Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 49

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I had completed step one of my complicated mission, and it was time to move forward with the next part of the plan, conquering The Free Cities.

The Free Cities are nine powerful cities, each one with their own government and army to protect themselves from invading forces, not all of them are powerful. But they all are full of riches mostly because they engage in extensive trade contact with the Seven Kingdoms and other lands, and are known for practicing slavery.

Unlike the Dothraki, they would prove a bit more challenging to conquer.

All I knew about The Free Cities historically speaking is that they were founded centuries ago as colonies of the Valyrian Freehold.

But like they say, every empire comes to an end, and when the Freehold and its dragonlords were destroyed in the Doom of Valyria four hundred years ago, and the empire fell, the Free Cities emerged from the dust as autonomous entities, dominating much of the land between the river Rhoyne and the western coast of the continent.

Volantis being the oldest and most populous one, and at one point the most powerful of the Free Cities, but time had pases and while still formidable, it had been gradually eclipsed by the growing power of Braavos.

So now, I had to prioritize my targets and moves accordingly.

Braavos the most powerful and northerly of Free Cities, led by the Sealord. It is home to the influential Iron Bank of Braavos and the secretive assassins guild known as the Faceless Men. And my hardest target, they had enough money to hire an army as big as mine and destroy mine if I played my cards the wrong way, which put this little bitch at the end of my list.

Lys was an easy target and the first on my list, it was located on an island in the Summer Sea, which would allow me to use my Krakens, to destroy their formidable navy.

Myr would be my second target, for how easy it would be to attack it, after all, Myr was a seaport on an arm of the Narrow Sea close to Lys, which allowed me to also use my Krakens. They were famous for their skilled craftsmen and their products, particularly optical lenses and fine lace. Lys and Myr have been bitter rivals for centuries, perpetually fighting over the Disputed Lands between them, And I like a Good Samaritan will end that dispute once and for all, I deserve some praise, don't I?.

*HIISS?* Neltharion tilted his head in confusion seeing the map I was using.

"You will one day burn those who oppose our family," I chuckled, getting a hiss of agreement, should I be worried I felt agreement on that hiss, nah.

Tyrosh like Lys was an easy target, an island ready for the taking, and due to its location between the Stepstones, Disputed Lands, and Westeros, it is a major place for hiring the services of various professional sellsword companies, to serve in the various conflicts of these different regions, but in these case they would get assimilated into my army.

Norvos, there was nothing special about them, which put them as my next target on the list, mostly because they were close to the last targets.

Pentos, the city where the fat man Illyrio lives, it's a major seaport, land-based, and one of the most vulnerable cities , with no protection against the Dothraki raids, when and how I would conquer it was unknown and really non-important, but conquering it would be a good way to stop Varys and his little plan to support the Young Griff.

Qohor was among the most interesting targets on my list, it was located in the immense Forest of Qohor near the edge of the Dothraki Sea, which was beneficial now that I had my Dothraki with me. It would be easy to attack them, but they were really good on stopping raids and armies, they had their own unsullied army to protect themselves, making them perhaps one of the hardest cities to conquer on my list, but I was really interested in them, for they were known for their immensely skilled blacksmiths, who can even reforge Valyrian steel, something that would come handy for the long night.

*Hisss…* Neltharion was especially interested in Qohor.

"Yes, you will help daddy to mass produce Valyrian steel," I laughed, "If that's even possible, of course."

*Hiss…* Neltharion hissed, as he curled up inside my fur jacket to sleep.

"This will be incredibly creepy once you grow to be several times bigger than me," I chuckled, imagining a fully grown dragon trying to use me as a pillow.

With a sigh I continued making my list, getting to the last city, Volantis, the most populous and corrupt city, leading the market on slaves, like Braavos, they would pose a challenge, but infinitely minor to Braavos for they did have as much money as them to keep me at bay, and they would be the last to fall, well. Not really the last, for Bravos and Lorath would be the last ones, after Volantis.










My list was complete, I would conquer the cities in that order, and then, then I would get the fucking throne, and of course, I would kill Varys. Cockless bastard.

If he thinks I will let him double cross me, just because he is the fat and bald version of Kent he is sorely mistaken!

(Kent from Barbie, is a dickless joke… haha another pun)

"Well, it seems I'm trapped," I chuckled realizing that if I moved I would wake up Neltharion, and like a cat you must not do that.


I woke up next morning to see Neltharion being fed by the Ravens like he was a chick, and surprisingly he wasn't biting their heads off while they regurgitated the meat and corn inside his tiny dragon mouth.

*Caw! Eat so you can be a healthy raven caw!*

The scene was just precious, which gave me a reason and the time to leave, Neltharion noticed this and ran after me, climbing me like I was a fucking scratch post.

"Hey, buddy I'll be back, the Ravens will take care of you for a bit, okay?" I chuckled, still surprised he was so attached to me.

*Hissssss* Neltharion hissed like he wasn't sure if to believe me or not.

"I promise," I chuckled, wondering if I would have these weird conversations with him once he was fully grown.

After a second of deep consideration, Neltharion relented and went back to the Ravens, leaving me with a hiss that translated to, you better come back.

"Haha, adorable," I chuckled leaving the tent.


I explained to my generals what was our next step, the Dothraki were more than happy, saying I was a true stallion for deciding to take the world under my hoof… nice.

The Ironborn were also excited… for I was making everybody pay the iron price…. frankly I should've seen it coming.

Daenerys, on the other hand already knew about my plans, and knew that while I loved her she could not stop me from doing this, she while she wanted to conquer Westeros but she didn't want me to do the same here, for she feared I would lose my life, but she understood my reasons.

"Aren't we overreaching?" Daenerys asked worriedly.

"We must do this," I reassured her.


[Ned Stark POV]

I still had yet to escape kings landing, I remembered that Arya told me about the secret passages that she had found while playing around the castle, and thanks to that I had been roaming in them, avoiding getting captured.

I had yet to find the right passage that would lead me outside the castle walls, outside this wretched place.

"I will soon be back home, so wait for me," I sighed, things might not look good now, but I was certainly better than a couple days ago.

There was also another matter at hand, I owe Ronard my life, and I had to pay that debt…

*What are you still doing here, caw!? I swear these motherfuckers keep getting dumber and dumber,* The Raven that had been following me caw, like he wanted to tell me something.