Harry Potter: I'm James Potter.

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What is Harry Potter: I'm James Potter.

Read Harry Potter: I'm James Potter. fanfiction written by the author Nathe07 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Book&Literature fanfic stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Edward is considered the most promising heir of the Rothschild House, a very powerful European dynasty; however, he dies at the early age of 15 years while saving the life of an ordinary child. For many, it would be a misfortune to meet such a fate when you have the power to control the world, but for Edward, it was not so, as he was never happy despite being considered a super genius. When he thought it was the end, he was reincarnated as a baby named James Potter. A name he knows very well since, in his past life, he secretly read a book titled "Harry Potter." ---------------------------------------------------------------- (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) Link: https://www.p@treon.com/Nathe07

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Finally a James potter fanfic, i am surprised we never got this. Please don't drop it author, i really like to see how this turns out......


The flow of the sentences wasn't great in the first few chapters, but it got better after that. Why is the reincarnated MC part of a real family, the Rothschilds? I'm fairly certain the author isn't one of them. It just feels unnecessary to introduce them for an entire chapter just to set up the fact that they didn't let him read Harry Potter when he was a kid. Apart from that, pretty good


i thought it would be good but it seems like harry potterstory by jk with lily replacing hermoine,james replacing harry,rabastan lestrange replacing draco


it's an rare find , this is pretty good. hope it doesn't get ruined by harem's and full dark mode


Reveal spoiler


Why is the writer crazy about quidditch game and broom , why not make his own with the freaking all knowledge about modern physics or other business stuff and make his family strong with other strong warding or enchanting something.


Honestly the start was great but since meeting with Sirius the character changed entirely. Doesn't even feel like it's a new story but rather the Golden Trio adventures with additional friends. Kinda disappointed with how the character just nosedived from being a cool calculated person to a absolute bullheaded guy. Just because he is Gryffindor doesn't mean he has to portrayed that way.


Good beginning, a new concept, hope he thinks I should fall in love to whomever I want and ends up with lily nonetheless . . . . . . . . . . .


starts's good looks like the character will be an OC and ends up just like what we know James Potter behaved in the books, the only difference is he has a slight power up.


Good start and I am already looking forward to chapters ahead.




Pra mim é uma das melhores fanfic de Harry potter, até agora tudo se encaixa perfeitamente, tava cansado daquelas fanfic que o mc só fica na biblioteca, criando feitiço, fica algo monótono e sem graça, mas essa fanfic me surpreendeu, é engraçado e divertido, espero que o autor não abandone 🙌🏻


For now this fanfiction is very good. I just hope James Potter doesn't get too strong too quickly. Obviously it's fine for him to become the strongest wizard, but I wouldn't want him to become one when he's still young and I wouldn't want the difference between him and Voldemort to be too much.


Reveal spoiler


good story so far ! [img=recommend]


the mother of James Potter belongs the Black family .................. .................. .... .............................................................................. . . . . . .


I have had the pleasure of reading many HP Book; Good and Bad with different tropes and mc reincarnating into James Potter is a rare one. So Kudos to the author for that. And i liked the story as well the only thing it's lacking is a good flow of conversation. Right now it feels too mechanical to me not much emotion in sentences it's not very engaging even though the content is very good.So I hope you get better at writing make this a good fic. And i also hope that you won't drop this fic and continue till its completion.All the best


Definitely a rare find to see a James Potter fic hopefull there is a harem to make it even better


Gosto muito dessa fanfic, tem a capacidade de se tornar a melhor fanfic de harry potter, autor foi muito criativo ao fazer com que o personagem principal fosse Thiago Potter, espero que não deixe cair… Espero que não coloque o Snape como vilão, ele é um dos meus personagens favoritos


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