Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 50

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I was prepared for what is to come. Most of the last year I have been spent honing my body and mind while gathering a bigger army to prepare for the challenges ahead. Whether I like it or not, I was the so-called Champion of Light. The one who will journey beyond the wall and guarantee the safety of my family and humanity of the winter zombie apocalypse, that for reasons yet to be fully disclosed to me, a demon was helping them. With that in mind, I sigh as I enter the training area I had set for my men while we waited for the supplies and ships to travel to Lys and found Daenerys waiting for me. With a smile, I approach her.

She was big, and while she thought and considered she was fat, I only saw her shining more and more every day, "How are you three doing?"

"Very funny," Daenerys giggled, "Nothing, just waiting for you,"

"I see," I smiled, taking a seat beside her, "Soon we will be marching to Lys, and we'll stay there for a bit, at least until the birth,"

Medicine here was not exactly precise, she was pregnant, and our estimate was that she was around six to seven months, so after conquering Lys, I would take a break, to ensure she had the babies on a controlled environment, the last thing I wanted was to have my babies be born in the middle of a siege.

Daenerys shifted in her chair, she wanted to say something, I've been long enough with her to notice these little things, she wanted to talk and was gathering her thoughts, "I want to help you more,"

"Elaborate," I asked with my eyebrows raised, she helped me enough… didn't she?

"I want to talk some of the load you have," Daenerys sighed, "You are always going to war, fighting, organizing your men, and all I do is stay and wait for you, I want to help you, we are supposed to be partners,"

Oh, she wanted more responsibilities, well I don't see anything wrong with that, if she saves me the problem of paperwork I would love her even more, "Sure, I do the fighting, you do the talking?"

"That's a start, but now that we have dragons, in the future…" Daenerys started, but I stopped her.

I knew what she wanted to say, we have dragon, that one day will be rideable, so that way I can help you in battle, "Absofuckinglutly not,"

"Why?" Daenerys asked with a dry tone.

"An arrow can kill you?, or you can fall off them, I know they love you, but that's a chance, and what would our kids do without you?" I said trying to ignite her motherly love to stop this nonsensical idea.

"And what if you die?" Daenerys asked, with cold steel eyes, she was determined to convince me, this was the Dragoness that the books showed.

"I can't…." I said that already, I can't die, and then a fucking shadow was close to show me the error of that arrogant comment.

"You can't die… yes, you said that already," Daenerys sighed putting her small hand on my face, "I love you, and I want to protect you, I want to protect our children, our family, I want to protect us,"

I… I didn't know what to tell her, no matter how… convincing her arguments were, my mind was set, "I… let's talk about this once they get to flying size… until then… I don't want to hear about it." For now, I wanted to avoid the subject.

Daenerys sighed, "I will protect you and our family, whether they want it or not,"

And for the first time since our marriage, we had come to an impasse, she was determined to do as she pleased with this.

"A Queen takes what she wants, didn't you tell me?" Daenerys eyed me, with a pseudo angry smirk.

"I did, but you really underestimate my ability to stop you, my Queen," I smirked back, "Like you, nothing will stop me from protecting you and our family, so I suppose… we'll see."

"We will," Daenerys nodded, with a piercing glare that said, I won't drop this subject, I will protect you.

"Very well," I smiled, giving her the same look, not if I protect you first.

This would be a long month, while I waited for my ships, a month of discussions about this, hurray for married life.


[Cersei Lannister POV]

Ned Stark had escaped the dungeon, right beneath our noses, he had left and no one knew how, he didn't have allies nor visitors in Kings Landing, and yet he escaped like he had the fucking key to the door!

Varys had his best spies working on the case, but nothing, Lord Stark had disappeared like he was a fucking Faceless Man, Father was going to kill me once he got here, without Ned Stark we had nothing to ensure the north staying loyal, and with Stannis raising his fucking banners, and the North would surely support him now.

We had no allies now, but it didn't matter, we are the Lions, and we preserve against anything, for we are the mightiest ones.

"My Queen," The disgusting voice of the eunuch got my attention.

"Varys, any news about Lord Stark," I said bitterly.

"Rumours are he is traveling hiding as a merchant to avoid any suspicion, but considering all the time he has been out of his cell, it is fair to assume he is on enemy lines," Varys stated, once again the obvious.

"Any news about when Father is coming?" I wanted to break my cup of wine and cut his fat neck. He was supposed to know more, to help more, why did we even pay him.

"He is to arrive in a fortnight, my Queen," Varys informed.

I had two weeks before I was belittled by Father for letting the Wolf escape the Lion's den.

"Very well," I sighed as I filled my cup of wine, "Keep me updated, and do your job better,"


[Joffrey Baratheon POV]

The insolent worm, the worm with wolf fur had escaped, this can't be, THIS CAN'T BE! MY FIANCE HAD ESCAPED BEFORE TOO, MY TOY HAD ESCAPED, AND NOW MY OTHER TOY HAD ESCAPED TOY, Unforgivable, Unforgivable! NOW my Uncle wanted to oppose me, I was chosen by the gods, UnFoRgIvAbLe, and that peasant that thinks he can be King because he married the Dragon Bitch, UnAcCcEpTaBle!

"My King are you okay?" One of my King's Guard inquired, worried, for what, why would someone so much lower than me feel anything but total admiration and devotion for me.

"I want Ned Stark in my hands, and I want him now!" I shouted, my face was red, boiling in anger

"We are doing our best to find him," My King's Guard said solemnly, I DIDN'T WANT HIS BEST, I WANTED MY TOYS BACK.

"I don't want your efforts! I want the Starks at my feet, as they bleed out," I spat leaving the room, "Or I'll have your head, old man!"

*Caw! This motherfucker is crazy, how many times that bitch dropped his egg, she practically brooded a scrambled egg…. I rather deal with the other idiot, this bitch is unstable as fuck, fuck this shit I'm out, CAW!* Unbeknownst to everyone, a mysterious Raven with an eyepatch was seeing everything with his one mighty eye, as he decided it was better to continue helping Lord Stark, instead of spying this bitch.


[Ned Stark POV]

It had taken me a while, but I managed to get out of that wretched place, but I had to avoid getting caught or recognized, so I cut my hair off and changed my clothes with those of a beggar I found.

At the moment, I was traveling with a merchant to Riverrun, from there things would turn for the best, I would finally be back with my family.

"Wait for me," I muttered to myself, holding the hope I would be once again reunited with my family.


[Catelyn Stark POV]

Ned had escaped, and now it was a mission of who caught him first, life or death depending on who did it.

War was looming above us, no matter what, even if Ned didn't want to, and to top the things that were happening, the Bear had proven to be a treacherous creature, betraying us by marrying the Targaryen girl, raising his banners to take the Throne.

He was a threat, I always knew something about him wasn't right, he made his house close relationships with ours, and by killing Theon and taking control of his homeland, which meant we didn't have the support of the Iron Islands, nor the Bear Islands, things we would have without him.

"Justice will prevail, and those who wrong us will pay," I had faith things would turn in our favor soon.