Harry Potter. A Black Prodigy

Disclaimer Except Main character and some magic tricks, I don't own anything. Harry Potter belongs to J. K. Rowling. Synopsis: Ethan who transmigrated to the world of Harry Potter as Nigel Black. Follow the journey of Nigel Black to witness, how he clashes with his problems and enemies, to surpass anyone who came before or anyone who is coming. Honing his skills to perfection, to understand the concept and workings of magic,and acknowledged as the GOD OF MAGIC, to become the legend whose stories were told for generations. ************************************ I'm planning to keep stockpile of atleast 5 chapters which will be uploaded, after satisfactory responses and Power Stones.....

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Author Note; Theories and Ideas(Important)

Hii I am Author, today I came here for some discussion.,

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Do you have any interesting ideas or theories that could be adapted into stories?

You all know that if it's purely the original timeline, it will be boring. So, I think I should take a different approach from the original timeline and also add some stories that will shape our world.

I have some theories and ideas that would be interesting to incorporate.

I'm also excited to hear about the theories you propose, which I can integrate into my story.

This is open all the time. Whenever you have any interesting ideas or theories at any point in the story, I will try to accommodate them.

Any other character development regarding the main character or any side character whose characters aren't explored in the original timeline, I will try to incorporate into my timeline.

So, thanks, that's it. Wait for the usual time for the original timeline chapter to be uploaded.

Thanks for watching until now. I originally started writing because I have so many ideas, and I wanted to cover them out of curiosity and excitement. But from the response I am getting, I am going to continue it. As you already know, I am also a student, so writing always takes a lot of time. So, if you please show support by responding, commenting, and giving a huge amount of Power Stones.

It will be worth it.

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