19 A Mission That Is Hot And Heavy( Not The Fun Way)

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(Nathan POV)

Accessing the building from the vents, I navigated through them from the blueprints I saw from the dossier, and thanks to my enhanced mind from my various templates, nzt, and blacklight, memorizing such things has become juvenile. My first order of business is to get to the security room where all the footage is stored and disable the cameras, as I do not want the league to see what is about to happen.

There may be bugs in the building as well, but I am not planning on making too much noise. As I made my way through the vents, I looked down into the main atrium, which looked similar to an Amazon warehouse which has been dismantled, and the bodies of the guards were torn apart as I saw my targets. A group of nearly 30 people were all wearing robes and had various scarring tattoos cut into their flesh.

Thankfully, black light is amazing for stealth missions as it allows me to change the density of my muscles, allowing for silent movement in addition to Loid and Taskmaster's stealth skills, giving me an advantage. 

So, as I crossed the room through the vents, I saw the gate below me where there were two guys staring at the cameras and a third guy at the door; as I phase my blacklight through the grate, I gripped the gunmen behind them, and phase him through the grate.

I covered his mouth so he couldn't make noise, and I used another tendril to make sure his gun made no noise when it hit the floor. I then stared him dead in the eyes as I stabbed him through the face with my knife and enveloped him in blacklight, and as I saw flashes of memory, I made sure to cordon them off into a section of my mind for later study.

Yet with just one devouring, I could feel the virus become satiated like a person on a fitness plan being able to eat junk food after months of holding back. And so I phased through the grate and landed on the ground, drawing the two's attention as I used the force to hold them into the air and keep their mouths closed with blacklight. I then go over to the console, still holding them both aloft in the air.

As I entered the password into the computer, I disabled the security cameras while also activating my camera scrambler ability in case they had secret ones on a black box system. 

After all, one can never be too careful when dealing with secret societies. So now that I was invisible, I looked to the two behind me and grasped them by their heads and crushed them and absorbed them as well.

"This feels good." I think to myself as I look out onto the atrium and see them all in a circle, simply waiting there for something. I then looked at my watch and saw the time; it was 11:55 P.M. 

They were waiting for midnight, and as I phased through the wall and entered the room, all of them turned their heads in one direction, all at the same time. As I then manage to cut the heads off of some at the edges of the room, the cultists in the pentagram turn to me.

"Elbasid lla sgub dna saremac," I utter under my breath, and I continue towards the center of the room.

Some of their heads weren't able to turn that much normally, and I could hear the cracking necks as their heads turned a total of 180 degrees with a voice speaking through all of them.

"You are too late, interloper. The ritual is complete, but having an audience makes this all the better." I then rush at them all and begin to slice through all of them, but soon enough, a barrier is put up before I can kill more than five of them.

As I am forced back, I rush at it again and try to break it physically, and I hear the demon laughing at me as he yells, "Yes! Struggle for me! Show me that futile resistance before I consume this world!"

But as his words sink in, I ask one question: "Well, before you take over, I have to ask, does the name Arella mean anything to you?" I hear him say nothing as he tries to formulate a response.

"Well, that confirms my theory. You aren't Trigon; you are just a fake using his name. And so I can do this." I then take out the black keys, place them between my fingers, and stab them into the barrier. Since it was formed out of negative energy from the spirits of the cultists, it goes through the barrier like a hot knife through butter.

"What! How! This should not be possible! Are you an associate of that damned hellblazer?! Curse you!" I then cut my way in, and using my full speed, I cut them all down and absorbed each and every one of them. 

After doing so, I could feel the virus react and form a new weapon. A flesh-like twin blade formed out of my right arm as I used it to slice the defiled altar into pieces, but as I struck it down, the room began to shake.

"HAHAHAAHAHAHAH! It's too late! I have enough energy to enter the world! And you will die for your transgressions!" The altar then sinks in on itself as the negative energy coalesces into a single being.

A red-horned demon with multiple eyes forms from the altar and climbs out from a fiery ground, and as he sees me, his demonic smile becomes wide as he charges me with speed, matching my own. As we clash and grab at one another, the demon then headbutts me and sends me flying into the fused door, leaving a deep indentation.

Seeing my body unmoving, he approached me slowly and said, "Is this all you have? I am disappointed. But you shall be a fitting tribute to the lord of terror." As he goes to grab me, I take out the Muramasa Blade and cut his hand off, and as he growls in pain, he grips my head and throws me to the other end of the building.

As he appears behind me, I stab him through the gut with my blacklight twin-blade and slash him across the face with the Muramasa blade, and as its cursed energy enters his being, I see his skin begin to bubble and froth before bursting into giant pimples of flesh. As he screams in pain, I slam him into the side of the buildings, but before I can continue, he roars and unleashes an aura of hellfire.

"You insolent whelp! You dare strike a demon under Trigon's service! I shall have your soul rent in a way that not even Death shall claim you!" he then blitzes me as he uses some form of hellfire in the punch, and I dodged it. I take out more Black keys and throw them behind him.

I had few left, but using trace and projection, I created several copies, and as they flew from my arms, I felt the burning from my magic circuits become worse with every trace and project.

He chuckles at the apparent accuracy and says, "Truly, Humanity must be failing as a species if one cannot hit a target so close to him." He really likes to hear himself talk, doesn't he? 

And as I then rope him using blacklight, I throw more black keys into his shadow and then into his chest and arms. He was able to burn the flash away and gather enough focus to send out a burst of more fire from his mouth.

But as he tries to move, he finds himself bound in place, and as he struggles to move, I feel my magic circuits begin to flare as the green lines turn red as they cross my arm, and the beginnings of a chant come to my mind.

"Delivering evil from earth." This line causes the keys to start glowing in a red ephemeral light as the demon begins to smoke.

"A noble task of utmost worth." A second line makes the keys shatter into pieces and surround us both in a field of glowing light.

"In shadows deep, where darkness breeds. A call to action, a heroic deed." The demon screams out in agony as the loans continue.

"With purpose firm and hearts ablaze. We rise against the wicked's ways. Through treacherous paths, we navigate. To cleanse the world, to liberate." As he struggles against the now red lines coating his body, his form becomes hazy, and his eyes glow with hellfire.

"I will hunt you to the ends of the Earth! Trigon shall have your head! This is not the end. If you kill me, more will come, for we are legion! Blood shall see you burnt away for this! "His words fall upon deaf ears as my circuits light up and my blacklight tries to adapt to the burden on my body.

"In every corner, evil lurks. Its venom spreads, and its presence smirks. But we, the warriors, will not yield. Our courage hardened, our souls unsealed." The light becomes almost a singularity as it then collapses in on the demon.

"Kyrie Eleison." With that, the demon breaks into pieces, and his body melts into pure negative energy that is then absorbed by the shattered black key shards, which then disappear from sight. The energy then disperses as I take a breath and see the rest of the cultists staring at me in awe, to which I go over to them and place my hand on one of their shoulders.

As the cultist then looks up at me, I smile and crush his skull and send out tendrils of blacklight to stab through each and every one of them and absorb them all. Leaving none alive, and as I feel the biomass enter my form, I look at my blood-stained hands and clench them hard enough to bleed. 

The liquid never actually leaves my body, and as I open the doors to the facility, I see Cheshire standing there, her arms crossed, and seeing my bloodied, she asks.

"What happened in there?" I simply look at her for a moment and see her reach for her sai, and I simply walk past her and head back to the car.

"Answer me, damnit!" Cheshire says as I lean over the car, and as she turns me around, I simply dismiss her attempts to move me.

"I completed the mission. That is all that matters. There was a complication as they were enhanced by something, but I eliminated all of them, and I was able to learn of the leader of these cultists." Cheshire then backed off as I continued.

"He goes by the name Brother Blood and worships an interdimensional demon known as Trigon. Those cultists were a portion of his followers, a small one, but a portion nonetheless. They, according to the leader, are a country-wide organization, if not more. It's through this worship that those cultists gain their power. They were tough but not tough enough." As I finished and cleaned myself up enough to sit in the driver's seat, Cheshire entered the car and remained silent.

As we drove off, Cheshire took out a remote and pressed a button, which caused an explosion to go off that engulfed the entire facility in a blaze of fire and ash. I say nothing about this as we drive in silence, but I can now feel the virus in me simmer in satisfaction as the dark side gives me the epitome of a spiritual headpat for a good job.

Looking at my templates, I see that they have increased a decent amount.

[Sheev Palpatine (Star Wars Legends): 14%]

[Alex Mercer (Prototype 1&2) 45%]

[Emiya (Archer) (Fate): 17%]

At least something good came out of this. As we drove through the city, Cheshire remained quiet for a while, but before we arrived at the airport, she said, "You know the league isn't going to let you go after this, right? They will continue to send you out on missions, and the blood on your hands will continue to rise until you are dripping with it. This may be the last chance to get out."

I simply breathed in and looked her in the eyes, and while I may not know what she saw, she turned away and said nothing.

The plane then came into view, and as I parked the car, Cheshire disposed of it the same way she did with the facility as the oil near the plane was used to burn the car to a crisp, and as we took off, I went into the shower to wash off the blood and ash from the hellfire, and I see something that makes my nonexistent heart stop.

In the mirror, I saw a woman whose skin was as pale as snow and a necklace in the shape of an Ankh waiting for me. And the second I looked at her, time seemed to slow down, and as her mouth opened, I heard the most beautiful and haunting voice I will ever hear in my life.

"We need to talk anomaly."

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