Harry Potter: Journey to Godhood

Follow Alaric in his journey to be the strongest wizard out there by hook or by crook. This is the story of a guy who went to a different world to get power and to find new relationships in his life. Read how he fights off Voldemort in process becoming the leader of new generation of wizards and builds up his new life with his new friends, family and wife. A story of a wizard using his wisdom and power to ascend to the pinnacle of the world, who will do anything to protect his new family. This is a little slow paced and also somewhat slice of life story so keep that in mind, that focuses more on Alaric's relationship. There will be heavy changes to the original plot so be aware and also MC becomes overpowered rather quickly as the story moves forward and he won't hesitate to take some drastic measures if necessary, so he won't have a moral compass. If you want to support me and read advance chapters please visit: patreon.com/bobthewriter Main World: Harry Potter Second World: Game of Thrones Third World: ..... #harrypotter #gameofthrones Cover Image isn't mine original creator can contact me to remove it. I don't own this story, and this work and characters are entirely fictional, any resemblance is purely coincidental, and imitation is strongly discouraged.

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Chapter 8: Shopping and Departure

"You're amazing, my dear. I've never seen such a beautiful design." After carefully examining each sketch, Madam Malkin exclaimed.

"Oh, these are all Muggle style," Alaric modestly shook his head. "So, can I order such a set of uniforms?"

"Of course, I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like." Madam Malkin looked a bit excited.

Then, she hesitated and asked Alaric, "If... I mean, if you allow me to make uniforms of the same style for others, then during your seven years at Hogwarts, I will custom-make a well-fitting set of uniforms for you every year with the best materials, what do you think?"

Madam Malkin looked at Alaric expectantly, and Alaric thought it wasn't a bad deal for him, so he readily agreed.

After that, they went to Flourish and Blotts bookstore to buy textbooks.

Alaric not only bought a complete set of first-year textbooks but also purchased all the textbooks for Charms and Transfiguration up to seventh grade.

In addition, the curious Alaric also bought a book titled "Introduction to Ancient Magic and Runes scripts" and "Hogwarts: A History."

"Although you are still young, I am glad there is someone interested in ancient magical scripts." Dumbledore commented when he saw Alaric's choices.

"Last semester, only two students chose to study ancient magic and runes, which is too few. I'm sure Professor Babbling will like you."

He added later, "However, ancient runic scripts of magic are a bit challenging, so I hope you are mentally prepared."

"I just want to study how magic came to be," Alaric picked up "Introduction to Ancient Magical Scripts" and flipped to the title page. 

"This book says that modern spells are simplified versions of ancient magical and runic scripts, and the creation of magical items is also related to ancient magical scripts.

I think by studying these scripts, I can find out where the power of magic comes from."

"I must say, you will definitely end up in Ravenclaw in the future." Dumbledore looked at him with a pleased expression.

After inquiring about the significance of each house, Alaric commented, "A wizard's power comes from knowledge, so wizards who pursue knowledge can be considered true wizards. In this regard, Ravenclaw is indeed more in line with my preferences."

After paying, Alaric was faced with a pile of thick books. It was impossible for his small backpack to hold so many books. Helpless, Alaric could only look at Dumbledore with pleading eyes.

"You can use the Shrinking Charm to shrink these books and then put them in your backpack," Dumbledore took out his wand and lightly tapped the book pile.


These books immediately shrank several times until each book was the size of a fingernail. Himari, who saw this scene, curiously approached and stared at these miniature books.

"If you want them to return to their original size, the spell is 'Engorgio,'" Dumbledore added.

Alaric, interested, took out his new wand and imitated Dumbledore's posture. He pointed at the tiny books and said the spell.


The fingernail-sized books expanded until they returned to their original size.

Himari, caught off guard, was hit on the nose by one of the enlarged books, and she retreated into the backpack with a startled "meow."

Alaric comforted her by patting her head. "Be careful, little one."

Then, he tried to cast another spell on the books.


Immediately, the books shrank back to the size of a fingernail.

Dumbledore, watching on the side, was amazed. Alaric had only seen him cast the Shrinking Charm once, but he could immediately learn it and successfully cast it perfectly the first time.

Moreover, he could generalize from it and successfully cast the Engorgement Charm. Such talent and learning ability were unprecedented.

"Although you have heard it several times today, I still have to say, you are indeed a genius." He praised.

Alaric put all the shrunken books into his backpack, and after reminding Himari not to play with the books, he followed Dumbledore to purchase other items.

In the cauldron store, Alaric bought a large cauldron made of tin, which could be folded and automatically stirred. He also bought a set of glass and crystal potion bottles, a telescope, and a measuring scale.

In the magical pet store, he refused to buy an owl and decided to find a way to summon a magical creature for delivering letters. However, he did buy some expensive cat food for Himari.

He believed that wizard cat food might be more suitable for a cat demon than Muggle cat food, hoping that this would help Himari grow faster, at least awakening her demon powers sooner.

This series of expenses left his money pouch, originally plump, completely empty. This made him determined to use his advantage as a reincarnator and the power of magic to make a big profit in the Muggle world during the next summer vacation.

Not being able to buy the best cauldron and experimental equipment made him feel ashamed about his identity as a reincarnator .

In Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, Dumbledore treated Alaric to an ice cream, while he himself bought a Cockroach Cluster, which made Alaric feel nauseous.

Finally, using the Apparition, Dumbledore sent Alaric back near the orphanage.

Before leaving, Dumbledore said to him, "Alaric, you are a true genius and a kind-hearted good child. I hope you use the power of magic wisely. Remember, what defines a person is not their power but how they decide to use that power."

After saying that, he playfully winked and disappeared in front of Alaric.

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