Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 94

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I was finally in Dorne after a month of traveling, the sun's playground, was the hottest region of Westeros, by a large margin. Their terrain was pretty rocky, with a lot of mountains, and sand, being the only desert on the continent.

Not exactly my cup of tea, I hate this climate more than anything, it was suffocating, but it would have to do for now.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Oberyn smiled.

"It's unique," I nodded, I didn't want to say no, simply because sand wasn't my thing.

But I wasn't here to enjoy the sights, no, I was here with one sole purpose, to discuss my alliance with Doran Martell, while it was true that Dorne was the least populous kingdom of the Seven Kingdoms, it was also true that Dornishmen were able to raise around fifty thousand soldiers, and for what I had seen and heard from Oberyn their fighting style was pretty much the same to the unsullied, making them a force to be reckoned with.

"Well, while I would love to give you a tour, we have no time," Oberyn smiled, "My brother is waiting for you, so let's make haste,"

"Sounds good to me," I nodded, the faster I dealt with this, the faster I would be in the battlefield kicking the Lannister's ass, oh yeah, and Stannis's ass.


It didn't take us long to arrive at the ancestral seat of House Martell, and for a second I felt I was still in Essos, The Old Palace had a unique architecture with a slender Spear Tower coming out of it, alongside a massive stone tower. With both stretching over one hundred and fifty feet tall above the ground.

The Old Palace had a dome of gold and leaded glass making that the throne room, the floors were of pale marble.

For them not being the richest house, their castle was one of the most expensive ones possibly.

"Odd, I thought my brother would be here," Oberyn hummed deep in thought, since we entered the castle he had taken upon himself to find his brother, maybe this is his way to give me a tour, "He must be at his solar!"

As we walked around the castle, down to Doran's solar, a girl rushed at Oberyn hugging him, at first I thought that it was one of his many…. many lovers, but I was proven otherwise, when she called him daddy… which still had me at doubt, but then he called her daughter… and to be honest I still wasn't completely sure…

"My King, allow me to present you my daughter, Tyene Sand," Oberyn smiled, as the girl bowed… and holy shit was she different to her TV counterpart, like a fucking lot! They didn't share any similarities at all.

"A pleasure to meet you my King," Tyene said in a sultrious tone, biting her lips.

Jesus, does the horny runs in the family, "The pleasure is mine,"

"Not yet," Tyene winked at me, "but soon,"

I kinda feel I need to sleep with an eye open, or I will wake up with her riding me, holy fucking molly, "Sorry but I'm a married man, and I don't think your Queen is into trios,"

"Honey, for the sake of daddy's balls… don't hit on the king… both him and the Queen are very… very scary," Oberyn pseudo joked about it.

"No fun," Tyene pouted, as I was lost at how different she was to what I expected, so far everyone was somewhat similar to their show counterparts, yes they had their differences… but not by this much.

Tyene has a fair white almost snow colored skin, with golden hair and deep blue eyes with dimples bloom in her cheeks, and she also had a gentle sweet voice, almost as if she was naive and innocent, perhaps that was part of her game, to make others lower their guard.

"Father you are back!" Another voice came into the scene, turning around, I found a woman around twenty nine years old approaching Oberyn with a smile, unlike Tyene, this one was easy to recognize, while she was indeed different to what I had expected… she wasn't so massively different that I would miss the similarities, if I was right, she was Obara Sand.

"Obara!" Oberyn hugged her, as Tyene just kept on staring at me… with hungry eyes.

"Did you miss something?" I inquired, raising an eyebrow at Tyene, who simply giggled in return.

"My King," Obara bowed, "I apologize for my sister, she can't control herself at times,"

I could see she had a hard tough look, with well defined muscles that screamed she had dedicated her life to the martial art way, she was a warrior in all accounts.

"It's alright, nothing bad with some window shopping from time to time," I smiled, "It's when you get handsy… that you get into some trouble,"

"I love that…" Oberyn laughed, "I will use that line sometime,"

Now it was only a matter of time for the last snake of the desert to appear, I wonder how Nymeria will look, would she be within what I expected or completely out of the spectrum… like Tyene.

"Father!" Bingo, sometimes if like the universe listens to my thoughts, inwardly chuckling, I turned around to see Nymeria running towards Oberyn with a wide happy smile.

"Nymeria!" Oberyn smiled back at her.

And it seemed the only one out of the spectrum was Tyene, though Nymeria was considerably more attractive to her show counterpart, she had a nice figure, with straight black hair worn in a long braid which pulls back from a widow's peak. She had dark eyes which were large and lustrous and her full lips were wine red and curve making a silken smile.

After she hugged the ever living shit out of her father she turned to me and bowed, "My King,"

"A pleasure to meet you," I smiled.

"We have heard great things about you, they say you are a great warrior," Nymeria smiled, "Perhaps we could spar later?"

"Allow me to stop you right there," Oberyn chuckled looking at his daughters, "While I have no doubt you three can beat any man… our King is no man… he is an untamed beast with unparalleled skill in combat, and when I say that is because I experienced first hand how massively outskilled I was against him… I couldn't even touch him… and if I'm being honest… He can probably take on all of us… at the same time, without breaking a sweat,"

"Well, well, well," Tyene said biting her lips.

"Impressive…" Obara muttered.

"I suppose we can still learn from a defeat from him," Nymeria said looking at me, with dare I say admiration.

"As much as I would love to kick your asses… I have someone to meet," I chuckled, "So how about after my meeting we fight, you three and your father against me,"

"That seems hardly fair," Nymeria said.

"For you that is," I chuckled.

"Sounds great, but the King is right, we have a meeting to attend to," Oberyn chuckled, leaving his daughters behind, as we walked to Doran's Martell solar.


The solar was like everything on this castle, incredibly expensive, with almost everything made out of gold or other precious gems. Fortunately for us, Doran was inside sitting as he was about to eat fruit that kinda looked like an orange.

"My King, I would bow… but you can see I can't…" Doran Martell greeted me.

He looked considerably older than Oberyn, even though they weren't that apart, maybe whatever disease he had was affecting his looks, "It's alright, you don't have to bow now… we first have a lot to discuss… don't you think?"

"Yes, yes we do," Doran smiled.


[Nick Fury Ravenicus POV]

The same motherfucker that we had stolen the dragon horn had retrieved another one from the old city of Valyria. But I wasn't going to let this bitch get ahead of us.

*Initiate bitch stranding plan now!* I cawed, ordering the Krakens to attack his ships, my plan was simple, after studying this motherfuckers routine I had noticed he was always the last one to board the ships, with that in wing, I let all his men to board the ships so that the Krakens would strike them down.

"What in the seven hells?!" Euron Greyjoy shouted in disbelief, seeing his ships and his other horn sink into the ocean.

"Surprise motherfucker!" I said from above, it had taken me some time, but I learned that we could imitate human speech, and this worked well right now.

"You… talk…?!" Euron Greyjoy said angry, "I remember you! You were that weird bird that took my horn!"

"That's right motherfucker, enjoy your stay bitch," I said as I got ready to leave, "and good luck telling others about this, nobody is going to believe your ass,"

"I will kill you!" Euron Greyjoy shouted in anger.

"You will certainly try, but will fail," I replied, "you should feel lucky that your life belongs to the cornbringer, otherwise your motherfucking ass would be inside Jerry the Kraken," with that I flew with my squad out of the scene leaving a very angry human behind.