Gacha In Marvel and the Multiverse

Mc gets transmigrated into the world of Marvel with a Gacha system,Watch as our MC battles against all odds to fight through the events of Marvel Tags: No Harem,Multiversal story,Weak to strong.Gacha with template World: Main or first world: Marvel Second World:MHA or can be discussed in comments Third world:Recommend

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Chapter 6 Daily sign in

After the Russian man left,Mary who was standing behind Tom quickly checked Tom for any injury

"I am sorry for dragging you into this mess"

Tom raised his hands,indicating for the girl to stop talking

"it's alright,that was my four months rent for you,I came to give it to you so it was yours anyway,I have found a job and plan on getting a better apartment unlike the room I have been living in" Tom spoke slowly as he explained to her that she wasn't indebted to him in anyway

Mary couldn't help but sigh as she learned that,she was happy that she wasn't going to fall into some debt,plus her tenant got a job and he was planning on upgrading himself with a new apartment

"good for you,though what job did you get,who would dare employ a drunk like you?" Mary asked half in a disbelief and half in relief,for her, Tom was just some drunkard that couldn't accept reality of his situation

"oh that! Well , I have been employed as a teacher"

"A teacher and you" Mary asked with an incredulous expression clearly not believing Tom who could only sigh this was the effect of the prev body host

He pulled out the letter from his body with the official stamps as he handed it over to Mary and maybe he could ask her to move him to a better apartment with this as a surety

Though he didn't expect the girl to become even more shocked as she stood on the other side of the desk and pointed at him,her face filled with surprise

"You got employed at Midtown high, that's where I study as a sophomore!"

"really! I didn't noticed your name in any of my classes" Tom thought as he tried to remember

"quick! Tell me what classes you teach,I didn't go to school today and as I am my own guardian,no one can say anything or snitch on me"

Tom felt weird listening to her,isn't this the same as him as a teacher supporting her if doesn't say anything

"err, I am teaching Nutriton to Freshman and AP biology to sophomores" Tom told her despite his thoughts

"Wow! How could they let anyone teach at our school" Tom felt hurt by her words so he replied

"I will have you know I have Masters in various field and a PhD as well"



Tom finally moved his stuff into a better apartment,this one was very clean as compared to the others,There were almost no blemishes on the walls and the floor looked fresh.

The rent was a bit much but Tom could afford to indulge himself,the girl was also a bit more respectful once she found out how awesome her tenant was,not to mention he was actually her teacher as well

Tom admonished her actions of skipping school and told her clearly that he will deduct her marks if she didn't appear in his class

Which ended up with him getting some curses from the lady and if looks could kill,he would have died

Tom tiredly lied down on the bed as the day came to an end

"sigh! I haven't even prepared any notes for tomorrow" with a clear frustration in his voice,he fell asleep


[Ding! Daily sign in reward]

[200 Gacha points]

Tom brushed his teeth as he looked at the floating letter in front of him,wondering if he could turn off the display functions,it was already enough that the system was speaking g directly into his mind

"Food for thought I guess" Tom stepped out of the bathroom as he wore his clothes from yesterday,he didn't have any other decent clothes,which he needed to buy to keep appearances in school

"I am already poor,I only have enough to go for food for twenty days then I am done,I wouldn't deny some dollars from Gacha,or maybe a combat skill will be nice,I could go and give that Russian a taste of his own medicine

Tom stepped out of his apartment and carefully locked the doors,he decided to do the Gacha while moving as he was already late for today due to how exhausted he was,though to his surprise ,another person was just as late

"Hey Mary!" Tom called out to the bespectacled girl who snorted in anger at him,though it was only in mock and not general anger

"Good morning dear sir! Are you perhaps late for your classes" she asked with a scarcastic tone

"no, I just came to get my dear student who likes skipping school" Tom replied cheekily,though he kept it low lest he gets fired from school

The two walked out the door of the apartment building,Toms new apartment was also on the ground floor right beside Mary's and another apartment which was empty for now

Both of them made small talk before it got quite when they took the public transport,Tom wondered why Mary took a transport to a school so out of Hell's Kitchen though it might be due to how scary the place was

While he himself had no other choice,he took the job because he didn't want to sleep on the streets