Gacha Is Bad Civilization! (DC Meta Essence Fic)

I am the bone of my salt. Black keys is my body. Sodium is my blood. I shall endeavor to roll 1000 times. Unknown to luck, nor known to the source. I have withstood the pain of universes. Yet my hands shall seek to hold everything. So, as I pray, unlimited, gacha works! (Let it be known that any previously created, characters or settings belong to their original owners or companies.) (Also, shout out to EvansKannon For his work with the marvel gacha story.)

EzioAuditore_1 · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
43 Chs

Current Status: Will be updated each chapter

Current Status: Nathan Lars Rockwood

Race: Human/ Blacklight Hybrid

Current Gacha Points: 2

In Progress Assimilations:

Sheev Palpatine (Star Wars Legends): 59%

Alex Mercer (Prototype 1&2) 89%

Emiya (Archer) (Fate): 59%

Completed Assimilations:

Loid Forger (Spy X Family)

Taskmaster (Marvel Comics: Earth 616)




Unlimited Potential: This does not increase learning speed but breaks all limits. (Essence Of Blank)

Immunities Of The Inviolate Self (Curse, Fate, Destiny, Paradox, Cloning, Soul, Mind and Entrapment.)

Biological Immortality (Agelessness Not Regen Based)

Boredom Immunity

DNA Lock (Toggleable)

Camera Scrambler Ability (Invisible To Cameras) (Toggleable)

Senju Muso "Thousand Image Defense" (ROR) Ultra Instinct (Lookism) (Not DBZ Version) 

Phasing (Marvel Comics: Shadow Cat) (Toggleable) 

Feather Falling (Minecraft) (Heavily Reduces Fall Damage)

Vongola Hyper Intuition (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) (Perceptive Mind/ Sharp Instinct)

Inventory (The Gamer Webtoon)

Gacha Cards:

Power Boost Cards (X7)

Weakness Removal Card (X5)

Background Customization Card (X5) 

IOU Gachas: 5 (10 Needed For Free Ten Roll)

Unused Character Cards:

Robot ( Rudolph Conners Post Mind Cloning) (Invincible) 

Avatar Roku (Avatar The Last Airbender) (No Raava Needed) 

Byakuran (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) (Sky Mare Ring Included)

Cid Kagenou (Eminence In Shadow) (Go Beyond Cringe!)

Ordis (Warframe) (Mostly Stable AI Helper)

(If there is any confusion on his form of immortality, it is the most basic one where he will stop physically aging when he reaches his prime age. He has no regeneration or anything of that kind. Feel free to send recommendations for gacha pulls.)

(This is a test story with my other fic, so this will be by no means better than other gacha fics, so try not to set me aflame for making mistakes with DC lore.)

(Feel free to recommend any items for the gotcha in whatever chapter you read.)