61 Meeting a fellow thief

-Harry pov -

Wait is that black cat?

"Tell you what, how about we both do this? Together." I proposed

"Like a couple~ naughty ~" she replied sensually

Wow, I forgot how flirty she was, she is hot I will give her that.

"Exactly like one~" I replied a bit flirty

"Mm I see shall we then?" she purred

How the fuck do you even learn that skill?

"Yes we shall," I replied with a cheeky smirk

We both cut into the glass panels on the roof, slowly we made our way down, and we eventually made it down to the floor.

Both of us by pure coincidence went to the same display case, she turned to me and practically hissed, "this is mine," she proclaimed with determination

"Go for it~" I replied teasingly

While she went for the lion necklace with ruby eyes, I went off to find a painting I'm a big fan of art.

I found a painting I liked, it was of the wild, naked woman leaned on a tree in the jungle a tiger watched her hidden away only for us viewers to see. It was beautiful, I started to operate on the display case when the fucking alarm went off.



I worked twice as fast and quickly took off the case then I snatched the painting.

I ran to where we both cut in and saw her pulling my rope up as well, that bitch!

"Byeee~" she waved at me in a sing-song voice then left

She didn't see me disappear from inside, yes I cheated and used magic.

"What are you an armature? How did you set the alarm off?" I asked while now behind her

She spun around at breakneck speed, "how did you get up!" she yelled angrily

"Aw kitty mad I escaped from her rookie mistake?" I replied mockingly

Gritting her teeth she spat out, "it was my first time hitting something that advanced,"

Huh, yeah she does seem about my age this must have been one of her first big heists.

"Oh, well don't worry about it too much then, you will learn over time," I replied waving my hand

"Tch you act like you are a pro at this when you aren't much older than me, and I got something at least what did you get?" she replied in a condescending tone

I walked harmlessly toward her, "I got enough, and I am kind of a pro at this, you should recognize me maybe."

"Well I don't," she sneered

"Fisty one aren't we?" I said now super close to her

"Yeah I am~" she purred then threw a punch at me

I dodged it and grabbed her extended arm I yanked her close to me and whispered in her ear, "tsk tsk naughty little cat aren't you?"

"Yeah I am~" she then tried to bite my hand, bad move

"Ahhh!," she yelled in pain

"What the fuck is your hand made of!" she screamed at me

"Ah you know the usual," I laughed a little then letting go I disappeared

-Felicia aka black cat pov -

Where the fuck did he go!

At least I have the necklace, I reached into my cleavage where I stored it, my suit has no pockets.

Huh? It wasn't there! He grabbed it but when? There's a note!

Opening it, I saw.

'XXX-XXX-XXX call me ;)' his phone number.

He was hot, maybe I will but only to get my necklace.


The necklace...

Yeah yeah the necklace!

-Harry pov -

Well, that was an interesting meeting, I wonder if she will give me a call? Maybe a text first. Felicia was always one of my favorites she is totally my type.

I took out the necklace I don't really care for it, maybe at our next meeting, I will give it to her as a gift.

Yeah, that would be funny, maybe even cute. I took the painting from my inventory and pit it on the manor wall. Putting some minor magical enchantments on it to make the painting seem alive, I took a step back and appraised my work.

It looked good!

Smiling, I took out some good poison, Komodo dragon poison, taking a swig of it I felt the familiar sweet but spicy taste trickle down my throat.

I then turned into my basilisk form and played down in the courtyard, I want to sleep tonight.

I woke up with the sun blaring and my scales shining, turning back into my human form I checked what was up with the syndicate.

I got some messages confirming the plan with operation 'out in the open' is progressing nicely, we have taken several steps to make sure we can unveil hydra before everyone's eyes.

The only step left to take before the huge event as I like to call it is getting Shield to move so they can start to quickly make their way through Hydra.

Smiling to myself, I took out a map and began my scrying using the wallet I took from Fury a while ago. Using the wallet I can get way more accurate results and can even pinpoint his location.

A point on the map started to narrow, and narrow until slowly it became a dot. Gotcha! The dot began to move, I saw where it was going, and I saw where it had been.

It seems it takes frequent stops at a certain apartment building. That must be where he is staying right now, Fury doesn't seem like the type of guy to stick around in one place so an apartment is perfect for him.

Putting on my blood merchant disguise I teleported to the apartment location. Walking up to someone before I could say anything she said, "Woah is it Halloween already?"


Putting some mental feelers out I said, "have you seen a black male about this tall, one eye, he seems paranoid all the time?" I gestured for his height estimate with my hand

I saw her thinking of Fury, she lives in the same hallway as him.

"No I haven't seen someone like that, bye!" she said practically running out of here

Waving my wand I took the memories she had of us talking out of her head, she stopped and seemed puzzled then kept walking normally.

I walked up to her and his hallway, I found his door easily because she had seen him enter it before.

I easily cast a spell to unlock the door, then entered. There were definitely cameras in here, and some other shit watching me.

He knows I'm here, and that's what I want.

I sat in one of his chairs and pulled out a bottle of whisky, two glasses, and two cigars.

I made a hole in my mask, snapping I lit the cigar and began to relax.

This is a similar type of cigar I was smoking before, the tobacco was grown in a magical environment, and altered to be actually beneficial to people's health.

Looking around I realized this place is rather gloomy, I waved my hand a started to redecorate, I already cast high-level illusions so the cameras only saw me enter.

I changed the room decor to something Fury would definitely hate, then I put an illusion over it, I'm only going to dispel it after I leave.

I waited for Fury to arrive, it wasn't that long of a wait as twenty minutes later the door flung open.

Fury was against the wall ready to do a peek shot it seems.

"Relax Fury I'm not here to kill you," I said in a bored drawl

"Who are you," he replied gruffly

"Well if you would come out behind that wall we could talk, but they call me blood merchant," I replied in calmly

"Mother fucker," I heard him whisper to himself

"Come have a seat, anywhere is fine," I called out to him

He walked in gun pointed at me, "it's my damn apartment I will sit anywhere I please," he said gruffly

"Oh, well take a seat anywhere would you like some whisky, scotch? Maybe a cigar?" I replied ignoring him

"You are annoying, what do you want!" he yelled a little

"Haha, just to talk," I replied waving him off

"Well then talk," he said still standing and pointing a gun at me

"Why didn't you bring backup?" I asked genuinely confused

"I don't need backup," he replied aggressively

"Or you don't know who to trust in shield, and the people you could trust you still don't," I said in a matter-of-fact tone

He narrowed his eyes, "I don't know what you are talking about," he replied calmly

"Ah, so you don't know about Hydra being in shield? Shame I was under the impression you were smarter than that." I countered

"Yes I know of them, why does someone like you care?" he resigned

"I want them gone as much as you do," I answered

"I doubt that," he sneered in contempt

"Believe what you must, I want to open up the possibility of a duel operation, Hydra will be revealed and your shield can swoop them up," I said calmly

"Hm" he now finally sat down

I pushed over a glass of scotch and he pushed it back.

"What's in it for you," he finally replied

"They are annoying," was my only answer


"Don't reply now, think about it," I said vanishing from his sight

-narrator pov -

"My apartment was warded, how strong is he to have gotten through?" Fury mused aloud

'What wards?' an invisible Harry thought

'Man Fury got scammed,' Harry thought trying not to laugh

He then dispelled the illusions, the room was decorated like a nazi poster boy's house.

"MOTHER FUCKER!" Fury yelled

Harry snapped a picture and then disappeared for real this time.

-Harry Pov-

Good, I got him thinking that's exactly what I want, I will honestly follow through with what I say. But he doesn't need to know I will be infiltrating shield at the same time.

The great thing about Fury is his practicality, he knows when he sees a good deal, and he knows when it's too good to be true.

I wanted my deal to come across in the middle of a good deal and a too good deal, and I think I achieved that.

He will be paranoid, and weary of me. But won't see the people he doesn't think affiliated to strike.

That's what I desire.


Huge test thingy tomorrow... Wish meh luck

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