17 The honoured one

(Toji POV)

Toji Fushiguro was not happy right now. This guy stole his kill and was now probably going to sell her and gain the money HE was supposed to have. He worked so hard for this and now it was all for naught. Well, it was not all for naught ... after all he killed Gojo Satoru and ... and ...

Wait! ... Gojo ... Satoru ... was there not ... another Gojo that the Zen'in clan knew of that might also become dangerous? 

That's right! Gojo Satoru has a twin brother, Gojo Hadesu. It was said that he also had talent even though he did not have the Six Eyes. He put it off as unimportant news. No Gojo clan member would be able to use Limitless without the Six Eyes to its full potential. 

But now ... that man also had white hair and the stature was a similar if not buffer. So that means ...

(3rd Person POV)

Toji walked out of the Association building. The sun blinded him for a moment and he shielded his eyes with his hand. When he looked forward he saw something that surprised him. 

There standing in front of him stood ... Gojo Satoru. He had blood over his hair and clothes but otherwise, he was fine. And he was smiling as well. What was going on?

"Hey! It's been a while.", said Satoru when he looked up and saw Toji. The smile never left his face. 

"For real?", he asked. Not being able to believe what he saw just now. 

"For real, real.", answered Satoru. He brushed his hair away and showed his scar. 

"I'm alive and kicking!"

Toji had an angry look on his face when he understood what happened. 

"Reversed cursed technique."

"Bingo!", said Satoru and began to explain. 

"When you stabbed me through the throat, I gave up on counterattacking and poured all my focus on the reversed curse technique. 

Cursed energy is negative energy. While it can enhance the body, it can't regenerate it. So you multiply that energy by itself to create positive energy. 

That's the reverse cursed technique. Easier said than done though. I hadn't been able to do it up until now, myself. And I couldn't understand anything that one person who could do it said! ..."

While Satoru was explaining the reverse cursed technique, Toji was observing him. 

'He's babbling on and on ... He's high.'

That's correct. Gojo Satoru was currently in an epiphany high. His euphoria made him laugh like a maniac. 

"... But I finally managed to grasp it on the verge of death! The true essence of cursed energy!"

Satoru was still looking at the sky while he was monologing.

"The reason why you're going to lose is that you didn't cut off my head and because you didn't use that cursed tool when you stabbed me in the head."

"I'm going to lose?", asked Toji whilst taking out the inverted spear of heaven off his inventory curse. 

"Our fight is just getting started."

"Oh? Is it? ... Yeah ... Maybe so!"

Toji cowered down a bit and then attacked. He sped up and tried to cut Satoru from below. Satoru did not even look at the attack and simply dodged to the left. 

Toji, unperturbed by this uses his momentum to spin around. He changes his grip on the Inverted Spear of Heaven and swipes at Satoru. Toji unloads a powerful left swing but when the swing ends, he doesn't see Satoru. 

Satoru was able to avoid this by teleporting away and then levitating in the air, upside down. Toji notices Satoru behind him. 

Satoru looks at his adversary with wide unfocused eyes. It looks like Gojo is not really present in this fight. It seems as if he is having an epiphany. 

Satoru points two fingers at Toji and uses the same concept of a reverse cursed technique and flows the reverse cursed energy into the Limitless. 

"Cursed Technique Reversal: Red"

Satoru shoots Red from the tip of his fingers as a tiny red ball of energy. Still this tiny ball: Red sends Toji flying across the nearby area clean through another building, shooting up a cloud of rubble. The only way he is avoiding lethal damage is by blocking Red with the Inverted Spear of Heaven. 

Toji looks up and grins. His fighting spirit is ignited and he is not out for the count. 

Satoru on the other hand ... is just levitating horizontally and looking at the sky. It seems that the high he is on right now is giving him quite the kick. He looks unbothered by anything right now. 

Toji gets up and stretches to check for any broken bones as the inventory curse wraps back around his body.

'No bones are broken.', thinks Toji. He is currently using the time he is stretching and Satoru is doing ... something, to go over everything he knows about Satoru and the Limitless Technique. 

'That shock wave was an application of Limitless, the cursed technique reversal Red, huh? So he poured the positive energy created by the reverse cursed technique into the Limitless technique ingrained into him.'

Toji showed his tactical mind. He was not only a brute but also a very brilliant tactician. That became apparent in the way he prepared his 'prey' that was Riko Amanai and even took out both Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto. 

'One power to stop: the neutral application of the limitless technique. Two, the power to attract: the amplified application of the Limitless technique, Blue.'

Toji takes out the Chain of Thousand Miles from his inventory curse. He connects it to the end of the Inverted Spear of Heaven. This chain is a cursed tool that can keep extending as long as the user doesn't allow the back end to be visible. Now imagine if he uses this chain together with his inventory curse. 

Toji hides the end of the chain in his curse's mouth. He connects the Inverted Spear of Heaven to this endless chain to create a kusarigama-like weapon, allowing him to use the Inverted Spear of Heaven as a range weapon. 

'And three, the power to repel: the reversal of his cursed technique, Red.'

Having connected the end of Inverted Spear of Heaven to his chains, Toji begins to swing it and finishes his thoughts with a smile.

'Those are all things I can handle.'

As the chain spins faster and faster, Toji feels like something is ... off. He looks at Satoru in the air and sees him with his strange smile. But suddenly Gojo looks at Toji and notices him. 

'Somethings off.', Toji once again states in his mind. But he decides that it is fine. He ignores his uneasy feeling.

"I will kill you."

Swinging the chains like crazy he finally sends them towards Satoru, for whom things turn slow and easily dodges the cursed tool in the air. Bringing the chain back, Toji tries to strike Satoru with a swipe coming from the right.

Satoru does not care as he once again simply leans back and lets the weapon fly above him. 

Satorus's mind is not in the game right now. He stares into the sky.

'Sorry, Amanai. I'm not even angry over you right now. I bear no grudge against anyone. 

It's just that the world feels so, so wonderful right now...'

Satoru takes an upright position in the air and smiles. He then proudly proclaims as if he was Buddha:

"Throughout heaven and Earth, ... I alone am the honoured one."

Toji uses the chain to tear apart the ground, creating a wave of debris that forces Satoru higher in the air. Suddenly, the Inverted Spear of Heaven appears from the dust cloud at the same height as Satoru. 

The Sorcerer Killer swings the chain, sending the cursed tool directly at Satoru, who isn't moving quickly enough through the air to avoid it. Satoru is deep in thought. 

'The merit of having a technique that's passed down for generations is having a user's manual. The demerit is that information about the technique is easily leaked.

You were a member of the Zen'in clan, weren't you?'

Satoru understands that the reason Toji Fushiguro knows so much about his technique is due to his birth. He was born to the Zen'in clan and had access to a lot of information. 

The Inverted Spear of Heaven is fast approaching from behind Satoru. He brings his right hand in front of his face and focuses. 

'However, even in the Gojo clan, only a scant few know about this.'

Time seemingly stands still. Satoru focuses on his technique. He focuses on the last part that almost no one knows of, even in the Gojo clan. 

'Take the amplified and the reversal...

... then smash together those two different expressions to infinity to create and push out imaginary mass.'

"Imaginary Technique: Purple."

Satoru with his awakened Limitless unleashes a purple wave of imaginary mass that erases everything it touches into nothingness, Hollow Technique: Purple! 


Toji's entire left side of his torso is hit by Hollow Technique: Purple, instantly breaking his metal chain and ending his offense in one motion. Toji realizes that he should have run away since he wasn't getting paid to fight anymore anyway. 

The reason why he didn't run away was his grudge towards the Jujutsu world. He couldn't let go of that grudge and understood at that point he had already lost. Disappointed, Toji looks down as the eviscerated left section of his torso drips blood profusely onto the ground where his severed arm lies.

Satoru arrives in front of him and asks:

"Any last words?"

"In a few years, my son will be sold off to the Zen'in clan. Do with that what you wish."

And just before dying ... someone else makes an entrance. 

"My my. What a performance that was. Truly you had your rematch brother. And what glorious results. You awakened Limitless and proclaimed yourself to the the honoured one.

I must say I am not so sure about that title though."

The two fighters look to see Hadesu walk towards them with a young and an elder woman walking closely behind him. Gojo and Toji both widen their eyes not believing what they are seeing. 

"R-Riko? But how?"

"It was Gojo-san that did it. He saved me and healed me. I am very thankful for that. What's more, he saved Misato."

"Eh, it was nothing. The least I could do after you grew on my brother so much, right Sa to ru?"

"What are you talking about? That's not-"

"Yeah yeah. Anyway, now that you are going to die, good sir. You won't mind that I take this lovely curse that holds your entire arsenal of weapons, do you?"

Toji, who had not died yet, miraculously, did not say anything and only looked at the new addition to the field. He recognized him as Hadesu Gojo the brother of Satoru. 

"How did you do it?"

"Hm? You will die and that is what you want to know?"

"How are you doing this anyway?"

"Well obviously .... with magic...."

Everyone present deadpans at him and he coughs. 

"Let's just say that I have a special affinity with death and am prolonging yours ever so slightly to have a talk and tell you that I will be taking your inventory curse. So now that that is taken care of, toodles."


"Well, now that the Sorcerer killer is dead it seems like there is only one thing left to do now.", Hades states and he looks at Satoru. 


"Of course! No time like the present. And while we are at it. Might as well make sure that as many of the Association freaks die as possible. Only as collateral damage of course."

"You're right, we would never kill innocents."

"So then ... you ready?"

Satoru doesn't get into a fighting stance. He is seriously overestimating himself right now. But he will understand this very soon. 


Just one chapter to go and that chapter will pretty much only be the two brothers fighting. After that, Hades will continue his journey.

Oh, you didn't actually believe he would go back to help his siblings in the war just yet did you? No no no. First, he will make a stop to meet a fellow death entity, so to speak. This 'person' has something for him and it will help Hades tremendously.


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