Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 51

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My campsite is fairly simple at the moment, looking like a copy of the shit show of Vaes Dothrak. My tent is cozy enough for me, Daenerys and three baby dragons, that sleep by the fire. For now all I have to do is wait. My ships will arrive soon and things will fall into place. But only having to wait doesn't mean I have to do just that.

It's light outside, a good time to explore and relax for a bit.

"Time to explore a bit," I smiled as I walked out of my tent, being brutally stopped by Neltharion, who hissed at me, practically saying, you are going out without me, not a chance, "You are quite the clingy dragon, are you?" I chuckled as I allowed the little dragon to climb up my back.

*Hiss!* Neltharion hissed happily, once he reached my neck and got in a comfortable position.

"I really hope you don't get like big dogs that never understand their size," I shuddered to think what would happen if Neltharion tried the same thing but being several tons fatter.

*Hiss?* Neltharion hissed in confusion, not really understanding me.

"Well, let's go," I sighed as I walk out the tent, not before leaving a note to Daenerys, saying ~I'll be back by dinner, I need to stretch my legs, love you.~


As I happily step away from my campsite, alert and scanning the ground and sky for danger, with Neltharion doing the same. I walked for the better part of an hour, being sure to have fun along the way. But my mind even here still drifted off to my duties as a leader and a husband. It worries me that Daenerys is so close to giving birth, and there is a chance something might happen to her during the birth, she never gave birth in the show, so I had nothing to compare what was going to happen soon, and it was totally terrifying...

Neltharion starts to purr, almost like a cat, like reassuring me nothing bad will happen, but the idea still sets me off.

"You are right buddy, I need to stay positive," I chuckled as I continued with my little time off adventure.


[Euron Greyjoy POV]

The Iron Islands had been taken by House Mormont, that was unexpected to say the least, for what I could gather he had a massive army, and had amassed a lot of money, taking what is mine would take more that I would like to admit.

And rumours about him going to Essos, and conquering the Dothraki were spiralling like crazy, so while I wanted to kill the bastard, I had to bide my time, and find allies to destroy him.

Maybe ally with the Lannisters, whoever wanted him dead would work just fine.

I could offer the Queen, my cock and the navy she desires, in that exact order.

"He mocks the Drowned God, calling himself the chosen one, but I don't recall choosing him, I am the Drowned God. From Oldtown to Qarth, when men see my sails...they pray, and he will pray."


[Back To Ronard]

After a couple of hours hunting and chilling in the plains, I decided it was time to go back to my campsite. It was a great day, Neltharion seemed to really enjoy the hunting experience, even though he had no power to actually hunt. Yet.

But regardless, he had helped, or at least he thought he had, by hissing at the numerous prey we encountered.

"How about we take this, so they can cook it for us?" I inquired, petting Neltharion softly on his head.

*Hiss,* Neltharion hissed in something that could be translated as, fuck yeah.

"Very well," I chuckled, taking the food we had gathered and putting it on my back, making Neltharion shift his position to fit better.

As I walked back to the camp, I pondered how I would feel with the crown in my head, would I feel any different from now? Or would it feel the same.

Threats would certainly be better contained, and I would have more freedom to live.

One thing was for sure, I wanted to melt that Throne, that shit had only shattered this world, and besides, it looked mighty uncomfortable.

As I was deep in thought the sound of hooves approaching snapped me out of my long reviere.

"My Khal, you left without us," My bloodrider said somewhat insulted, they were supposed to be my shadows, and I left them behind.

"I was hunting, wanted some time alone," I eyed him with a glare that said, I appreciate the gesture but fuck off, "But now that you are here, take this back to the camp, it will be my dinner,"


"Our dinner," I added.

My bloodriders nodded, as they took the prey I was carrying on my back, giving a horse to ride back.


I got back to the campsite where one of my Ravens was waiting for me with a message from my Navy, they apparently were going to arrive earlier than I anticipated, in just one weeks time.

With worked for best considering I wanted to take control of Lys before Daenerys got to the birth part.

"How was your little adventure?" Daenerys inquired entering the war tent.

"It was fine, Neltharion really enjoyed the trip, more so than me," I smiled, seeing the baby Dragon sleeping on my desk.

"He seems really attached to you," Daenerys giggled, "Maybe is a sign you'll be a great dad,"

"I sure hope so, because mine suck," both in this and my past life.

"We are not our fathers," Daenerys smiled soothingly, "I'm not mad, and your not an idiot,"

"I guess," I smiled.

"Any news?" Daenerys inquired.

"Our navy will arrive in a week," I informed her. I had yet to ask my Ravens for the status report of what was happening in Westeros.

"Lys, I heard the call it the city of pleasure," Daenerys smiled, "Seems appropriate to have our kids there, not as appropriate to have them in our home, but this will do."

"Soon," I reassured, soon that crown would be in our heads.

"Soon," Daenerys sighed happily.


After getting the update to what was going on in Westeros, I was a tad surprised, it seems I had saved Ned Stark, from his imminent demise. Lord Varys had delivered what he was asked to.

In a different way, I didn't make a deal for Lord Stark, but for his daughters, and because they didn't need to be saved, Varys simply filled that debt with the next best thing, their Father.

Clever little man, he either has an inkling I'm mad at him and because of that he is trying to buy me over, or he is just being extra careful to not owe me anything.

Poor little man, only death awaits him. He put my children on the line, and that was unforgivable.

And, to add to my list of idiots, there was Catelyn Stark, she was already on the list, but got to the top ten really fast, saying I will feel the retribution of House Stark, quite the big words for someone with zero power.

"I can't wait to see her kneeling in my name," I chuckled, imagining how much she would suffer kneeling to someone she once was more powerful.


[Cersei Lannister POV]

Father had arrived, and like I predicted he wasn't happy at all.

"You let our only! Bargaining chip slip between your fingers?!" Father growled, smashing his fist on the table, fissuring the wood just a bit.

"I didn't allow anything, someone helped him… someone inside our ranks," I informed him, trying to keep my mind cool, because no matter how powerful I felt, I still feared Father, the most powerful man in Westeros.

"I didn't get one single competent child, one is an idiot, the other a monster, and you…. Think you are smart, but you are nothing," Father growled.

"I. AM. THE. QUEEN," I was a Queen, I.. how dare he, I was still the Queen.

"Of nothing," Father slapped me, "We have no allies, no bargaining chips, we have nothing, all we have is my army, and my money, so you'll do what I say if you want to win, am I clear?"

"Crystal," I muttered, feeling my face burning with pain and anger, but he was right, without him…. We have no chance.

"Good, and please control the mad dog you have as a child, before I do it," Father added, "And you know full well how I do stuff,"

I gulped, "Yes, father," as I nodded between gritted teeth.