to end this book just the journey to getting there is filled with some uncertainty.} {Author's note 2: This is my first official novel/work, before this I have only written some short fanfics from alt accounts. Also English is my third language, I obviously will be making mistakes and typos. Please correct me in comment section if possible. And leave a review if you liked/disliked my work. Thanks for giving my novel a try, and have a beautiful day.}

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113. A New Start, A New Dream & The Perfect Introduction to The Villain.

Disclaimer: The story takes place on an Alternate Earth with a slightly different timeline of events. Therefore, people may be born earlier, later, or not at all. This gives me more freedom to write about the characters as I want.

Additionally, the characters in my story are not accurate portrayals of their real-life counterparts. Please remember that this story is just a wish fulfillment tale set in Urban Hollywood with some fantasy elements due to the system's shenanigans, so please don't take it too seriously.




Opening Author's Note: So, I missed an upload yesterday, it wasn't a mistake but rather on purpose. You see this particular chapter introduces a new waifu into this story, so I took the freedom to use approximately the beginning 1/3rd of the chapter to flesh out her background and story.

Now if I had posted that half Chapter yesterday in which over half chapter would be dedicated to introducing and fleshing out a new character. I don't you guys would be too pleased with me, so I decided to upload the whole chapter at once in the old schedule that is in 3 days.

Now, I also have another announcement to make, its a good news actually for you guys. This upload schedule of 1 full chapter every 4 days isn't permanent and I will change back to the 1 full chapter every 3 days from the month of June. So 19 more days to go. Hang in there my dear readers and lets start the story and introduce to you all the new potential waifu that could join Mark's harem.




~ Quote for the chapter ~

"The only thing about life one can be certain of is its uncertainty.

(It's a quote I read somewhere, I don't even remember who said it. I tried to find the original speaker but couldn't.)




If someone had told her a few months ago that she would be sitting in the Eidolon Film Theatre, watching the press screening of The Killing Joke alongside prominent celebrities from Hollywood, she would have definitely laughed in their faces.

But after going through so many different experiences in the last few months, she had come to understand that the only thing about life one can be certain of is its uncertainty.

In the last few months, her family had been involved in a tragic incident that changed their fate completely. They had gone from living a decent middle-class life in China to having to immigrate to America.

It was a distance of thousands of miles, and she felt terribly homesick and distraught at first, but the change of environment had actually helped her forget the tragic event she experienced and her memories of it.

Make no mistake, the traumatic experience still haunted her, but now being so far away from that place gave her peace of mind. To keep her mind busy and earn some money for herself, she had gotten a part-time job as a dim-sum maker at the [Noodle Factory].

It was an establishment that gave job opportunities to many Asian immigrants, like herself and treated them well. She was even allowed to take back many portions of dim sum, or rather, gyozas, for her family. Her siblings loved them, especially her younger sister.

She was grateful that they didn't have to experience what she or her parents did; fitting in at school was harder still with somewhat of language barrier for her to overcome.

She knew the basics of English but to speak it was a different matter. But with her father being a linguistic professor, it only took her only a few months of practice with his help to get good enough that she could not only speak the language but even convincingly fake the American accent when she spoke.

It was her friends who had introduced her to comics, a different style of storytelling that was once again on the rise after Eidolon came in.

And it was an eye-opening experience to hear just how wide this company's branches stretched. A boy who was aspiring to be a business analyst like his dad had explained it all to her.

Even though she only understood half of it, as she wasn't paying attention to him, but rather the comic book he had offered her to read. The cover had the usual Marvel banner with Ultimate written across it, but the content inside surprised her pleasantly.

It was basically a what-if situation about a "cultivator" had been reborn in the world of Marvel, but in doing so, she had lost all the memories of her past life. She was brought up as a normal human child in China, but her family moved to the USA for better opportunities.

In some ways, she found that the story echoed her own, though she was no immortal reborn. She had also left China with her family and moved to the US for a better life. Also, the thought of helping others and upholding justice was appealing.

She helped family where she could, and in the words of her own mother, she was a stellar child, whom any parent would be blessed to have. It was the [Noodle Factory], where a coworker had seen her reading the comic and decided to approach her to ask about it.

They talked for hours as they worked in tandem, one gathering the rolled-out circles of dough and the other stuffing them with the prepared filling. She told her about her aspirations to go acting or singing, but she was hesitant due to the discrimination Asians faced in the entertainment industry.

Her father had already warned her of such things and told her to be realistic, but her precious mother had jumped in to defend her dream and stated that if their daughter couldn't even dream big, then what was the use of coming to this country?

That statement for her mom made her father fall silent in thought. Later that night, he came to her room and did something that she never thought possible. He apologized for making her feel inadequate or that she was not good enough to make it big.

She still remembered the warmth of his hug as he drew her in for a hug, holding back his tears for her sake. Their financial condition was slowly recovering, but she wanted to give the world to her family.

To some, money might matter the most in the world, but the mental peace that they had now, even in this foreign land, was something that money couldn't buy.

Though now, she thought about how she could make it in the industry after her talks with the big sister at her workplace. She understood that there were three areas of work, but before she did that, she was told that she should see for herself what Hollywood is like on the inside.

At that moment, it didn't make sense what she was talking about, but at the end of their shift, when she pulled out 2 tickets for the press screening of The Killing Joke and gave them to her for free, she was surprised.

Her reasoning was that she didn't like R-rated psychological drama films, and the tickets came with a warning that it wasn't for the faint of heart. So, she decided that she wouldn't be attending the screening and hearing about dreams, she thought that she should go.

She had come here with her mother because she wasn't of age yet. So she had to be accompanied by a guardian if she wanted to see the film.

With her mother on her right and an enthusiastic fanboy who couldn't stop muttering about the "fun facts" related to the film they're currently watching to friends in the row in front of them, the movie began.

First, the Lotus symbol of [Eidolon] was animatedly drawn, followed by the name of the production studio, [Monarch]. She must admit that this Marc Spector guy really had a knack for choosing grand-sounding names.

It was just a simple capital M made up of two triangles, but it was beautiful in its simplicity. The fanboy beside her was quietly whispering to his friend how Marc Spector created this studio because of the lawsuits his previous studio was dragged into by the rival studios.

Before the movie started, they were greeted by a message from the director himself, along with the rest of the actors from the film. How did she know that? It was mentioned on their placards.

It was basically a public service message that this film is not for people who are suffering from trauma, anxiety, or other mental disorders and are advised to stay away from the film as it's a mentally and emotionally heavy film.

After the warning, the movie started off with an image of a man standing at a crossing with a duffle bag on his shoulder. He had a mask in his left hand; the camera seemed to close in on it. It looked like a cheap clown mask.

The music seemed to build up in tension as the camera closed in on the mask. But before she could get a proper close look at it, a van pulled up in front of the man, and he walked up as he wore the mask and got into the van.

The scene then cuts to an aerial view of a building, and just like before, the camera seemed to move closer to a window that was of a different tint than the rest, and then suddenly it was shattered apart.

The scene shifted to show two guys in a room wearing similar kinds of masks, and now that she took a closer look at them, they were clown masks. One of them brought out a strange rifle out of his backpack and shot at the rooftop of the opposite building.

It was attached to a rope, and what they shot was a hook. The perspective changed to the other end, and she could nicely see how the hook that they had launched flew across the air, landed, and stuck itself to a pole.

The perspective then changed back to the guys in the mask; they are keenly staring at a building out of their window and checking the rope going from their window to the rooftop of the opposite building.

They attached a duffle that was similar to the one the first guy was carrying to the rope and slid it down the rope. After it goes sliding down, they also attach harnesses to the rope and slide down towards the rooftop of the opposing building.

Even though there was no explanation given, she had an inkling that this was the beginning of a robbery. The fanboy beside her seemed to think the same as he muttered about them being robbers under his breath, but in the pin-drop silence of the theater, she heard him all the same.

The scene then once again cuts back to the people in the van, they seem to be discussing how loot will be shared amongst them.

"Three of a kind, let's do this." The driver said excitedly.

The one sitting in the front seat who was loading his semi-automatic paused as he looked up.

"That's it? Three guys?" He asked, surprised, as it wasn't in the plan.

"There's two on the roof. Every guy is an extra share. Five shares is plenty." The driver explained, though it completely went over her head. The fanboy seemed a little confused as well when she glanced at him from the corner of her eye.

The person in the front chuckled and said, "It's six shares; don't forget the guy who planned the job."

"Yeah?" He asked derisively as if he looked down on the guy who planned the whole thing.

"He thinks he can sit it out and still take a slice?" He chuckled as if what he had just said was a funny joke.

"Don't make me laugh; I guess I see now why they call him the Joker." He growled as the man sitting in the back cocked his weapon to see if it was ready.

Till now, nothing much had really happened, and it had been over a minute, but for some strange reason. She found that she just couldn't look away. The tense music was building up slowly, and it felt like the calm before a storm.

The scene then shifts back to the rooftop, and they are now discussing this Joker guy, who seemed to be the mastermind who had planned this heist.

"So why do they call him the Joker?" One of the guys asked opening the zipper of the bag to bring out a hammer and other tools.

"I heard he wears makeup?" said the other as he took the hammer and got up.

"Makeup?" asked the masked man, surprised.

"Yeah, makeup. To scare people. Kinda like war paint," the man replied as he smashed open a box.

Then the scene cuts back to the ground team as the van came to a stop in front of a bank, the shot paned upwards to show the name: Stygian First National Bank.

The group immediately got out and rushed inside; they didn't even bother covering up their weapons. They rushed through a side hall, and as they got to the center of the room, where the tellers sit and conduct business.

The masked goon open fired towards the air, thankfully they seemed like they didn't want to kill people just yet, at least. They immediately grab the security guard and start dragging him on the floor as they shout, "Hands up! Heads down! Hands up!"

One of the goons went up to a bank teller and grabbed him by the collar to drag him out of his booth as he said, "Let's go, pal; I'm making a withdrawal here." and threw him straight to the ground.

She winced at the brutality and how roughly the people were being treated. 'It is all just acting,' she chanted in her mind as she kept watching the film play out.

He pointed the gun at the female clerk in the next booth and shouted, "I said hands up!"

She immediately took her finger away from the emergency alert button and tried to beg him not to shoot her. "No!"

The scene cuts to the roof as she sees the two guys; one of them is holding a mobile phone-like device.

"Here comes the silent alarm." He fiddled with the device for a few seconds and put it away as he confidently spoke, "And there it goes."

The scene cuts back into the bank as the goon is heard shouting, "Heads down!"

There is a wide shot as we see the goon with the duffle bag ready to plant the charges, as the other goon that's threatening the bank tellers to make them comply has had enough.

"Alright, Tootsie, you're taking a dive with me." He grabs the woman by the back of her head and pulls hard, dragging her over her desk and throwing her down on the ground just like her colleague.

"Down! I said, stay down here!" He exclaimed in frustration, not wanting to deal with such annoyances.

"Please don't hurt me." She heard a young boy beg in the background.

The scene shifted back to the rooftop, where she saw the man in the back silently take out a gun. She didn't think of it; after all, they are criminals; obviously, these people would have guns.

"That's weird; it wasn't even dialing 911. It was dialing to reach a private number," the criminal at the front working the device said out loud in confusion.

"Is that gonna be a problem?" asked the one behind him, patiently waiting.

"No, I'm done here." The moment he confirmed that the job was done, the goon behind him did something that really surprised her.

The criminal swiftly raised his gun and blew his head out from behind. The flare of the gunshot, the sound and even the impact when it hits the body. It was all so perfectly executed that it felt real.. she felt like she might vomit, as it brought some bad memories to her mind.

But she held on; she couldn't always live in the shadow of her former self.

She felt glad; that she got the chance to watch this movie as it served as a good exposure therapy for her and might even help her to deal her trauma. The goon, after killing one of his own guys, wasted no time; he grabbed the bag and went running down the stairs.

The scene cuts back to the goons inside the bank, and she saw a man sitting behind his desk as he watched all the robbers act with impunity.

She could tell it angered him, the man took off his glasses, she heard the robber's shouting, "sit down, sit down," in the background.

The robber that was in the opening scene is seen, putting hand grenades in the hands of the hostages and priming it. Meanwhile, the fanboy beside her gently muttered, that robber is special, at his friend's brief questioning look.

He quietly whispered that all the masks of the robbers are smiling, but only his mask isn't, it has a frown. She tried to recall the masks she had seen till now, and found that the gushing fanboy was correct. But then came the question why he was special.

She kept on intently watching the movie as the rooftop killer is shown entering a room that is shown to hold the door of the vault of the bank. He slings down the bag and gets out a few specialized power tools that will help him get past the vault door.

The scene changes back to the robber, who was talking to the hostages.

"Obviously, we don't want you to do anything with your hands other than hold on for your dear lives," said the robber, making the rounds in the background, while the "special" robber was handing out grenades like candy on Halloween.

In a sequence of shots, they see the vault door being drilled into and the robber beating down on the security guard in an act of dominance to frighten the civilians, and the manager they had seen before took off his glasses.

He was trying to stay out of the robber's sight, but it seemed like he had had enough. As he sat up straight, the camera panned over to the robber, who was shouting, "Stay on the ground; don't move."

And the next moment, his stomach exploded in a small shower of blood and bloody entrails. It all happened really fast, as he flew forward a few feet and laid dead on the ground.

The window behind the man had been shattered, and the man with the shotgun got up and walked out of the broken window. The scene then immediately cuts back to the frowning robber, who quickly falls to the ground and slides behind a counter for cover.

In a series of quick shots, they saw the man with the shotgun walk out swiftly, and then the man in the vault room got shocked and flung back. Finally, the shot came back to the man, but now she could see both the man and the robber in the same shot.

The way it was framed was perfect, with the man walking menacingly towards him brandishing his shotgun, firing at the counter the robber had just taken cover in. The moment the man fired, the robber would duck and crawl from cover to cover, trying to maintain distance.

As he dove into the final cover, dodging multiple rounds, they saw that another robber was also hiding behind that counter.

The man with the shotgun was shouting indignantly, asking them, "Do you have any idea WHO YOU'RE STEALING FROM?!"

"You and your friends are dead! You hear me?! DEAD!" He shouted, his voice filled with anger.

The shot cuts to the two robbers; one of them asked the other, "He's out, right?" The other looked up as if counting the number of times the man shot at him. After a few seconds, he looks at him and nods, prompting the other to stand up and take his shot.

But unfortunately, the man wasn't out of bullets just yet, and her gut told her that the unsmiling clown knew that. He just knowingly lied to get a bigger share, as there would be fewer people to share it with.

But unluckily for him, the Robber only took a glancing shot at the shoulder and fell down, hearing the sound of the man being all out of bullets. The robber immediately stood up and shot him three times, hitting both shoulders and once on the left side of his chest.

The scene just shook her to the core—the blood splatter, the flying bullet casings—it all looked so real. And finally, it hit her. There had been a nagging feeling in the back of her mind about why she was so enamored with this film, despite the violence that she could barely stomach.

She realized that it was this sense of realism and the immersion that she experienced when she was watching the film. It felt like she was being transported into the film; it was like it was actually happening right in front of her eyes.

She had seen movies made in China before, and even though she found them entertaining and funny, it was a clear fact that they always felt fake, and the acting in the Chinese films for her always felt very dramatic and overdone.

But here in this film, the way they acted out the scene was just perfect, so much so that if someone hadn't told her that this was a film but rather a documentary about an actual bank robbery, then she would have believed them because it looked so damn real.

It was at this moment that she decided that she would become an actress in Hollywood.

If this was the level of filmmaking made here, with such great actors, then this was the place that she would make her own as an actress. She knew that she would have to face a lot of discrimination and bias because of her ethnicity and her looks.

She already did in school sometimes, or someone on the road might insult her by calling her a chink. But she didn't care much about it; after all, as the creator of this film had said, nothing in this life that is worth having comes easily.

She needed to thank that kind big sister at work, as she had helped her find her passion and realize what it was that she really wanted to do. There were three paths in front of her, and she couldn't decide which one to choose.

But as she watched this film, her heart had already been made; she knew that singing or dancing would never give her the kind of exhilaration that she would feel when she saw herself on the big screen acting out such an incredible scene.

The film kept rolling as she had her internal monologue, and even though she was thinking about her future. Her mind was also focused on the events of the film that were unraveling in front of her.

Though suddenly there was another nagging thought at the back of her mind now. But she didn't worry about it, as she knew that the fanboy beside her who seemed like a walking Marc Spector encyclopedia would definitely have the answer to her question.

Back to the movie: The guy who was shot in the shoulder cussed at his accomplice about learning to count and went to check up on the guy who was opening the bank vault. He had a dialogue with him that revealed that this wasn't any ordinary bank but rather one that was run by the Mob.

After the guy had opened the bank vault's door the man behind him killed him after revealing how they had been ordered by the joker to kill each other when their respective jobs were done. So that the remaining people would have a bigger share.

Upon entering they saw loads of cash, he immediately grabbed a bag and started filling them as quickly as he could. After emptying out a good portion of the vault, he dragged the bags back to the front lobby where the unsmiling robber was keeping a watch on the crowd.

"That's a lot of money. If this joker guy was so smart he would have had us bring a bigger car."

The two remaining robbers piled up the bags of stolen cash near the entrance. But as the unsmiling robber turned away to look after the hostages, the robber who had killed off the other one in the vault pulled his gun on him.

"I'm betting the Joker told you to kill me as soon as we loaded the cash." He said with a gun pointed at the robber.

But to Gong's surprise the man in the film didn't seemed worried at all, instead he looked at his watch and nonchalantly replied. "No, no, no, no. I killed the bus driver."

Saying so, the unsmiling masked robber gently took a step to the side, imitating him, he also took a step to the side so as to maintain proper distance. But he wasn't really paying attention where he eventually ended up standing.

He was confused by what he heard, as there was no bus driver in their team, and asked the same.

"Bus driver.."

"What bus driv—?!" He exclaimed but before he could say anymore or do anything else a yellow school bus suddenly broke through the entrance and slammed into him at high speeds.

The impact was so powerful that it sent him sailing through the window of a teller's counter and his body left a bloody trail on the ground, seeing which the hostages screamed. But a warning shot from the unsmiling quieted them down.

She immediately realized the intent behind the unsmiling masked man's action. He was checking his watch to see just how much time was left till the bus arrived and he moved just the way so that the man would end in the spot where he would be hit by the bus when it crashed through the entrance.

The fanboy seemed to have come to the same conjecture and was explaining the scene to one of his friends in hushed whispers.

It was definitely an impactful scene, 'was this all planned by the Joker?' She thought to herself. The movie is called The Killing Joke.. but still if the Joker was on scene then it would have been even better.

'Wait a minute.. what if he is?!' But she didn't say her suspicions out loud, for she didn't want to ruin the movie watching experience for these people. Especially because these people are some of the most powerful people in Hollywood.

If anyone of them even took offense at her actions then her acting career would be buried alive before it could even begin. And also because her suspicion was based on how the scene could be made more impactful or better.

She didn't know if this Marc Spector guy thought the same way as she did, but she had an inkling that her suspicion might just be right.

The backdoor of the bus opened up, as the driver jumped out and greeted them. "School's out, time to g—"

But he couldn't complete the sentence as he saw the crushed up body of the robber and the trail of blood through the broken window.

It was also the first time that the audience got a good look at the robber's body as well, she knew that it had to be a dummy, a fake dead body and not a real one but it looked so real that it just gave her stomach turn in revulsion.

"He is not getting up is he?" The driver asked with a slight tremble in his voice, but the unsmiling one didn't really respond to his question as he just kept throwing the bags of stolen cash at him and he threw them on the bus.

"That's a lot of money." He grunted as he threw the heavy bags of cash behind him on the bus.

"What happened to the rest of the guys?" The driver asked again as he looked around and found no one from the aforementioned crew that he had been expecting, instead there was only one dead body and the unsmiling robber.

The moment he asked the question the unsmiling didn't even turn around and just raised his gun behind him nonchalantly sprayed a few bullets at his chest, killing him instantly.

He went to the guy whose body was crushed by the bus and checked to see if he was still alive, finding a pulse, he sighed and got up.

"That's why you always double tap." He said to himself, and shot the guy in the head twice.

Nodding to himself at a job well done, he hurriedly moved over to the last bag of cash and lifted it up to bring it over to the bus. After all he had to be out of here in a minute as he was on a timed schedule.

As he threw the last bag into the bus, he heard the manager call out to him, wheezing as he struggled to breath.

"You think you're smart huh?"

"The guy who hired you guys will just do the same to you." The unsmiling one walked towards him leisurely as he shook his head confidently.

An action that only made her suspicions even stronger.

"Oh.. the criminals in this town used to believe in things." He bemoaned as he tried to lift his head from the ground. He failed but he didn't stop yapping.



The mask man just kept walking towards him, as he pulled out what looked to be a grenade and primed it.

"Look at you."

"What do you believe in? Huh?"

"WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN?!" He screamed at the end, maybe frustrated by how these robbers ruined his perfect life.

The masked man knelt down, grabbing him by his hair, he pulled his head up. As did so the manager tried to say something but the man didn't listen instead he just shoved the grenade in his mouth.

And seeing that the manager couldn't speak, he finally replied, "I believe whatever doesn't kill you.. simply makes you.." He removed his mask to show his face, "stranger." He grinned as he revealed his face.

The manager's face widened in recognition, and he tried to say something but the grenade in his mouth rendered him unintelligible.

"I knew it." She and the fanboy whispered almost at the same time, they glanced at each other, nodded in acknowledgement.

And then looked forward not wanting to take their eyes off of the scene that would definitely go down in history as one of the best introductions to the villain in a movie.

His face was covered in makeup and face paint, the edges of the mouth had scars that made the grin look even bigger. The Joker had finally unveiled himself to the audiences.

The now unmasked man chuckled at the incomprehensible expression on the manager's face and tied a purple string to the pin of the grenade and strode off towards the bus.

He swiftly entered and closed the door, he broke the string and attached it to the handle of the door. He casually made his way towards the driver's seat. Meanwhile the hostages around the manager started fleeing away in fear of the grenade.

The bus came out of the broken entrance and joined a gap in the line of other school buses, completely hiding itself in plain sight. As it left the bank behind, a title scrawl was dragged along the bus.

It read: The Killing Joke.

"This is the best introduction to a villain I've ever seen. Mr. Spector perfectly displayed his ability to show rather than tell the audience what the story is about." The fanboy murmured under his breath as he wrote down a few lines on his notepad.

Seeing that this was the end of the introduction scene, there should be a little bit of time till the story gets started again, so she decided to ask him her question.

"Hi, I'm Gong Li, but you can call me Grace. You seem to know a lot about this movie." She said introducing herself, as it was the correct way to start a conversation, as her dad had taught her.

"Oh, sorry.. I hope I disturbed you with my muttering. I just can't control it sometimes when I am excited." The fanboy replied with a big smile, excited to be at the press screenings.

She shook her head, as it didn't bother her much.

"I am Rian Johnson. Hello, Grace, and yeah, I do know quite a bit of trivia regarding this movie." He said nervously as he introduced himself to pretty asian girl.

"After all, I have been following the news about it for months now."

"Is there something regarding the movie you would like to know?"

"It's not exactly the movie but rather the director. I heard that he is just 20 years old and that this is his second movie. With his first one dominating the box office last year."

"Is there a question somewhere in there?" He asked her with a good-natured chuckle, feeling slightly more comfortable as he was in his element.

"What I mean to ask is, how can he do that at just 20 years of age? Isn't he too young?"

"But most important of all, why would he make a film like this? It's a film that, at first glance, doesn't look like it would be very profitable." She asked carefully, not wanting to offend the fanboy. But it had been something that she had heard passing by the people in the crowd here.

"Is that what you truly think? Or is it just something that you heard the rest of the people here talking about?" Rian asked with a knowing smile on his face.

"I.. I heard some people from the press talking about it."

"Ignore the press, Grace; they're just trying to mislead the people. Marc isn't really liked that well by them now because he sued a lot of the papers and news outlets."

"But, just wait, I'm certain that after the success of his film, these people will be the ones to praise him to the sky once again in a few months."

"As for why he made it.. I don't know, maybe because it was a story that he wanted to tell the world."

"Hmm, it must've cost a lot to make such a well-made film." She said, after digesting all the new information she got from him.

"Of course, the production budget of this film is rumored to be around 50 million dollars." Rian replied with an understanding nod.

"50 million dollars?!" Her eyes widened in disbelief as she almost got too loud, but she controlled herself at the last second.

"You could have given me a warning, you know."

"Sorry." He said with an apologetic smile.

Meanwhile, sitting one seat adjacent and hearing their hushed conversation was Roger Ebert. He gave an appreciative nod when he heard the young man call this scene the best introduction to the villain of a movie.

Though when he would be writing his review, he wouldn't call it the best but rather the perfect introduction to the villain in a movie. He still remembered his conversation with Marc; it was over half a year ago, but it's still stayed with him.

~ Flashback Mark's dialogue ~

"Mr. Ebert, If I could tell you one movie of mine, you shouldn't miss watching it. It would have to be the one I will be shooting next; you can skip everything else I ever make after it, but not that one."

The young man knew exactly what he was doing; it was as if he already knew just how good of a film he was going to make. And just by watching this introduction scene for the main protagonist of the film, he knew he was in for a real treat.

He knew Mark was going to put on a masterclass in filmmaking because he was gunning for the Oscars with this film. His intent with it was very clear and straightforward; he wanted to blow away his competition.

He had even heard that they would even be providing the big-name critics like him with the VHS tapes of the Behind-The-Scenes of Killing Joke so that they could truly see just how much effort went into creating such a movie.

But it also came with the additional clause that they could only watch it on the premises of the Eidolon HQ. He didn't really mind, though, because he knew the kind of people Marc was up against.

They were so ruthless that they were even willing to burn down an entire building just so that they could delay the filming of his movie. Mark really couldn't afford to be less cautious against them; after all, just one misstep and he could really lose it all.

— To be continued…

In the next episode of Naruto: Road To K—

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I meant in the next chapter of Hollywood: Head-Hunting System.


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