Harry Potter: Journey to Godhood

Follow Alaric in his journey to be the strongest wizard out there by hook or by crook. This is the story of a guy who went to a different world to get power and to find new relationships in his life. Read how he fights off Voldemort in process becoming the leader of new generation of wizards and builds up his new life with his new friends, family and wife. A story of a wizard using his wisdom and power to ascend to the pinnacle of the world, who will do anything to protect his new family. This is a little slow paced and also somewhat slice of life story so keep that in mind, that focuses more on Alaric's relationship. There will be heavy changes to the original plot so be aware and also MC becomes overpowered rather quickly as the story moves forward and he won't hesitate to take some drastic measures if necessary, so he won't have a moral compass. If you want to support me and read advance chapters please visit: patreon.com/bobthewriter Main World: Harry Potter Second World: Game of Thrones Third World: ..... #harrypotter #gameofthrones Cover Image isn't mine original creator can contact me to remove it. I don't own this story, and this work and characters are entirely fictional, any resemblance is purely coincidental, and imitation is strongly discouraged.

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Chapter 171: The Sword of Legend

It had been a week since Daenerys, Khaleesi of the Dothraki Sea, had taken over Pentos.

In this week, Daenerys had displayed her talents as a ruler to the fullest.

Despite her youthfulness, she had efficiently managed Pentos and its populace, impressing even the cunning former Magisters of Pentos.

Despite a day of chaos, Pentos quickly regained its order—no, it even flourished more than before.

Daenerys first suppressed merchants by increasing taxes and then won over citizens and craftsmen by reducing taxes. This swiftly solidified her position of power.

Furthermore, she brought out treasures that seemed fit for gods—such as true crystals, though in reality glass, but in this world, glass referred to various natural crystals and obsidian.

These crystals were perfectly transparent, flawless, far surpassing all natural crystals, yet relatively cheap.

There were also high-quality ceramics called "porcelain," with smooth surfaces and exquisite patterns, making bowls and dishes made of them look more noble than those made of pure gold...

Daenerys revealed the manufacturing methods of these treasures, causing Pentos' merchants to turn red with greed.

They eagerly pledged their allegiance to her, seeking the power to manufacture and trade these treasures.

These unprecedented treasures outshone traditional crystals and ceramics both in appearance and practicality, allowing all Magisters of the Free Cities and nobles of the Seven Kingdoms to willingly empty their purses.

With these treasures, it was as if they had struck gold.

Since the merchants could gain greater profits from Daenerys, they also endorsed her policies and became obedient subjects under her rule.

Thus, Daenerys' position as a ruler became unshakable. Furthermore, she demonstrated her abilities in another aspect.

The previously hostile Dothraki and the citizens of Pentos began to understand and acknowledge each other under her influence.

She fused them into one entity through her "justice" and "fairness," combined with the power of the Faith of the Dragon God.

Though this unity was not yet entirely stable, with time, it was believed that distinctions between the Dothraki and the people of Pentos would disappear.

A saying began to spread in Westeros: "A Targaryen is either mad or great."

Daenerys seemed to have inherited the innate greatness and charisma of House Targaryen. Now, her followers were devoted to her, both revering and loving her.


With the return of dragons and the occupation of Pentos, the world seemed to undergo a different change: it was said that the Glass Candles, which had been extinguished for a hundred years, were burning again in the house of Euron Greyjoy, and ghost grass was growing in the gardens of Highgarden.

People saw phantom tortoise passing messages between the windowless houses of the Street of Steel, while all the rats in the city chewed off their own tails.

Those who had once mocked the warlocks were cursed and fell into misfortune.

Even a blessed blind man miraculously regained his sight. Magic seemed to be reviving in this world.

But this was inevitable.

This world originally had no magic, and all its magic was originally related to dragons.

The breath of dragons produced true magic essence, which was the only source of magic power in this world.

After the Doom of Valyria, most of the dragons in this world died in that disaster, and the production of true magic essence gradually dried up, diminishing the power of magic.

And over a hundred years ago, with the death of the last dragon of House Targaryen, magic officially disappeared from this world.

Now, with the appearance of Alaric, the true magic essence created by his dragon finally allowed magic to begin to revive in this world, and with the hatching of the three dragon eggs in the future, the power of magic would officially become an indispensable part of this world.

In addition to rumors about magic, another legend began to spread from near Pentos.

It seemed that a few days ago, in a village on the outskirts of Pentos, a farmer discovered something glowing when he went out at night.

It emitted light far brighter than torches, as if it were the sun at night.

The villagers were terrified, thinking it was some kind of monster, so they fled back home.

The next morning, when they gathered at the spot, they were astonished to find a large stone, one meter high, had appeared overnight on the previously empty ground.

The stone was inscribed with several lines of text in Asshai'i, which the villagers couldn't understand.

Stuck in the stone was a sword with a golden-red hilt and blade, studded with precious gems.

When the villagers approached the sword, they found its blade burning with golden flames, the intense heat preventing them from getting close, and the dazzling light emanating from it.

This rumor spread quickly, and soon the entire Pentos, and even several other Free Cities, heard about it.

Curious scholars and mercenaries went to investigate, and indeed found the sword stuck in the stone, but the intense heat prevented them from touching it.

After that, many people came here, attempting to take the sword, but everyone who touched it was burnt to ashes by the golden flames.

They tried everything, including dousing the flames with water, using fire-resistant ropes to pull the sword, trying to dig up the entire stone, but no one succeeded.

Anything that touched the flames, whether water or any other material, was immediately incinerated, as if only the stone itself was not afraid of the fire; and the stone seemed to be buried deep, no matter how they dug, they couldn't reach the bottom.

Finally, people stopped trying to take the sword. Scholars and adventurers came instead, wanting to figure out what the sword was.

Some had a guess about it—they believed it to be the sword of the legendary hero Azor Ahai, "Lightbringer."

After the ancient Asshai'i text inscribed on the stone was translated, the origin of the sword shocked everyone.

The text on the stone read:

"After the Long Night, when the stars bled and the cold darkness fell upon the world, at this terrifying moment, a king shall draw forth the burning sword from the flames.

That sword is 'Lightbringer,' the Red Sword of Heroes.

The one who wields this sword shall be the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, and he shall be the one true king in the world, he shall save mankind, and drive away the darkness."




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