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Harry Potter system in Douluo Dalu


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Aman reincarnates in the Doulou dalu world in the body of a twelve year old boy named Hansen. He awakens the H. P. System and his ordinary stick martial soul turned into a magic wand from Harry Potter's world. Hansen discovers that the mother of this body was previously a servant of Zhu Zhuqing and he followed in her footsteps after her death. But the original owner of the body unfortunately died while protecting Zhu Zhuqing from an assassination attack by Zhu Zhuyun's men giving him the chance to be reborn in this world. How will Hansen change this world now that he is here with his H. P. System ? Will he be able to achieve his dreams and goals? Read on to find out. *********** Hungry for more chapters? Join my patreon to support me and read advance chapters. patreon.com/Daddy_strikes_


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