Chapter 62: Elimination Competition Theme

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Qin Lang's curiosity did not last for long.

After announcing the ranking of the eight contestants who advanced to the semi-finals, the host started the last segment of the day.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the first round of the Dongxia City Cooking Contest has ended, but..." the host paused momentarily, then his voice became more excited, "we have one more section today."

"Namely the draw lot for the second round of the elimination competition happening in five days!"

"Now, please look at our big screen!"

Following the host's words, both the eight contestants on stage and the tens of thousands of audience members below all turned their attention to the large electronic screen in the sky.

The screen was now divided into three regions: left, middle, and right. The portraits of the eight contestants appeared on the left and right while different competition types showed up in the middle.

As the host ordered, the three areas of the screen began to scroll swiftly.