Chapter 63: Want to Learn? I'll Teach You

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After a dull thud, Luo Hui casually tossed the handheld firework to the side, laughing heartily, and gave Qin Lang a bear hug, "Congratulations, you got second place in the scoring competition, advancing smoothly!"

Qin Lang was torn between laughter and tears as he pulled off the streamers that had landed on his head, but a warm feeling welled up in his heart, "Uncle Luo Hui, thank you."

"How many steamed bass dishes do we have tonight?"

He rolled up his sleeves, planning to do his preparation work as usual before the start of the dinner service time.

Fortunately, dinner service had not started yet just after the scoring competition had ended, so he rushed straight from the Dongxia Arena.

"None." Luo Hui patted Qin Lang's shoulder, grinning, "There won't be any from now on."

"Eh?" Qin Lang blinked, "What do you mean, Uncle Luo Hui?"

Had he been fired?