Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 47

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After gathering all my belongings and ensuring Daenerys had the best and most comfortable cart to travel around esos this world could offer, I left with my new Khalasar to hunt down the remaining Dothraki tribes.

I had also constructed a very detailed security team to ensure her safety, with a personal guard of five hundred men at her call. That, of course, without counting Ravens and Horses.

I wasn't worried about the assassins, they after all, were a bunch of idiots trying to become lords, and this was their ticket to the easy life, or so they thought, killing us was harder than killing Robert himself.

They were bound to fail, but even though I knew that their failure was imminent, anger fueled my very core consuming my soul in a spiral of hate and anger, the idea of Daenerys dying, the idea of holding the lifeless bodies of my children in my arms, as it impossible as it was, infuriated me beyond human comprehension.

Torturing the assassins before killing was a quick relief of this feeling, but it wasn't enough, I would not be satisfied until all of those who dare to target my family are destroyed.

Not like this wasn't any different to my original plan, no, it was the same, but this time my drive was stronger, more aggressive, my reasons to take the throne had changed, no.. they were the same, but I had a few extra reasons to do it now.

*Caw! We located the next biggest Khalasar,*

I turned to see in amusement the Raven that had landed in the head of my horse, bowing politely.

"How far away," I inquired.

*A week in horse or so, Cawwww!*

Right now I had to focus on getting these savages under me, I would have more than enough time to get my well deserved retribution, they better enjoy this time I'm away, for it is more vibrant than the darkness that awaits them.

"Let's go," I ordered my men, changing our course.


[Daenerys POV]

So much has changed since the day I met him, I was afraid of him at first of what represented being his.

Yet. He made me feel like nothing in the world mattered, only us. And little by little I found myself craving his company, his laugh, his stupid sense of humor, how he smelled, how he kissed me in the mornings before leaving.

And without even noticing it, I fell head down in love. He made it so easy, so easy to love him.

"And here we are," I smiled, touching my belly softly, but the flutter of many wings snapped me out of my train of thought.

Behind me there were around twenty Ravens, all staring at me intensely.

"You guys want to brood my belly, right?" I inquired, a few months ago talking with animals would've been ludicrous, but now… not so much.

*Caw…* The Ravens nodded in unison.

"And you won't take a no for an answer?" I chuckled.

*Caw caw!* The Ravens nodded confirming my suspicions.


[Back to Ronard POV]

With my new army, fighting the other Dothraki tribes got exponentially easier, the Dothraki weren't known for their strategic battle forms.

I had just conquered another tribe with ten thousand warriors.

Why would they fight someone with an army of fifty thousand soldiers with those numbers, I don't know, well I did, Dothraki quite straight forward, they would go like idiots into battle, and try to destroy anything on their way with pure strength. Normally this would work if they had bigger numbers. But they didn't.

So after Killing their Khal, once again I had increased my numbers and thanks to the idiot bloodriders that followed him I finally had my fire sacrifice to try and hatch my dragons.

"How are you doing?" I said as I entered my wife's cart, nothing she was covered in Ravens brooding her belly.

"Your ravens are brooding me," Daenerys glared at me playfully, "What do you think?"

"I think they are doing a wonderful job," I shrugged.

"So how many soldiers do we have now?" Daenerys sighed, I could see she wanted to laugh but was too stubborn to do it.

"Well, I think almost sixty thousand," I hummed, I hadn't really counted how many we have exactly but it was along those lines, "How are my babies doing?"

"Fine, your feathery friends are seeing to it," Daenerys chuckled.

*Caw! We are ensuring they get the best brooding!*

*Caw! Caw! We are giving them the brooding they deserve!*

The Ravens brooding her pregnant belly were proudly stating their awesome brooding skills.

"I can see that," I chuckled as I approached to kiss her, I wanted to tell her soon I would try and hatch the dragons eggs, one of her dreams was to see a dragon, but if this didn't work it would only disappoint her, so I would wait until I had those babies out of their eggs, "Well, I'm off to rearrange some stuff, I just got more men into my banners and before the logistics of all this shit comes back to bite me in the ass, I need to do it,"

"Take care," Daenerys smiled, giving me a kiss, "Don't come back late, I need my personal pillow,"

"Oh that sounds like quite the invitation," I smirked at her getting a playful punch to my shoulder, "My, my, that pregnancy is making you quite volatile,"

"I suppose," Daenerys giggled.


Two bloodriders, three eggs and lots, lots of fire. I had all the ingredients to hatch them, according to what I saw and read of it in my past life.

But just to be sure I went the extra mile, I replicated the exact same thing Daenerys did on the show to hatch them.

I tied the Bloodriders making sure they couldn't move, putting the eggs above them as I set the wood beneath them in fire. As I did so, the voice of the God of light resonated in my head.

*Caw! My babies*

Son of the Fire, Champion of the Light

A part of me wanted to touch the fire, as it was starting to spread, logically I knew this would burn me, but I still wanted to do it.

Maybe I was crazy, maybe I had been affected beyond repair in this world, or maybe. Maybe there was a reason for my desire to touch the fire.

Son of the Fire, Champion of the Light, don't be afraid.

'Fuck it, I know is stupid, but I'm going to try,' I thought knowing full well this was a bad a idea, but if I didn't I would forever regret not trying it.

But I wasn't an idiot, I would not dive into the fire like it was a swimming pool, I would first try with a finger and see.

As I dipped my finger in the fire, flinching preemptively, I noticed that I wasn't feeling any pain. Surprised by this I dipped my entire hand and all I felt was warmth, instead of the pain I was expecting.

"Well, that solves the Son of the Fire thing," I chuckled as I walked into the fire as if it was the most normal thing, my men started to panic at this, "I'm okay, I'm apparently fireproof now,"

The bloodriders on the other hand were screaming in pain, the fire burning their skin, scorching them to the other world.

As their screams of pain faded into the background, I focused on the eggs, touching them, feeling the warmth inside of them, the spark of life growing.

A life for a life, they would hatch by blood and fire.

Only after the bloodriders died, and their screams stopped, the eggs started to crack, the black egg first, the Dragon that would've been originally known as Drogo.


"Hello, little fella," I said extending my hand to the baby dragon that looked at me curiously, his mind still undeveloped and not sharing much but emotions, he was currently imprinting with me.

Soon after his two brothers followed suit, cracking their eggs, by this point, not Drogo was on my shoulder hissing.

"How about we go and see mommy?" I chuckled as I offered my other arm to the other two baby dragons.

*Are our babies okay! Caw*

*I told you he would Gordon Ramsey our babies! Caw*