Gourmet Style Beast Taming

Author: The book shortage forced me to write
Magical Realism
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What is Gourmet Style Beast Taming

Read ‘Gourmet Style Beast Taming’ Online for Free, written by the author The book shortage forced me to write, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: This is a world with incredible, extraordinary powers.Sprites born from dishes, the competition between deliciousness an...


This is a world with incredible, extraordinary powers. Sprites born from dishes, the competition between deliciousness and power, a journey under a starlit sky, challenges tied together by bonds. A young man with the memories of a Special-Class-1 chef from his past life has arrived in this world brimming with courage and dreams. "Oh, delicacies concealing magical powers, reveal your true strength before me! I command you in the name of your Spirit Chef, Qin Lang, bring forth the Food Spirits!" "...Huh? Why isn't there a reaction?!"

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The book is a mix of my favorite things: cooking and pet beasts (food spirits in this case). The protagonist doesn't seem like an idiot and there aren't any major translation or grammar mistakes.


Biased review only because I love Baby Dan Bao a little too much and I love food. I find the story fascinating. The author does a great job at making you drool and your stomach grumble with hunger. Compared to other transmigration characters, I like how calm and collected Qin Lang is. He isn't arrogant and stuck-up. He shows appreciation and endeavors to continue growing as a person, Spirit Chef and friend.


I'm just starting, but I love it so much already. I love the concepts. They are things I love, but here there is such a refreshing approach to them. I'm already in love with the cutsey egg spirit. Thank you, dear author.


this novel could be called a fusion of pokemonXshokugeki no soumaXcultivation except there is no young master (as of chapter 26 ) ,no foodgasm (unfortunately), and no team rocket ( i mean why not?) its nice sliceoflife kind of thing with a little bit of pok- food spirit battle and food wars.


only 17 chaps free, and half of thatis description of cooking, i have no idea how this story will go and no idea about world background, basically i dont know anything about this book basically. so no idea if it is worth paying for. rating as for chapter 17, so basically medicore all across the board


I’ve read a lot of cooking or cuisine based enovels -> this one has grabbed & kept my attention. It’s a cooking competition based novel, but I love the concept of the wheel of restrictions, etc or the way in which competitions and challenges are based. The presentation is new & fresh. The writing is interesting with a good pace, interesting characters with a MC who is enjoyable to cheer for, interesting Chinese dishes I am not familiar with, and more. My only complaints are that the chapters seem to be short, as they are divided for ease of release. I don’t have the kind of $ to spend on buying coins to read the novel in it’s entirety or all chapters available for purchase, but I definitely am motivated to do all possible dailies which makes me spend an extra hour or two on Webnovel that I otherwise wouldn’t -> all for this novel. Keep up the good work. Hope to read more from the author in the future. Do they have anything else Ava which has been or will soon be published? TY.


Great this far! I love the food choices and the relationship between Qi Lang and his food spirit beast!


This is a combination of Food Wars and Pokémon/Digimon. And it's great! The main character is a chef reincarnated from Earth. He uses Earth cuisine to shock his new world as he works up the ranks as a Spirit Chef.


Really like the original novel but it has been unfortunately dropped by the author.


Tragedy,waste time.Fighting chefs tragedy comedy . .................................................................................................................................................................................................


Love it. It is all i want in a good Webnovel. If you like fantasy cooking Webnovels, you will Love this one.


I like this novel for beeing alt of the norm, the Idea is very interesting. The characters are well thought, the comic relive is good and until now story is not borring for me despite the food theme. The only thing that was not so good for me was the isekaicliche.[img=recommend][img=recommend]


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