Her Young Amorous Husband Book

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Her Young Amorous Husband


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Many say love is a fleeting emotion. But to them, love is an amorous devotion. … Cassandra Qin, a woman of grace and feminine perfection. Renowned as a charismatic and regal chairwoman, a prime woman in her late thirties whom all could only yearn in their most beautiful dream. Seen as a woman who has it all; exquisite beauty, success and outstanding daughter. She is revered by all, yet little do they know that behind her veneer of perfection, she has to nurse her own wound in darkness of night when no one is around. A woman whose heart is encased frozen to the heat of intimacy is what she believed she is, or so she thought until she meets him, the younger man who melts her coldness and ignites a flicker of passion within her into a storming inferno. A wet dream dressed in a hot suit, the finest womanizer. Her sweetest mistake. Him, whose presence sets her body aflame and whose smile features upon her dirtiest fantasies. Heir to the dark household. A man with whom she should have no contact with, yet the maddening temptation is just as irresistible as his vixen smile. Their passionate romance is like an exquisite painting, a captivating blend of raw passion and intimacy. Two dominant man and woman who get very lost in their amorous yet loveless affair, neither is able for fall for the other. Their coupling is one of unbridled passion, wrapped in the shroud of secrecy and danger. Will they end in timeless devotion or be consumed by the flames of their alluring affair? ... Sensuous fingertips traced down the lines of masculine perfection and up rippling pectorals. Hot and wet tongues locked together as silken thighs straddled with sinuous motion. Inhalations whisper of passion and desire. Their breaths mingled while fingers orchestrated an exhaled symphony of amorous moans. "Dance for me." The lady demanded, biting his neck as she pinned him down against the soft velvet sheets. "My pleasure." The man rasped, swallowing down, as he caressed the silhouette of smooth, contrasting thighs. "Anything you desire, my dear Queen."


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