Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 95

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While Oberyn was a good ally and friend, what I really needed was to see what Doran wanted, he was the head of the house, and his opinion and approval were the things that would provide me with the army I needed.

"Your grace, what I want is not big…" Doran smiled softly, "What I really want will be barely an inconvenience for you, I want House Lannister and House Baratheon gone, out of the maps, out of the history,"

I knew Oberyn hated house Lannister, and while I knew they hated the Baratheos, I didn't know they were on the same level as the Lannisters on their hate list.

"You want me to disband their houses?" I inquired.

"Yes, I want every member of those two house that survives to be nothing… bastards… beggars… whores… I want them gone out of sight…" Doran smiled with hostility.

"That was in general how I wanted things to be," I nodded, "I was already informed by Oberyn you wanted the main Lannister's for you to play, and I agreed to that, anything else besides those two things?"

"No, that's all we have ever wanted," Doran smiled

"So all that is left is for you to kneel brother," Oberyn snickered behind his brother.

"You have to make everything sound perverted… don't you…" Doran sighed in exasperation.

"If not me who else?" Oberyn smirked at him.

"No one?" I sighed.

With a lot of effort, Doran got off his chair, and slowly but surely started to kneel, "I pledge my house and my people to your King Ronard Mormont, first of his name,"

I smiled at his effort, as I walked up to him, "For as long as I live…. for as long as my house stands we will stand by you…" I gave the Lord a helping hand as I added, "Together we will bring upon our enemies the justice that has been denied to not only your house but the world,"

"I desire nothing but that, my liege," Doran smiled full of hope, but his eyes denoted anger, not directed towards me, I knew that much, but still I could see his eyes sparkling with hate and excitement after all this was probably the first time in years he finally had the chance to let go of his emotions, because he finally had a chance to get his revenge.

"Well, well, well, It seems Dorne is yours," Oberyn smiled.

"It seems it is," I nodded.

"So about that fight you promised my daughters…" Oberyn smiled.

"The King did what?" Doran inquired.

"Oh nothing, just a friendly match between allies… in which we will get our asses handed to us…. pretty badly might I add," Oberyn chuckled.

"I suppose it would do us go to see how good is our King in combat," Doran sighed.

"Oh believe he is good," Oberyn chuckled, "Too good…"

"I… thanks?" I wasn't sure how to respond to his… praises, not really used to get them so often.


The Sand Snakes of Dorne ve Me, I had to be honest, they were good, better than the eighty percent of people I have killed, and at least ninety percent more lethal with all the poison they used on their weapons, if their opponent was anyone but me, they would've demolish the poor guy with their amazing teamwork, coordination and skill, Oberyn alone was a beast already and with his daughters alongside him it was as if I fought with a pack of trained animals.

But regardless of their incredible skill and amazing teamwork, they met with a wall they just couldn't climb, and because of that… they were utterly defeated, one punch style… I mean not literally…. I knocked each one with a single punch after I got bored of dancing around them as I dodge their attacks.

"I have never felt so powerless…" Tyene muttered as she turned to me, "I like it,"

Jesus… I can feel the moist from here, "Still married,"

"This… your skill as a warrior is outstanding, I can't wait to fight by your side and learn from you," Obara praised me, she had taken this defeat as an opportunity to learn from me.

"I'll be my pleasure," I chuckled at her enthusiasm.

"At first I thought father was overselling your skills… but even with all that praise he came up short…. I feel like a child… trying to hit the sun," Nymeria chuckled from the ground, "I'm glad beyond comprehension that you are on our side…"

"Well… while I love winning… I think it's time we move an army to the south," I smiled turning to Doran, "Right?"

"You are absolutely right," Doran said, getting out of his shock, it seems that the tales of my skills were considered among the population a tad over the top.

"Awesome," I smiled, deciding to try the local food while I waited for Doran to mobilize his army.


[Doran Martell POV]

My opportunity for revenge, for retribution was finally here, I could already hear Tywin screaming in pain for me as I used his pain as a lullaby, the mere thought of seeing him suffer made my day… no my life.

And today was more than enough proof he was going to deliver them to me, his prowess in combat was…inhuman, too perfect, too out of comprehension, he moved with such precision… with such grace, it was like he was born to fight.

I had no idea if he would make a good king, and frankly I didn't care, the seven kingdoms could burn for all I cared… as long as he did what he promised me, he would have my undying loyalty.

And after that demonstration of power… I knew that he would, he was a breed for war, and for war he was going, I almost feel pity for the poor souls that will get on his way.

"Get ready men, we are leaving for the south in a week!" I commanded, "We fight for our king, for the justice that had been denied to us!"

"For the King! —— For Dorne!!!!——-" The soldiers chanted with one voice with stomping the ground, making the very streets of Dorne shake ever so light.


[Ned Stark POV]

Stannis was moving towards us, but why, he knew better than that, he was a war veteran, if he rushed at us, and tried to attack us while we were at the Twins he would lose, he had no chance against us, so why.

Why would he commit such a stupid move, did he had a secret plan… some kind of plot I was not seeing, it didn't matter, Ronard had left me in charge, and I would stop whatever Stannis was planning, no matter what.

"We have to be ready for whatever Stannis is planning," Stannis was a very, very bad politician, but he was a good general, if he was moving there was something I had yet to see.

"I have already ordered the archers to be ready," Jon nodded.

"Good, we will need them ready for when Stannis arrives," I nodded.


[Melisandre POV]

My Prince, my light, my master was here, it was time to end this once and for all, I had convinced Stannis that the god of light wanted him to defeat Ronard with just five thousand men, and that he used the rest of his army to attack the Lannister's at the same time.

At first he was reluctant and almost killed me, but I showed him, I showed him the fire, a vision of Ronard with the crown, but he didn't see Ronard but himself on the Throne, and that was all it took to push him to his own grave.

"Soon we'll be together," I smiled, I couldn't wait to be his, to be his tool, for war and pleasure.