37 Chapter 37: Back to class


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Chapter 37: Back to class

January 8

Harry was somewhat glad to be back at the castle. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy spending time with his family. But he felt more restricted at this house.

Here in Hogwarts, he had access to several hidden places like the Room of Requirements, where he didn't have to worry about being seen by the students or teachers.

But at home, it was a different story. The house was quite big but it didn't have any places where he could do magic without taking the risk of being found out by his family or their house elf.

He hated the fact that he could not be himself in front of his own family. But revealing the truth was not an option he could take right now.

Even if he could somehow convince them he was telling the truth, he would be placing a heavy burden on them.

But more than that, it scared him…he has no idea how would they react after learning that their real son is actually dead and instead they have been living with some alternate version copy of him.


The voice of Hermione shook him from his negative thoughts.

He lifted his head to look at her.

"Finally!" She huffed with annoyance.

"You know… sometimes you seem to get very lost in your own world. What were you thinking so hard about?."

"Yes, I'm afraid that is a quirk shared among geniuses." He joked.

Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Sure, so…wanna go to the library?"

"The library already? We just got back and we don't have any pending homework and there will be no tests for at least two more weeks." 

Harry looked around the common room. Classes were over for the day but the students still had several hours before dinner, so most of them would be hanging around in different parts of the castle, leaving the common room almost empty at this time of the day.

Other than him and Hermione, the only occupants at the moment were Lavander and Parvati, who seemed to be having an intense conversation on a couch close to the fireplace.

Hermione made a troubled expression.

"I know, but…there isn't much to do now."

'Ah, I see.' He now realized the problem. She was bored.

For him, being alone was not much of an issue. Despite having many companions and comrades during the war, he would often travel alone for long periods of time. And now, leaving aside the fact that he did not enjoy interacting with children that much, he had much to do, making it impossible for him to get bored.

But for Hermione was different. Her personality made it difficult to make friends of her age. The only one who gave her any attention was Harry, but he wasn't great for company as he spent most of his free time training at the Room of Requirements.

'What she needs right now more than books, are some friends.' 

But she doesn't get along with either Ron or Dean, making it very difficult for her to interact with Neville.

Harry looked back at the two girls on the couch.

'I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.'

"You are roommates with those two, right?" He asked.

Hermione turned around to observe the girls for a moment before nodding.

"Why?" she asked.

"Do you talk with them often?"

"Well, we sleep in the same bedroom but don't talk much…on the first day I tried to tell them all I had learned about the castle in 'Hogwarts, a History', but they didn't seem very interested. They also don't seem very interested in any of our classes so I gave up on interacting with them."

Harry wanted to smack her forehead.

"Most first years aren't that invested in academics or the history of an old castle, even a magical one… did you ask them about their own interests?"

Hermione tilted her head in confusion.

"No, why would I do that?"

"Because that's how you make friends. You get to know the other person and try to find something in common that you both enjoy."

"I don't think we have anything in common…and they don't seem very interesting, all they talk about is makeup and boys." She huffed.

"I'm sure they know something that can interest you, like..." Harry tried to remember any useful about those two. He didn't talk much to them and Lavander died during their last year of school. But there were a few things he recalled.

"Well, they are both from pureblood families. And Parvati family, the Patil is an extremely old pureblood family from India. Imagine the long story of magic they have...and their library."

Hermione eyes illuminated a bit at hearing this.

"You grew up in the muggle world. I'm sure there are many things you could learn from them about being a witch that you cannot learn from books." Explained Harry.

"Don't look down on books!" Hermioned rebuked.

"But...you may be right. Maybe learning more about witches from magical families would not be bad. But, how do I approach them...maybe there is a book about this in the library, I'll check tomorrow."

"There is no need for that, come." He held her by the hand and brought her alone as he approached the two girls.

"Hello, Patil, Brown. Have you two heard the rumor about Professor Snape?" He asked.

"Rumor? what rumor?" The two of them perked up and looked at him.

"If it is the one about him being able to turn into a bat, I already heard it and I don't think is true..." Added Lavander.

"No no, this is something else...I heard that Snape uses a charm that he personally created to make his robes flow in that weird way." Harry was about eighty percent sure this was a true fact.

"Really? a charm?"

"That would make sense!, there is no way a normal robe should move like that, I always thought it was strange."

The two of them commented.

"Do you two mind if we sit here? is a bit cold in that corner." Said Harry.

"Sure, come sit here!" Both girls made room for Harry and Hermione to sit down next to the fireplace.

After that, the group talked for a long while until it was time for dinner.

Harry could only hope that Hermione would take this chance to create some new friends, it was the least he could do for her.

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