Harry Potter: Journey to Godhood

Follow Alaric in his journey to be the strongest wizard out there by hook or by crook. This is the story of a guy who went to a different world to get power and to find new relationships in his life. Read how he fights off Voldemort in process becoming the leader of new generation of wizards and builds up his new life with his new friends, family and wife. A story of a wizard using his wisdom and power to ascend to the pinnacle of the world, who will do anything to protect his new family. This is a little slow paced and also somewhat slice of life story so keep that in mind, that focuses more on Alaric's relationship. There will be heavy changes to the original plot so be aware and also MC becomes overpowered rather quickly as the story moves forward and he won't hesitate to take some drastic measures if necessary, so he won't have a moral compass. If you want to support me and read advance chapters please visit: patreon.com/bobthewriter Main World: Harry Potter Second World: Game of Thrones Third World: ..... #harrypotter #gameofthrones Cover Image isn't mine original creator can contact me to remove it. I don't own this story, and this work and characters are entirely fictional, any resemblance is purely coincidental, and imitation is strongly discouraged.

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Chapter 11: Joining Ravenclaw?

The talk between Alaric and the two girls was going smoothly and they were standing very close to each other, not paying attention to anyone around them.

This made Hermione quite uncomfortable, and she felt that she was being ignored.

"What on earth are you all discussing about standing so closely?" Hermione protested. "Can't you see I am also here?"

"Calm down, Hermione," Alaric shrugged and turned to Marietta. "So, would you like to come in? There's still space here."

"Of course," Marietta readily nodded and pulled the hesitating Cho Chang into the compartment.

With the addition of the two girls, everyone became a bit reserved. No one spoke, and the atmosphere became awkward.

Ultimately, Marietta broke the ice. She glanced at Alaric and then at everyone, and somewhat reluctantly asked, "Alaric, you look beautiful."

"Ahh…Thanks, but how can you call a man beautiful, you should instead use handsome?" Alaric complained.

However, the truth was, as handsome as he was, he could indeed still be called beautiful. Mrs. Cole had more than once expressed that if Alaric were to crossdress, he would be cuter than any girl.

Hearing Marietta's comment, both Hermione and Cho Chang earnestly scrutinized Alaric, then blushed and looked away simultaneously.

The atmosphere became even more awkward.

Helplessly, Alaric recalled his original purpose—getting Hermione into Ravenclaw. So, he deliberately asked, "Are you two also first-year students?"

"No, we entered Hogwarts last year and now we are already in our second year," Cho Chang shook her head.

"I am your senior in this school, so you should call me with respect," Marietta added.

"Alright, senior," Alaric rolled his eyes. "So, which house are you in?"

"We're both in Ravenclaw," the two girls said in unison.

"Ah, Ravenclaw," Alaric pretended to nod thoughtfully. "I hope I'll also be sorted into Ravenclaw this year. How about you, Hermione?"

"Gryffindor," Hermione replied. "I heard they say Gryffindor is the best."

"Gryffindor is not the best; Ravenclaw is," Cho Chang retorted.

"Exactly," Marietta agreed. "People from Gryffindor always try to sell their house to others, but in reality, they're just a bunch of stupid and reckless fools."

"You're biased," Hermione pointed out sharply.

"No, I also think Ravenclaw is the best," Alaric supported Cho Chang and Marietta, explaining, "Wizards gain power through knowledge. Ravenclaw represents wisdom and knowledge, which is what wizards should pursue."

He concluded, "Although courage, diligence, and shrewdness are essential for wizards, wisdom and knowledge are their essence."

Marietta and Cho Chang both clapped.

"Well said. You'll surely become an excellent Ravenclaw."

"Professor Flitwick will be pleased to meet you."

After carefully considering Alaric's words, the proud Hermione had to nod, "I have to admit your reasoning. Now, I also hope to be sorted into Ravenclaw." Saying this, her face turned slightly red.

"Unfortunately, sorting is ultimately decided by the Sorting Hat. If you're unlucky, you might be sorted into another house," Marietta regretfully reminded.

However, having read the original work, Alaric immediately came up with a solution. "I heard from others that there is a way to influence the Sorting Hat's decision. 

As long as you keep thinking about which house you want to be in, the Sorting Hat will take your opinion into consideration. You can give it a try. If successful, we can stay in the same house."

When he said the last sentence, he stared seriously into Hermione's eyes.

Blushing under the gaze of such a handsome guy, Hermione face turned red as she whispered, "Understood, I will try."

Next, the four of them enthusiastically discussed Ravenclaw.

Cho Chang and Marietta introduced Ravenclaw House, and then Alaric and Hermione gave their evaluations. 

Cho Chang and Marietta sometimes agreed and supported, sometimes vehemently opposed, and then continued the introduction, creating a lively cycle. The four of them chatted happily, not even noticing that the train had already departed.

At around half-past twelve, a smiling, dimple-faced woman pushing a trolley passed by the compartment. All four bought some snacks from her and happily exchanged and ate.

Alaric declined Marietta's Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, as he didn't want to risk tasting flavors like booger.

However, Hermione was interested and boldly ate several, only to be scorched by a chili-flavored bean, making her gulp down several cups of water.

What truly caught Alaric's interest were the Chocolate Frogs, particularly the collectible moving cards.

These cards with animated characters gave him a bold idea—to use this technology to create a collectible trading card game, similar to Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Hearthstone.

 He knew that in the wizarding world, games like Wizard Chess were popular, and collecting Chocolate Frog cards was a widespread hobby. 

Therefore, developing a trading card game in the wizarding world would undoubtedly have potential, and he could use this as an opportunity to become wealthy.

He even thought of hiring Ravenclaw students to develop and manufacture the cards. This technology wasn't particularly advanced in the field of alchemy, and students would likely be willing to earn some extra Galleons during their free time.

During this period, he could identify truly talented young wizards and officially hire them after graduation.

"I'm a genius," Alaric thought, feeling a bit proud of himself.

However, his thoughts were interrupted by an unexpected event.




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