Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 93

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The screams of pain that the last Frey was letting out filled the castle walls for hours, making for quite the BGM, I had no idea what the lady did to him while he was alive, but it sure sounded painful, very painful.

What I didn't take into account at all, was that once Walder died, the young Lady Erenford would decide to end her life, cutting her own throat.

If I had to take a guess, I would say that the idea of being pregnant with that old bastard child was more than enough to drive her to a point of no return, at the very least she got the justice she so desperately wanted.

Ned Stark was still a bit uncomfortable to say something with my decision, but I frankly didn't care about his narrowed views of reality, sometimes justice is obscure and messy, not all justice is about honor or Superman shit, besides even if I had killed the old man myself, she would've still killed herself. At least this way she got to die with a smile on her face or at the very least a sense of satisfaction.

But taking all the killing of today aside for a second, I was kinda grateful with the Frey's after all they had left me with a beautiful castle very close to the south that would prove to be quite beneficial once the war with the Lannister starts.

In short I had access to the south, while the Lannister's, and Stannis didn't have access to the north, at least not direct access, what it would take me hours to move it would take them days.

"I think we should regroup with Dorne first, before we start moving," Ned said, and he was right, Oberyn had only brought with him a handful of Dornish soldiers and in the north the Martells had only sent a small part of their army, we needed their full army before moving forward.

"Very well," I nodded, I knew full well I had to go to Dorne myself, to seal in blood the alliance with Dorne, one thing was Oberyn supporting me, but if I didn't have his brother kneeling… then… well things could go south if they decide to stop helping me, "Lord Stark, you are in charge of my army and people in my absence, don't engage on combat unless is unavoidable and totally necessary, I'll be back,"

"I suppose I'll go with you," Oberyn smiled, "We have an army to bring, and some Lannister's to kill!"

"Aye," I chuckled.


[Tywin Lannister POV]

Peter Baelish has requested to see me, he said he had wonderful news, and I couldn't help but wonder what was this little worm planning, he thought he was so clever, so cunning. But even a blind child could see through his pathetic schemes, but at times he was useful. Reason why he still breathes.

"Lord Hand," Peter Baelish greeted as he entered my office.

"My time is worth gold little finger, speak, and for your sake go straight to the point," I said, taking a sip of my cup of wine.

"As you wish," Peter Baelish nodded, "I wanted to let you know Lord Hand, that I have taken care of Ronard, soon we will be hearing of his sad demise, isn't that wonderful?"

How could this worm say that he took care of our main enemy if that was so easy I would've done so already…. besides Ronard was still on the Twins…. what has he done!?! "What have you done?!" If my suspicions were right, Peter Baelish convinced the Frey's to try and kill Ronard… but only a brainless piece of shit would ever think that would work… Ronard wasn't Ned Stark he wasn't blinded by stupidity, he was playing the game… quite superbly if I might add and he knew the best way to play it was to trust nobody, meaning an assassination attempt even by using the guest rights would prove to be useless; the Kid defeated Braavos for fuck sake.

"I made a deal with Lord Frey to—-" The moment his mouth confirmed my suspicions he met the full force of my fist colliding with his teeth.

"Guards take him to a room, and don't let him leave," I ordered the guards, who started to drag the imbecile off my presence.

"It was the best way!" Peter Baelish shouted; trying to defend his case.

"Stop," I ordered the guards, "Let me make a wild guess of what will actually happen, Ronard… will go talk with Lord Frey… Lord Frey being that he has no loyalties will try to get a bigger offer… once he doesn't… He will try your plan… but… surprise… Ronard knew all along, and kills everyone, taking hold of the only straight passage to North,"

"He is just a brat… we will…" Peter Baelish tried you defend his idiotic point once again, but a slap proved to me efficient in shutting him up.

"You know why I know how things will play out?" I asked Peter Baelish, who shook his head, afraid at this point for his life, "Because that's how I would've done it, if I were on his place things would play exactly as I told you, people seem to underestimate him… because he comes from the north, others because he is young and some because he comes from a small house, but I don't underestimate him, I might have at the beginning… but he proved I was wrong… and Littlefinger… unlike many… I learn from my mistakes…"

"I understand—-" Peter Baelish once again tried to talk, but I had grown tired of his annoying company.

"Take him, and don't let him get out of the castle… his fate is to be decided soon… depending on the outcome of his stupid plan…. so you might as well pray… Peter Baelish..." I said as I walked out of my solar leaving a terrified littlefinger behind as he was being dragged across the castle to a room.


[Robb Stark POV]

Father had left me in charge of the house for the moment being, I was set to march with the rest of the army in a month to help them win this war, but now… that wasn't the most shocking thing…

Jon… the bastard brother I always thought was my brother was actually my cousin… a Targaryen, that revelation didn't help mother at all, she thought this was a way of Ronard to humiliate her even more, making the bastard she hated a Lord, and important Lord.

At this point mother's ramblings were stupid, but I suppose I understood somewhat what she was feeling to an extent, the surprise was overwhelming but unlike her my mind wasn't totally dominated by her uncalled hate for Ronard.

"So Jon… is our cousin…." Sansa muttered, still in disbelief.

"Aye," I nodded lost in thought.

"Well… that makes sense considering I don't see father with another woman," Sansa added, and she was right, we never really understood how father could do that, and now….things finally became clear.

"He's still my brother," Arya smiled.

"Aye, on that we can all agree," I chuckled

In the end, no matter who Jon was, Arya was right he was our brother, he might have dragon blood on his veins but he was a wolf all the way, and he was part of our pack, the lone Wolf dies but the Pack survives, and we were going to survive this war.