Romantic Company (9)

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Why would he speak up during an awkward moment like this?

Chieftain Senal laughed. "Ranmil has just learned the ancient dance of Loulan. Your Majesty, would you like to see her performance?"

Emperor Wu was very embarrassed and had been looking for a way out. He took the offer without hesitation.

Of course, he said yes. He waved his hand and said, "Go ahead."

"The ancient dance of Loulan? Is it the legendary one?"

"Which one?"

"Legend has it that Loulan has an amazing dance known as 'Fierce Face.' It's supposed to be the hardest dance of the grassland and only exists in legends.

"It's extremely simple and about fierce conflict. At the same time, it also has a very gentle and feminine component. The dance is very demanding on the dancer's cultivation level and mental ability. The audience may feel enlightened and make a breakthrough!"

"Do you think Princess Ranmil can do the Fierce Face dance?"