Hollywood: Head-Hunting System

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What is Hollywood: Head-Hunting System

Read ‘Hollywood: Head-Hunting System’ Online for Free, written by the author TheRamenLord, This book is a Movies Fanfic, covering ROMANCE Fanfiction, REINCARNATION Fan Fiction, R18 Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Hollywood is a place that has changed the fates of a lot of people, but Hollywood's fate changed when a soul from our wo...


Hollywood is a place that has changed the fates of a lot of people, but Hollywood's fate changed when a soul from our world was reborn in there's. A soul whose life had been cut short, whose dream's remained unfulfilled, he who begrudgingly accepted his second chance at life. He vowed to make a difference this time around, for he was going to conquer Hollywood and to save it from itself; and fulfill his dreams in the process. DISCLAIMER - Contains adult/mature/R-18 content. THIS IS MY FIRST WORK SO THE STARTING OF THE NOVEL ISN'T THAT GOOD WITH MANY MISTAKES BUT I DO IMPROVE ON IT. SO STICK AROUND WITH TILL THE END IF YOU CAN. THANKS FOR READING. ALSO THERE'S NO NTR, NO YURI, BUT DEFINITELY A HAREM IN THIS STORY. __________________________________ Genre: Urban Fantasy, R-18, Slow Paced, Slice of life, System, Reincarnated in Past, Romance, Harem, Smut, Showbiz, Celebrities, Movies, Marvel, DC, E-Sports, Middle class to Ultra-Rich. __________________________________ Upload schedule: 1/2 chapter every 2 days. Word count of the chapter - 5.5k to 7.5k words. So the word count for half of the chapter ranges between 2.75k words to 3.75k words. __________________________________ {Author's note 1: A promise from to all the readers of this work. I might take small breaks in between but I will never stop writing this book until it's finished. Great thing is I already know how I want to end this book just the journey to getting there is filled with some uncertainty.} {Author's note 2: This is my first official novel/work, before this I have only written some short fanfics from alt accounts. Also English is my third language, I obviously will be making mistakes and typos. Please correct me in comment section if possible. And leave a review if you liked/disliked my work. Thanks for giving my novel a try, and have a beautiful day.}

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It'll be quite interesting to see where you and this project will develop into.With that said... thanks for the novel and keep up the great work.


When i read the synopsis of this book i was hyped. This felt just like those chinese novels, where the main character tries to take over Hollywood. I was hyped, i went straight into read the chapters. The effort you put into the research of these Hollywood or directing related stuff. I have only seen author UniVerseLessOne do it, and his Hollywood novel is some of the best i have seen. You need to show more human interaction Ramen-sama, i know introducing the system and all its capabilities is important and cant be rushed or it will create plot holes and inconsistencies. So i will be patient, normally i never write a review for a novel this early i have read only 5 chapters of your work. But i have read the promise you made to the readers in your author's note. Please see this work to the end. I will be sending my power stones to show my love for this work. And if possible create a pat E. Ron where i can read advanced chapters because i need more. Thanks writing this amazing working


A story where the system will not spoon feed the MC and pave him an easy road to success. The hero of our story has to work hard, think and plan properly and struggle to achieve his dreams and success... Loved the system and how it's to be used as a guiding tool by the MC. The grammar is spot on except for a few minute things. All in all this story is going to be epic...


sometime it doesn't just make sense and the dude kinda talks to his system five chapters completely


In my opinion, the story would be better doing this: 1.- Eliminate the system or reduce 99% of your interaction with the protagonist. 2.- Eliminate artificial intelligence from the system, meaning that the system must have intelligence equal to a 1997 calculator. 3.-Lastly, the protagonist's wealth is absurd but the worst thing is that he simply doesn't do anything funny. The protagonist is not a millionaire, he is a billionaire, I did the math and with current inflation, he could be a billionaire in 2020. So a normal person in our world would be enjoying all the luxuries with that wealth and would not waste time on stupidity by studying or work, because you can hire others to do the boring things.


I really like this novel.Man it is one of the best showbiz novel out there.Moreover I like that the author is very active and takes the reader's advice or suggestion seriously. Author I hope that you can finish this novel completely,,,not leave it midway like dreamthree.Finally the only thing I don't like about this novel is it's slow updates


I just feel that this novel is very less realistic and some chapters are very confusing. The power system with the SYSTEM makes the story more chaotic.The first 5-7 chapters were good but after that they became boring as MC achieved many things by that moment.I don't know why but it feels that the story doesn't have much depth like its pretty bland for me. The conversation between chaaracters is also very monotonous.This novel is not bad.Its Ok novel to pass some time.


The staring of the story had me hooked but with the introduction of the system I had my doubts but with the powers of the system the story became meh. I don't like the idea of him reading the taught of people seems like an OP cheat also him figuring out how the females around feel so early spoiled it for me because he didn't really have to work n figure it out, the system plays such a major help to him which to me it should've simply been there as just an aid have him work out everything. this story would've been awesome without the system or simply a system whos, not an all-knowing AI


I cant give myself a 5 star rating not when i know i have more to grow and improve. Hopefully you all will be watching me on this journey. Supporting and cheering me on.


the writing quality it pretty good. the harem and smut just degrade the story. always does. the "love" aspect of the relationships are always forced and make the mc seem like some sort of god to the harem members (Evelyn was the most obnoxious example in this novel). its weird and creepy, especially with how you have written smut, making it obvious the motivation is routed outside of romance. far too many explanation chapters, almost made me quit at the start with the back to back explanations on the system that could have been explained in a sentence or two, this problem is exemplified when you give the system conscious thought that forces weird and annoying dialogue that ads nothing to the story. even outside the annoying system and creepy smut, you have even more filler chapters that add nothing. so its like 40% filler boredom. and then this is just IMO, but the movies/books/etc that you chose werent the best, even the primary story chapters were mostly boring. idk, this seems to me to be one of the worse "hollywood/director/actor" stories.




Hey, honestly really like this story so far, and I'm eagerly looking forward to reading more. I have a few suggestions regarding your writing to help it flow better. First I'd like to see more consistent use of tenses. If you use one tense in a longer segment, stick to it throughout that segment. Example: 'My initial capital of around 10 million grew to a little over 25 by the time I was ready to graduate' 'My initial capital of 10 million had grown to over 25 million by the time I was graduating' Second suggestion: You're kind of inconsistent with filler-words. Sometimes you use them when they're not needed (like 'then'), and sometimes they're missing. And one additional thing here that would make a big difference is to find places where you can shorten a 15 word sentence to 10-12 words instead. And I have a good example for this one: '...bedroom apartment where he was living on rent' could've been '...bedroom apartment he'd been renting.' I'd also recommend getting Grammarly as a plugin when writing, I use it and it helps a lot when writing. There are more things, but the two points I've already mentioned should be a good starting point if you want to improve your writing technically. On the content though, I'd really like to get a better read on the characters thoughts and feelings. Why he's making the decisions he's making, how he's writing things. Which emotions he's trying to convey with his works. Huh, not sure how well written this review came out, you asked for feedback, and I found this when I was on my phone, so it's what I'd found you could try to work on after just reading these two first chapters. But once again as I said in the beginning, I'm looking forward to where this journey is headed :)


Great Story with top quality writing, by far my favourite Hollywood novel


the author wanted to do too much, it's indigestible, the system, the AI, the number of women under his command, the crazy amount of time spent on the system and the repetition on his skills, everything that's wrong in this kind of story is there. The combination makes it all like a Big Mac xxl version that we will never finish because we get tired of it very quickly to finish the fries if you understand me. and the use of serial character names no longer disgusts the reader


Sigh, it's just not my thing. All this Chinese Hollywood praising bootlikers is just weird for me. And most importantly extremely boring.But eh, I guess author takes his time for a research and it's not that bad...I just extremely confused why people find this intresting. It's like watching person eating pineapple Pizza right in front of you... Twisted sight for sure. P. S. Yeah, I did come for a different tags. You can guess which ones by yourself.


Let me preface this by saying I originally really enjoyed the novel, even becoming an early Patron, however I've been disappointed with the recent chapters. The initial 85 chapters were a solid 5/5 for me, but the last 25 have dropped to a 2/5. The narrative has become cluttered with feature creep, straying from "show, don't tell" to just "tell". --- Pacing was slow, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, however recently there's been a loss of focus on "Hollywood", becoming bogged down with so many tangents with the retelling of comics, manga, recipes, and the slightly cringey events like charity events and concerts where the protagonist's perfection has become overly exaggerated with his Gary-Stu-ness kicked up into overdrive. Although slightly disappointing, this wasn't too big of a deal, because I was hoping to see that same level of detail when it finally came to the second movie arc, which I was eager to see. --- However this is where the pacing abruptly sped up. Unlike the first movie arc, this time all the vital intricate details were skipped like casting, scouting locations, production, etc. Large time skips were employed, using recaps instead of showing the events. When the movie is ultimately described, it's a mess with unclear descriptions, confusing plots, characters/actors who abruptly appear without any word about them previously. I'm sorry to say it's quite disappointing that a novel about Hollywood movies has evolved into something where the actual movies are seemingly an after thought. --- Maybe it's just me, but I'd far prefer more interactions between the protagonist and the other characters. More detail about the movies and their development - casting, planning, filming, etc. More interactions with the women in his life (the Japanese LI has been completely side-lined). More challenges. Reducing the emphasis on needless events, concerts, retelling of manga/comics, and fewer diversions would help recapture the essence of what I originally enjoyed and got me invested initially - Hollywood and the harem.


2 good things. Book good, book interesting. 2 bad things, author only does one chapter a day. Second bad thing, author only does 7 chapters a week. Review complete, now give me my extra chapter before I suffer from withdraw symptoms. New readers, enjoy


Quite a good beginning with careful plot building and steady storyline.


Great story setting and very diverse characters. 16 chapters so far and it would be very interesting how the growth will develop to the various characters and the story itself.


it’s honestly well written, excited to see where this goes


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