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I am new to this but let's try anyway Here is the synopsis. What happens when Herobrine (Alexstar -Mc) interacts with Marvel as a human again? When Marvel becomes his playground. When he seeks entertainment. There was a hidden excitement when he learned that his world was not as simple as it seemed for some people (us) it was the source of entertainment for some a living place. Some thought they could conquer it but they had to fight against Herobrine because it was his playground and his family also loved this place. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "You can't kill me for I am immortal, but you can be killed for you are not immortal." "Hmm, indeed you are right about me not being immortal. But you are a bit wrong the reason I don't call myself immortal is all immortals have something in common with you too. You know what it is." "We are strong." Though the speaker now felt uneasy. "Yeah that too but that's not what I am talking about. The common characteristic of all immortals is they die they can be killed, and so you that is why I am not immortal for I am Herobrine." "What are you talking about? I have never been killed." "Are you sure?" NOTICE --- THE STORY IS HAVING SOME REWRITE CHAPTERS FOR BETTER STORY YOU COULD CHECK LATEST CHAPTERS FOR THAT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx King among mortals. God among kings. And among Gods? well... he is Herobrine. NOTE: A FEW READERS ARE CONFUSED ABOUT THE ORIGINS OF MC AND I HAVE GIVEN AN EXPLANATION IN A CHAPTER IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THEN I AM SORRY THOUGH I WILL SUGGEST NOT FOCUSING MUCH ON THE ORIGINS AS THEY WILL BE REVEALED IN THE VERY LAST OF THE STORY. Note Mc is Herobrine (Overpowered) There are elements from other universes. and for more read the novel. The image is from Google. Minecraft belongs to Microsoft. Marvel belongs to Disney. And other Belongs to their respective owners. READ THE NEW BOOK!

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30 Flashback: Mythology of Marvel

(A few billions of years ago) (Insert the meme)

Gaia and Oshtur have fled from Titan being chased by degenerated elder gods mostly due to Set and Chthon who are the only ones who can pose a threat to Oshtur and Gaia.

Mainly Oshtur as Gaia is not at her peak due to not being bonded to Earth due to some interference all elder gods were born on Titan instead of Earth causing Gaia to be weakened a lot as she was supposed to be Primordial of Earth, not Titan so she can't bond with it.

Their only hope was to seek help from the gods who replaced them on Earth.

As they reached Earth the moment they were about to enter the atmosphere they were stopped by a being and the strongest one they had encountered till now.

Naturally, the being was Herobrine.

(Gaia PoV)

'Oh God, from where did he come? Did he know someone was about to come or did he sense us? But that should not be possible we both are under Oshtur's concealment spell.'

Then she remembered something and immediately concentrated all her energy towards her womb to overlap what was there with magic which was the cause of her most troubles.

Then she heard his voice full of pride, charisma, and power the latter was the thing they needed the most currently but Gaia was facing another problem which better left unsaid, for now.

He was certainly the most handsome man she had ever seen or would see, his strength would rank above all the beings she had met till now and she was saying this after living with Elder Gods for thousands of years.

"Welcome to Earth. Elder Goddesses Oshtur and Gaia, I was expecting you both to come earlier but looks like you took your time, I have already made a place that is suitable for both of you." He said.

They both suddenly became alarmed as they didn't expect someone on Earth to know about them already.

But Herobrine didn't bother to explain as he teleported both of them to the place they were supposed to live, for now.

Both Oshtur and Gaia resisted it but were overwhelmed by his mastery over space as they appeared in a large temple-like structure enough to rival royal palaces but again it was made by Herobrine, not some mortals.

They both could feel the faith energy rushing toward them it was not much but felt a lot, like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert after being thirsty for days.

Both of them relaxed a little but were ready to teleport away from their place as they knew fighting someone who could control space around them on a whim as if he was space God which he was not, was idiotic at best.

"Who are you how do you know about this and what is this place?" Oshtur asked with a raised voice as someone who always excelled in magic her pride as Goddess of Magic was wounded.

"I am Herobrine, I know about you from Dimiurge who told me due to something Elder Gods have been born on a distant place instead of Earth and have degenerated into demons he told d that you would be arriving soon here so to prepare everything for you guys. This is the temple of both of you, I made it for your stay and recovery of your strength."

He then took out a small box and opened it, and ave of energy was released, both Gaia and Oshtur realized that it was proof that he was indeed telling the truth as Dimiurge's energy can't be stored in a box unless Dimiurge wanted.

As they relaxed Gaia felt like their creator/ father had hired a bodyguard/ butler to protect them and she was sure they would have a higher chance to defeat degenerated elder gods with him but, she was worried he was also to ensure they would do what they are supposed to do and in her case was to give birth to various gods.)

She wanted to say something when Herobrine continued "Oshtur the Goddess of Magic, Truth, Law, and Order, would be Vishanti. Demiurge has told me you would be responsible for the creation of magic for Earth, am I right?"

"Yes, this is one of my objectives, and also told by my creator to do it," Oshtur responded.

"That is good. I have already made preparations for you in the temple and also added some of my knowledge inside your chamber's library, you can go inside and take this token it is yours from now on." Gaia was sure for Oshtur these words were the most beautiful words she had ever heard, she was a nerd and book.. err magic worm when it comes to magic but she was also tempted to go with her.

This man's knowledge even a little would be very valuable for her too and maybe it will have some method to conceal her Golden Womb from other beings freeing her from becoming a breeding mare for pantheons.

But before she could say anything Oshtur vanished and Gaia was sure she saw Oshtur drooling.

Then Herobrine turned towards her she instinctively straightened her back causing her planetary destroying weapons to jiggle a bit which made her a bit embarrassed but she couldn't do anything about it, her body was that way.

Even he also waa bit distracted by it though she couldn't feel any lustful gaze like she felt from other males and sometimes females, which made her a bit relaxed.

He said, "As expected you truly love up to your name Gaia the Goddess of Motherhood, Nature, and Earth, would be Primordial of Earth, you truly are suitable for becoming a Mother Goddess." Though it sounded like a joke his voice was as serious as ever and for Gaia it was haunting truth.

"I am telling you I will not become a breeding house for any of the pantheons you should understand that, I will keep protecting Earth and its inhabitants after bonding with it but becoming Mother of Pantheons is not in my plans."

She stated firmly although her Motherhood divinity and her nature as a Mother Goddess always urged her to mate with strong gods after living her previous life as a human her views are different.

Herobrine didn't look shocked instead he looked, happy.

She was confused wasn't he here to ensure she was doing what she was supposed to but his next words shocked her "Naturally, why would I let my woman give birth to another god's child?" And her mind went blank for a moment.

"Ehh." Seeing her dumbfounded look Herobrine chuckled and said "Did you think I would help you two for free not. Dimiurge promised me with knowledge of creation and you, that is why I am helping you."

Though he didn't tell her what they were or would do would benefit Earth which comes under his territory and Dimiurge also had a condition for Gaia's marriage which was if she agreed to marry him.

And looking at her Herobrine also felt some sort of attraction to her and he was sure it wasn't due to her beauty or her specialty, which made him more determined to make this woman his.

Though he had to complete the matter he in hand first.

"Goddess Gaia you should infuse your life essence into the planet. I will take you to the core of Aesheim for the bond are you ready?" She could only nod in agreement as her mind was still thinking about the so-called 'marriage' between her and Herobrine.

Herobrine not minding her absent-minded look teleported them to the core of Earth which looked anything but a core.

Gaia also came out of the stupor and looked around in astonishment the place was beautiful even with the heat which didn't affect her due to her Elder God physiology, which even among her kind was better than most.

The place had a temple made of a type of gold she didn't recognize but she felt that the gold was filled with Divine energy, Herobrine told her it would assist her in the infusion of life on Earth.

And she couldn't wait to do it as she could feel the call that previously had been so weak become so strong, it felt as if her home was calling her.

As she began infusing her life essence the Earth cried in joy the living beings also felt something happening to them and it was a good feeling and everyone started praying to the gods the gods they knew, generating a large amount of Faith energy.

However, most of the faith went towards Gaia as she was the reason for it and Herobrine did a good promotion by making her temples along with his own and Oshtur, though he can't use Faith energy to make himself strong but a being like Himself should allow these mortals to see his glimpse in temples and even gain some benefits, right?

Obviously, most gods also felt it those who didn't were alerted by their allies or caught the movement of their enemies.

The gods such as Buri, Shiva, and Biblical God already knew what was happening as they were allies of Herobrine or were knowledgeable enough that it should have happened a long ago, though they were also curious to meet the Mother Goddess and were quite relaxed.

But it was not the case with those gods who didn't know what was happening or even if they knew they wouldn't let it happen unless they benefited from it in some way and in this case only mortals were having benefits and they were having a rise of another strong God who wasn't from their own Pantheon and even if it was from there own they would try to keep them under 'control' which displeased some gods and some were merely curious and wanted to have a 'friendship' with the new God.

Among those were Ouranus, the *[1]Kotoamatsukami, *[2]the Ennead, *[3]Yuanshi Tianzun, and some other gods or groups (Dormamu, Surtur, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Knull) though they were not from Aesheim so they didn't react much but they sent their heralds to investigate the changes.

Meanwhile, the culprits behind this were busy doing what they were doing, Gaia infusing her life essence and Herobrine guarding her.

Simultaneously he also had his legion guarding Oushtur if extradimensional beings dared to attack her, he would have liked to guard her as well but he knew better that Extradimensional Gods like Dormamu posed less chances to attack Oshtur than the Gods of Earth mainly Olympians attacking Gaia because they felt threatened or more due to her being Mother Goddess.

And Gaia infusing her life essence was just a distraction. While the Gods of Earth had higher chances of attacking their fellow gods, Extradimensional Gods/ Beings posed a bigger threat to the whole Ten Realms and Earth especially which was the nexus of all realities and all those pocket-dimensions didn't make it any better.

"Truly being a part-time guardian is not an easy job, though it will not cease to entertain me, for the time being. And looks like I will get my first companion soon." He said as he looked at the Goddess in surprise who had almost finished and looked many more times powerful and beautiful both physically and in her soul.

"Thanks, mothers for bringing me to this world." He muttered his features turning into a child for a moment before returning to normal.

(It is related to his origin, obviously, it is not Marvel-related.)

She now had the complete feel of a mother though Herobrine didn't want that aura focused towards him he wanted her to be a mother but of his kids, not his.

At the same, he opened the space to other gods as he sensed a few presences outside the space waiting patiently and one trying to breach the space.

'Oh! How much I want to castrate that sky fucker.'

Herobrine took a deep breath and muttered "He has yet to sire Titans after all gods can conceive children on their own truly weird, after that, he will cease to exist."


Outside the space, a certain god who was trying to breach the space couldn't help but shiver and he stopped trying to breach space.

While other Gods looked at him in amusement.

After that, the space opened allowing them to see who this new god was.


(Herobrine PoV)

My mood couldn't help but brighten at seeing the unexpected guest who although not being god had the power to thrash most of them like one.

"Jolnir! What a pleasant surprise I thought you were still distributing gifts all over the Ten Realms. Haha, you always have a knack for surprising everyone." He gave a hug to the mentioned man, who had a kind smile on his face rivaling even of Biblical God and the body stature of Buri.

"Haha, the one who should be surprised should be me, I was surprised that Aesheim suddenly got such a powerful burst of magical energy that even rivaled Alfheim." Jolnir laughed, complaining about not being informed beforehand.

"I didn't mean to keep those kids waiting. Even I would feel bad for making those kids wait you know?" I retorted.

"It was not only you Jolnir who was shocked by this. Though, I was informed I didn't expect this much magic to be released when this happened. I just hope Humans use this opportunity to the fullest." Said the newcomer who was none other than Buri the Progenitor of Asgardian Gods.

"Bori, not everyone is into sorcery like you do, though I also hope the same for them. After all, you would not always babysit them." I said looking at the Viking god but agreeing with him, it was a known fact despite Asgardian Gods being known for brute strength their Progenitor was different always delving into Mystic arts, sorcery, etc. Unfortunately, magic hasn't developed much, yet and my magic was too much for early humans who didn't have someone with a special lineage.

Though, I could make changes to their lineages however I would not go to every human who wants to use my magic and change their lineage, right? That is why he didn't spread some of his knowledge that humans could use without harming themselves or others, yet

But Herobrine knew better after Oshtur completed developing the barrier to protect Earth from extradimensional threats the magic of Earth would surely go to another level, he was also looking forward to this foreign magic which would forge special lineages of Humans who could use his magic that is if they were talented enough.

Then I greeted Shiva who fortunately was not in his meditative state which was due to me alerting him of potential attacks from both Inner and Extradimensional gods, he would also act as a deterrent for gods to not mess around.

"I always wanted to see Dharti Mata and she sure lives up to her name." He said looking at Gaia who completed the fusion.

"Now Humans have another Guardian." Biblical God said.

I smiled internally musing it is not every day you see a God of Destruction and a God of Creation together but I nodded and said "I am sure Humans are lucky though it depends on them how will they use the opportunities. Shankar and Yahweh it is nice to see you, but I think I should tell our audience who is the Primordial of Earth and effectively the Guardian of Humans." I said to them and they nodded in understanding as I turned to the other gods who had 'visited' us Izanagi was frowning knowing that they were not the first to arrive, Yuanshi Tianzun was looking towards Gaia curiously, and the Ennead looked at Gaia as if they found their long lost mother and Ouranus 'Ugh this Skyfucker always thinks with his dick' was looking at Gaia with naked lust.

Though I will give him a lesson later now I have to introduce Gaia.

"So, Gods of Earth, let me introduce to the Mother Earth, the Primordial of Earth, Daughter of Demiurge, who will now official guardian of Earth and Humanity along with her sister Oshtur and my soon-to-be wife, Elder Goddess Gaia."

And sure I enjoyed the varied reactions of all gods and the Santa Claus present here.


*[1]- Kotoamatsukami

Collective name for the first Shinto gods after the creation of the universe.

*[2]- The Ennead are the Gods of Egypt, that hail from Celestial Heliopolis, a small pocket-dimension adjacent to Earth. (Here they are the first gods of Egypt.)

*[3]- Yuanshi Tianzun, Celestial Master of the Primordial Beginning and Primeval Lord of Heaven. Also Supreme Administrator of Heaven, the supreme overseer of Heaven and Earth. (Taoist Gods)

*Heaven and Earth of Taiost Pantheon.


Note - Council of Godheads is not formed due to Celestials having not reached Earth.

(Gaia ireincarnatedater she has no memory of her family and also doesn't remember much about Marvel. Just wanna say she is human at the core. It is not important as it has no impact on the story.)

(I alternated between Aesheim and Earth because in the past Earth was called that, at least in Marvel)

(Note- Herobrine thinks like an ancient naturally he wanted Gaia who had Golden Womb to have powerful offspring he didn't love her from the start but later fell in love and got married.)

[Golden Womb/ Hiranyagarbha - The womb of Mother Goddess Gaia the child who is born from this womb will have a very high level of potential. The child's physique would be more powerful than others. If the child is god then it will have more divinities.

If the father is strong then the benefits multiply a lot.

No matter what divinity the child will not have any problem due to it.]

Dormamu, Surtur, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, and Knull are yet to target Earth or are still in their beginning phase.

After this chapter, I will again release Power Ranking as I have introduced more gods to the list.

(Also does anyone know about Monkey King's origin should I add him to the Taoist Pantheon or Priest of Heavens)



Guys I am confused between Eldritch Beings those Lovecraft ones and Outer Gods are they the same or not?

Extradimensional beings are Dormamu, Cyttorak, etc I think while Chtululu is an Eldritch Horror or God but in Marvel I think Eldritch beings grant power. I think.

Can you tell me? I don't know much about them.