Harry Potter: Another Chance

An older Harry Potter dies after experiencing much hardship and defeating his worst enemy before being reincarnated in an alternate version of his world where his parents are alive and he is no longer the Chosen One. Now he used all his accumulated knowledge and skills to protect those important to him and defeat Voldemort once more. The upload rate is currently at 6 chapters per week, I may increase it in the future if I have more time. I do not have specific days or times for the uploads because my full-time job has an erratic schedule so I upload whenever I have the time. But you can expect 5 new chapters by the end of the week. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope my readers understand. A.N - - No harem - There will be a lot of violence, so be warned. - The pacing will not be too fast, this is going to be longer than my previous fic so be patient.

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Chapter 1: The end


Harry Potter and all of its characters belong to J.K Rowling.

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Chapter 1: The end

A young man is lying on the ground of a destroyed castle. He is covered in blood, missing an arm, and barely moving, but still alive.

All around him are dead bodies, some of them look human, but others can only be described as monstrosities. Creatures with dark, leathery skin, ugly faces, and horns.

On the other side of the room, lies an older man. He has his back against a very beautifully decorated throne. The man has very inhuman features, almost snake-like.

The young man raised his head with difficulty to look at the dead figure of his worst enemy, resting peacefully against his throne, at the heart of what was once Hogwarts.

"I hope you rot in hell…" The man said before He started coughing blood…He knew that his time was near too, but He didn't mind that. After losing everyone that He cared about, death will be welcome as an old friend.

The man then laid his head back on the floor and closed his eyes…He was very tired.


Flashes of past events started to appear in his mind.

His name was once Harry Potter. His parents were murdered by a Dark Lord who called himself Voldemort.

He had a terrible childhood at the hands of his muggle relatives who He rather not remember.

At the age of eleven, He discovered that He was a wizard and attended Hogwarts.

He made many friends that will become like his family in time. Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, and Ginny Weasley.

During his fourth year, Voldemort came back from the dead…and the second Wizard War started.

Afterward, Dumbledore decided to trust Harry with all of his secrets about the prophecy and the Horrocruxes. And together, they went hunting for them.

Unfortunately, during his sixth year, some death eaters managed to infiltrate the school, and the Headmaster was killed.

Harry had to continue the hunt with the help of his friends and by the time Harry was in his seventh year, they had destroyed all but one of them.

At the end of his seventh year, Voldemort decided to launch an all-out attack against Hogwarts to gain control of the castle and kill 'The Boy Who Lived'.

But Harry was not an easy target to kill. During his fifth and sixth years, Dumbledore had personally trained him, and Harry had proven to the Headmaster why He was the child of the prophecy.

Harry had a natural gift with magic, especially transfiguration much to the old man's joy.

During his duel with Voldemort, Neville, Ron, and Hermione had managed to find Nagini, the last Horcrux, and Neville finished the snake off with the Sword of Gryffindor.

Thanks to everyone's efforts, Harry was able to kill Voldemort by severing his head with a cutting charm. It was the first time that Harry had to actually kill someone and He hoped it would be the last.

With Voldemort gone for good, his remaining death eaters fleed the country, and peace returned once more.

Harry and his friends were able to finish their studies in peace.

After graduation, Harry went on to finish his mastery of Transfiguration under Headmistress McGonagall since He wanted to become a teacher like the former Headmaster once was.

After Ginny graduated from Hogwarts, she moved in together with Harry. The two of them had been dating since Harry's sixth year and had been inseparable since then.

They got married two years after that. This was the happiest period of their lives, but it did not last long.

Just two weeks after their wedding, Voldemort returned, and He was not alone.

No one understood how Voldemort survived at the time. It would take many more years before Harry discovered that He himself was an accidental Horcrux, created on the day of his parent's death.

After coming back to life, thanks to his most loyal followers' help, Voldemort understood that one of his Horrcruxes must still be left somewhere, one that he did not create willingly.

But He could not rely on that anymore, so in order to secure his survival, He turned to a branch of magic that even the darkest of wizards would refuse to touch…Demonology.

The world where the dementors once came from was known as the demon world. It is possible to contact those creatures and ask for boons in exchange for something of equal value.

What Voldemort wanted was to be immortal and the price asked was to open a gate and allow demons into our world once more.

Voldemort did not hesitate to sell out the human race.

And so, He came to Hogwarts with an army of death eaters and demons at his side.

Many died that day, including McGonagall, Hagrid, and Ginny who was just visiting her husband.

Severus Snape gave up his life to make sure that Harry could escape, something that greatly surprised Harry since the man had never liked him, no matter how good He was at potions.

The war started once more and it was clear from the beginning that it was very one-sided. The demons were too powerful and too numerous.

Voldemort had also grown in power and even Harry was not his match anymore.

After twenty years of war and losing everyone He cared about, Harry made one last-ditch attempt to at least kill Voldemort.

The statute of secrecy was broken years back and the muggles were doing a good job at killing the demons.

Harry thought that if He could get rid of Voldemort, the world would have a chance of survival.

He knew from the beginning that this was a suicide mission, but He had to try. Not that He had much to lose.

With the help of some muggle soldiers and some of the last wizards and witches in existence, they made their attack.

After the start of the third war, Harry had not rested one moment in training himself, He had to give up many of the values taught to him by Dumbledore and started to learn all sorts of magic, dark or light, didn't matter as long as it got the job done.

And now He had his chance to fight Voldemort one last time.

It was very close. Voldemort had learned many tricks over the years and He was also wearing a protective amulet given by some powerful demon. As long as He had it on his persona, He could not die.

It cost Harry an arm but managed to take the amulet away from him, and the moment He did so, the amulet turned into dust, much to Voldemort dismay.

One painfully long duel later, Harry finally claimed his victory… and then died, along with the last Horcrux, eliminating any chance of Voldemort rising once more.