18 Another one?


Greetings. A quick note here.

I have decided to change his love interest. Now this might get on your nerves but I think I found a better match.

The other one would have come from 'Fairy Tail'. The reason why I am changing it is because (and this is the hint) I saw her just yesterday and thought that she would be a much better fit with Hades. And if given the chance would become very powerful. 

The author FINALLY gave her some justice and I am more than happy about that. 


Hades attacked first. He knew that Satoru had almost endless patience in the state he was in right now. He would not attack so Hades had to make the first move. 

He rushed at him and delivered a basic attack. Gojo dodged it. Hades used a strong cross but it was left unanswered by Satoru. He simply dodged again. 

Hades went through the motions. One after the other series of moves came from him and aimed to hit Satoru, or to at least get a reaction out of him. But it was not meant to be. Satoru simply dodged and he did all that with a relaxed smile on his face. 

Other than a weaker man, Hades didn't get angry or frustrated. On the contrary ... he was intrigued. This was entirely unprecedented in any of the spars they had over the years since they were five years old. 

Satoru always had to block and would have to retaliate to get some pressure off him. But right now he was ... unbothered. Unbothered by any of Hades' attacks and unbothered by anything. 

Hades saw it in his eyes. The look in his eyes was not one of arrogance but simply understanding. Gojo Satoru was enlightened. He saw the world differently and had transcended from his last level. He grew to an unimaginable stage for a human. 

It was not like a human could not grow to that level but it was unthinkable for anyone to get there at his age. He was only 17 years of age at the moment. Truly remarkable. 

Hades also wished to gain enlightenment. Should he reach enlightenment he would experience something completely different than Satoru did. He already saw the world differently than humans and was therefore far above them but Satoru climbed the ladder of power very fast today. 

Understanding that the current way was not getting anywhere, Hades upped his speed and perception. He was not yet using the Six Eyes. He only wanted to use the power he had worked for in this world. He wanted to push himself and also gain enlightenment.

As he got faster and faster, Satoru noticed this as well. He was not expecting his brother to be capable of such speeds. After they fought for almost five minutes, Satoru finally blocked for the first time. 

"You have gotten strong brother."

"Indeed I have. Do you think you're the only one that is strong?"

"No ... but I'm the strongest."

"Then the Six Eyes are not truly working if you say that."


Hades punched with his right hand. Satoru reflected his fist and used his own right hand to upper-cut Hades. Hades performed a spartan kick but had to take the uppercut to the face. 

The two got a little space between themselves. After they looked at each other, Satoru initialised the next attack this time. He came at Hades with top speeds never seen before in their fight. 

One after the other fist impacted Hades' face and chest. Blocking a jab, he was hit with a cross and when he was about to fly away by the force of the punch, Satoru grabbed his arm and pulled him close again. 

Another barrage of punches rained down on Hades and while he tried to defend, it was no use. 

The way he was now could not contend with his brother. 

With a last right hammer, Hades flew back and his body impacted with the wall. 

*Clink clink* 

Some small pieces of Hades' eyepatch fell to the ground and made clinking sounds. His seal was removed and he would now fight with the Six Eyes himself. 

This would also mark the moment that they would use cursed techniques. Now it was on. 

Satoru was waiting for Hades to recover. This was not a fight to the death, so he would not initiate an attack when Hades was down. 

Hades looked up and got up from the ground. He was not happy right now. This was not going the way he wanted. It was not that he was on the losing side, no it was the fact that he was still this weak. Hades knew that he was sealing over 99% of his true power to fit into this world. And the fact that he got this strong in the JJK world without any of his divinities was impressive and yet ...

it was not enough. He wanted more. There was this urge inside him that pushed him on. Something primal wanted him to grow stronger and stronger and break out of his limits. It was like an itch that you can't scratch but amplified by 1 trillion. 

Hades attacked again. This time his pattern was strangely jumbled up. The martial arts he was taught and trained in were not used correctly anymore. He was fighting ... weird. 

Satoru was confused about what was going on. But he did not bother to find an answer to this. He simply used the opportunity that Hades gave him and exploited all the mistakes he made. Brutal punches and kicks impacted Hades' body.

The more damaged Hades got, the more hectic his attacks got. He was turning into a beast whilst fighting. But he didn't seem to be fighting only Satoru. He seemed to be fighting something else. It looked like he was fighting some form of ... restraints. 


Satoru punched Hades brutally but was not able to penetrate Infinity. He used Blue to pull Hades towards him and disrupt his Infinity. Using that moment Hades performed a Red that he fired in front of him, making Satoru abandon his plan and dodge out of the way. 

Before he could attack anew though, another Red came towards him. He teleported a distance away and prepared a Red of his own. His Red seemed to be more 'refined' than the one of Hades. Courtesy of having understood the true nature of cursed energy. 

Hades understood cursed energy as well, thanks to his enhanced brain, but Satoru understood it on a metaphysical level. He truly became the honoured one.

Understanding that his Red would lose to Satoru's, Hades used Blue right in front of him and waved it to the side. This led to Blue derivating Red from its flight path and missing Hades.

The fight continued with both sides trying to disrupt the other's Infinity by using Red and Blue. But neither of them had yet to use Purple. Unlike Satoru, Hades was able to perform this technique even before awakening Limitless. But they would not use it as it was an almost sure kill technique.


The fight went on and the surroundings were in shambles. Hades had lost all sense of reason and was only acting on instinct. He used techniques better and better the longer the fight went on. 

The more damage he suffered the better he got as using reversed cursed technique and in turn made his Red stronger. 

Hades got more and more immersed in the fight. He completely lost himself in the fight. 

He got faster, his movements smoother and his body seemed to react on its own. What happened was something very special. It was comparable to what happened to Saitama in the manga One Punch Man. 

Saitama wanted to become so strong that he could defeat monsters with one punch and he pushed himself so much that he removed his limiter and got to that point where he could one punch monsters. 

Hades was experiencing something similar. Hades' being was not complete so to speak. He is a mix of his past human emotions and experiences and Hades the Greek god. This results in him limiting himself to a big degree and stunting his growth. 

But in this moment when he was fighting Satoru his primal instinct. The core of his being started to act up. All his divinities started to move and revolt against the seal that was put on them. And in the centre of it all was his divinity of boundaries.

It began to revolt and got angry that there was something that dared to try and seal it. And then it happened. During the fight, Hades' divinity of boundaries experienced one massive progress and transcended its last level of proficiency. 

As if possessing a consciousness of its own, the divinity acted on its own and began to right the wrongs that Hades had. Hades' consciousness began to truly fuse with his new body, the limits he placed on himself mentally and physically were lifted, his body, mental and soul limits were shattered and a transformation began.

All this happened while the two brothers were fighting. Due to these changes, Hades experienced a similar High, just as Satoru had. Only that his High was trillions of times more extreme. 

Everything started to make sense, it all looked so beautiful and easy for him. 


Without thinking Hades and Satoru found themselves in the air facing each other. They looked at each other with big smiles on their faces. Like they rehearsed this they both spoke at the same time:

"Throughout Heaven and Earth ... WE alone are the honoured ones!"

"Throughout Heaven and Earth ... WE alone are the honoured ones!"

Hades took a similar position as Satoru did and used the last technique of Limitless which is only usable when it awakens. And once again, as if they practised this before.

"Imaginary Technique: Purple."

"Imaginary Technique: Purple."

Both said at the same time and released Purple against each other. 

When these two imaginary masses collided the world truly stood still for a fraction of a moment.




And then everything turned chaotic. Space-Time got erased in the vicinity. In desperation, the world tried to correct this and desperately tried to fill the void that had been created. 

This resulted in a big black hole that sucked everything in that was in the immediate vicinity, sucking in both Satoru and Hades. 




"Where are we?"


Well, there you have it. Hades is finally 'complete'. He has fully accepted his situation as a Greek god and a reincarnator.

His powers will now only get stronger and he will act more like a god as well.

The next world will be introduced next chapter.


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