Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 48

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Dragons, they are quite… spoiled since birth, hissing and demanding attention at all times, be it left or right I would see them climbing up my legs to demand my absolute attention.

Not gonna lie, they were quite adorable, cute little rascals.

Daenerys was more than happy to see them and have them, she was beaming with happiness of the highest degree, petting and showering with affections the three newborns dragons, she was so excited she had yet to ask, how in the hell did I hatch them.

The three dragons reacted to Daenerys differently, the two smallest ones were shy at first, but after some food and bribes they relented to her affections.

Except for Not Drogo, he didn't like Daenerys yet, I could feel his emotions flaring when she was near me, in other words he was jealous, he was posesiva to the point of being stupid.

*Caw we have located the last big Dothraki tribe,* A raven informed as he flew into my lap, getting a hiss from not Drogo.

The raven simply responded by literally bitch slapping not Drogo, *Caw! Don't hiss at me young chick!*

[Chick is how you call a baby raven]


That continued for about ten minutes, but in the end my little package of anger decided to give up, since I hatched these babies, I had almost conquered all the remaining Dothraki tribe since the day I hatched them, and today I would finally get all the Dothraki under my banner, and start on my next item on the agenda, the Free Cities.

But for now, names…. what to call these babies, Daenerys wanted to name one like her brother, not shit stain…Rhaegal.

My Ravens, requested to name the other one, and being that I thought it was hilarious and not really troubling for me I allowed, so they called not Viserion, Qrow with a Q.

And with that, all that was left was to name, not Drogo, I pondered with names for a long time, something memorable.

….Neltharion… yes that was it. Strong and with meaning behind it, yes it came from a video game but honestly it was awesome, the Dragon of Earth, the bringer of the Cataclysm.

"Neltharion," I petted the new born baby Dragon, who somehow even with his undeveloped cognitive abilities was happy and felt proud of his name.


The last big Dothraki tribe has a little bit above eleven thousand riders, compared to my big army composed of eighty thousand soldiers made the battle one sided and predictable.

Killing the Khal, and his bloodriders, at this point wasn't even a challenge.

I still had other minor tribes to conquer, that together formed around another twenty thousand riders but they were scattered around the lands, separated in the few thousands, and for now, what I had would have to do.

"Well, time to move out here," I sighed, finally I had finished what I started, but I wonder how is Westeros doing


[Sansa Stark POV]

Father had sent me to Winterfell a few months ago, and I had happily accepted, Joffrey was nothing to what I originally expected from him, he was a little monster, feeding on others suffering, leaching from the pain and agony around him.

I was angry at father, I wasn't sure I hated him, but it was close, I was happy with the prospect of being married to Ronard, but now he had married. And like Ronard said, Father once again bent over for Robert.

But I wasn't angry enough to want or desire his death, he was still my father.

And the last thing I told him before coming was, I hate you. I wanted to fix that.

Now, he was arrested, for treason. And there was a big chance I would lose him forever, there was a big chance the last interaction I had with him was that.

"I'm tired of feeling like this," I teared up in my bed, "helpless, useless, please Gods, save my father , please help my brother, please I beg you."

I cried as I wished with all my heart that the gods blessed and protected my brother's army that was marching south to get father back.


[Tywin Lannister POV]

Ned Stark had been arrested for spouting the things that in nature were nonsensical. My grandson wanted him death, Cersei apparently was the only one that saw the bigger picture this time.

She wanted to keep him alive, so did I.

We had nothing to hold the north over, Ned Stark while in his idiocy had foreseen somewhat these events, and as so to avoid his daughters being used against him and the north, he sent them back to Winterfell.

At least that's what I wanted to believe, but I hardly believe the honorable wolf is smart enough to play so far ahead.

But regardless of whether he knew or not, he had outplayed us, and if Joffrey killed him, we would have a full blown war, and nothing to hold them down.

And that is why we needed him alive. To keep the north in check.

They had already derailed enough, marching south with an army. Like always I had to fix my family's mistakes.

"I'm going to King's Landing," I announced leaving my solar, leaving my cousins confused.


[Ned Stark POV]

I was thrown in a dungeon soon after I confronted the Queen for her infidelities, it's been almost two months since they threw me here, with nothing but rats to keep me company.

"Lord Stark," The despicable voice of Varys echoed in the dungeon.

"What are you doing here? You can't betray more can't you?" I scoffed.

"I never allied myself to you, Lord Stark." Varys sighed.

"So what are you doing here?" I inquired, annoyed at his presence.

"Looking to help you, but be aware I'm no hero," Varys replied nonchalantly, with a sigh through the bars of my prison.

I scoffed at that, "Can you free me from this pit?"

Varys hummed at that, "I could. But will I? No. As I said, I'm no hero."

I laughed bitterly at that, "What do you want them, how do you pretend to help me? Tell me, no stories, no riddles. Tell me, what do you want?"

Varys sighed, "Peace. Did you know that your son is marching south with an army of northmen? Loyal lad, fighting for his father's freedom."

Robb was marching south, looking for war, why would he do something so foolish, "Robb? He's just a boy."

Varys chuckled, "Boys have been conquerors before. But the man giving Cersei sleepless nights is the king's...the late king's brother. Lord Stannis has the best claim to the throne; he's a proven battle commander and he is utterly without mercy, and of course Lord Ronard with his Dothraki army and dragons I hear."

I scoffed, "Stannis Baratheon is Robert's true heir. The throne is his by rights!" Ronard might have an army, but he wasn't the heir not had any right m

Varys smiled, "You helped the Baratheons rise, you helped Robert sit on the throne when he had no birth right, don't patronize me with that Lord Stark, it would be a shame to throw your life away. Cersei is no fool. She knows a tamed wolf has more uses."

He was right in one thing, I had helped Robert sit on the throne, but if he thought that of all the persons in the world I would serve that despicable woman, he was out of his marbles, "You want me to serve the woman who murdered my king, who butchered my men, who crippled my son?!"

Varys shook his head, with a victorious smile, "I want you to serve the realm! Tell the Queen you will confess your vile treason, tell your son to lay down his sword and proclaim Joffrey as the heir, and you will live."

I laughed at that, "You think my life is some precious thing to me? That I would trade my honour for a few more years of...of what?! You grew up with actors; you learned their craft and you learnt it well. But I grew up with soldiers. I learned how to die a long time ago."

Varys smiled once again, "Pity. Such a pity." Varys moves to leave, but drops a key close to me, "I owe the young bear a favor, which was originally intended for your daughters, but you saved them before I could, and while I'm no Lannister, I always pay my debts,"

Ronard had foreseen so far ahead of this game of schemes, and even after all that happened, he had gone out of his way to ensure the safety of my daughters?

"Farewell lord stark, farewell." Varys said as he left the dungeon, the guards that were guarding my cell, were dead, I was partially free.

"I owe my life to Ronard," I sighed.

*Yes you do motherfucker caw! Now scram before they fuck you,* Unbeknownst to him, a raven that for some reason had an eye patch was watching him.