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This story follows the rise of a regular small time criminal who had the odds against him his entire life. Just when things looked like they were about to come to an end for him, he received the power to turn his life around. Ambitious, Cruel, Manipulative, Cunning and now...Powerful. Follow his story as he makes a name for himself and grows as both a being and an organization by any means necessary, the likes of which the universe has never seen. Update Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ....................................................................................................................................................................... Read ahead on patreon: patreon.com/GodOfBrutality Join the Discord server: https://discord.gg/U29paHWKEN *Disclaimer*: This fanfiction is a non-commercial work of art created solely for entertainment purposes. The characters, settings, and other intellectual property from the dc universe, marvel universe, and others referenced herein belong to their respective owners and creators. I do not claim any ownership over them nor am I affiliated with the studios or authors who created them. This fanfiction is not officially endorsed by any of the original creators or the studios that produced the original works. All rights to the respective characters and worlds are acknowledged and respected. This work is intended to pay homage to the original creations and to share a new story with other fans. No infringement is intended. All original characters and plots within this fanfiction are the property of the author. Please support the official releases and the talented individuals who create the original works.

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Chapter 281: The Calm In The Storm

Following Tara's question, she received a collective response fairly quick, as all the remaining officials quickly bowed their heads and said to her, "We swear allegiance to the crown." 

As they said this, Tara gave a glance toward Arias, who gave her a nod, "They seem sincere enough," he commented, though his words came across more like sarcasm. "Anyway, raise your heads, return to your duties, and coordinate your subordinates. Princess Tara will be conducting a press conference at sunset today. I don't think you need me to tell you what preparations you need to make, now do I?"

"Yes your Excellency," they murmured, unsure of how to honestly address him, considering the invisible power he wielded over them. Having agreed to that, they didn't immediately leave again, waiting for permission to be granted before they could do so. Tara, with a wave of her hand, sent them on their way, "You may leave, and have someone come clean this up."

As they left, she gave Arias a side glance, and he nodded, "Good. You're starting to understand what it means to be a queen. You're the superior one here; it's time for you to start acting like it. Otherwise, your subordinates will always plot against you. Let's go."

Having said that, Arias led the way as he and Tara exited the area, leading to the bunker, emerging out of one of the castle's many lounge areas through a secret entrance. As they came out, they could see the bloody footprints left behind by the officials who had quickly made their way out. Tara couldn't help but ask, "Aren't you worried, though? Seeing what happened down there, the press of the world?"

Arias shook his head, "They're free to do so. They'll simply be used as an example. As for what the world would do with that knowledge? Well, nothing. It may change how people perceive me, but it won't change what I've already established. In which case, for some, it may even be in their best interest to keep those individuals quiet for me. You always need to look at the broader picture of things in such situations."

Once they made their way up the stairs, Arias said those final words to Tara before his attention shifted to Mercy, who was currently leaning against the grand doors that led to the current lounge area Tara and Arias were in. As usual, she had a frown, but it didn't take away from her rather alluring outfit she wore, composed of a tight-fitting formal suit with pantyhose. 

She had her arms crossed under her breasts, with her now eyes narrowed at Arias's figure. Immediately he turned away, she frowned even more deeply before yelling, "Do you have any idea just how fucking big of a mountain of paperwork I had to go through because of this shitshow you've caused around the world?"

Arias's retort followed, "Me? I've been bedridden for days and only now am I able to walk freely, although still in the process of recuperating."

Hearing Arias's obviously sarcastic answer, Mercy inwardly felt like strangling him, perhaps even just putting a bullet to his head and shooting. She simply found him that aggravating, and she simply was that violent. 

However, she could do nothing, and perhaps that irritated her most about Arias: the lack of control she had over any of his actions and the over-dominance this caused upon her. Although, it would've been a lie on her part if she said she was completely against it. 

Still, she made sure her feelings were heard, "Fuck you," she yelled out, not even bothering to lower her tone as her voice echoed in the rather opulent antique lounge.

Arias remained quiet, not really knowing what to say to this. However, he found it entertaining, "I'm not the one who made it a hard requirement for you to be my assistant. You knew what you were getting yourself into."

Mercy's urge to strangle Arias grew, "I can fucking quit, you know. Right now. I could quit and not just be some workhorse for you to deal tons of shit. Even a fucking warning would've been nice. Do you have any idea how much profit we could've made?" 

Arias smiled at this, asking her his own question as well, "Do you really think I don't?"

Mercy grit her teeth, her mind constantly conjuring up inhumane ways in which she could stand smugly over Arias and wipe that annoying smirk he always gave her as he spoke down to her, "Right, right. It's all part of your big master plan, isn't it?" This was obviously sarcasm on Mercy's part, but Arias didn't allow himself to perceive it as such, "Yes, exactly. You see, that's why you're my assistant. You're smart and quick to pick up on my habits. Good for you."

Mercy, having reached the pinnacle of what she could bear being toyed with words, simply walked toward Arias with a hand ready, clearly intending to slap him. However, the moment she got close, Arias stopped her action and held her hand by the wrist, preventing her from reaching his face. 

He then showed a smile as he casually tossed her aside, making her land on a nearby sofa a bit roughly. As he did this, he began to remove his jacket, saying, "It seems you just missed me. Don't worry, you're the first person I was planning to see immediately I got here."

Now the dynamic changed, Mercy furrowed her brows, "Don't even fucking think about it."

At this point, Tara felt like she could've excused herself, "I should go."

"No," Arias stopped her, "Have a seat. As a queen and my daughter, it's good for you to see firsthand how we treat bratty women."

"Bratty?" Mercy yelled out in anger, "Fuck you, and I swear, whatever you're planning, throw it out the window right now. I fucking mean it."

Arias continued to smile, "Do you? Do you really, Mercy?"