Gacha In Marvel and the Multiverse

Mc gets transmigrated into the world of Marvel with a Gacha system,Watch as our MC battles against all odds to fight through the events of Marvel Tags: No Harem,Multiversal story,Weak to strong.Gacha with template World: Main or first world: Marvel Second World:MHA or can be discussed in comments Third world:Recommend

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Chapter 5

Tom straightened his back as he laid down on his creaking bed that was barely holding on,though it didn't cause him any problems as he was rather happy with his day,He had been happily received by the principal at the end of the day, the man even went as far as giving him his pay even though he hadn't even mentioned it yet,originally he planned on getting the job and then reassuring the young lady from before that he will be able to pay rent now that he was able to get such a good job

But it didn't have to come to that,"maybe I can even get a better apartment,this room isn't up to my current standards,since I can afford it,why not just go ahead with it"

Tom planned on having a small nap but decided to first give the rent as his soul wouldn't let him rest if he didn't do the right thing,

So he put on his slippers again and walked to his he ground floor,his cash in hands that he had withdrawn from his account after he left school this evening


"Are you kidding with me kid!" It was at this moment Tom was pulled out of his thoughts as he heard someone yelling,following with a sound of a resounding slap as he turned around the corner

"give me the full amount for this month or else don't dare call me arrogant!" The man yelled,he looked like your average spineless goon that depended on his immediate superiors to spread terrors,or in comic terms, he was one grade below canon fodder, a fodder trash to be exact

"I said I can't,you keep increasing the amount every month,do you think cash grows in trees,I don't have any more,go ahead and kill me" Mary ,the young lady from this morning yelled as tears of pain trickled down her cheeks,if one looked carefully,they will be able to see the outline of fingers on her cheeks,indicating she was the one that was slapped moments ago

Seeing the goon about to raise his hands,Tom quickly came in between,the teen didn't expect anyone to open their doors this time of the night,especially not when their were goons from the Russian mafia right outside threatening someone they all considered a witch for her behaviour,though it wasnt her fault,she could only put on a brave and arrogant face as she lived alone in this world,the real reason she had even given Tom a room when he first came over was because of how similar their circumstances were at the beginning,and that's why as she saw how he drowned himself in self pity and misery,she grew to despise his actions and the man she once found some similarity in,though she was surprised by his actions in the morning,it felt like the man had changed from a turd to a literal swan as he seemed to be exhausting a certain charm.

Not to mention now when he certainly appeared in front of her to defend her,Mary stared at the think but wide back of Tom as he spread his hands ,hiding her from the danger

It takes a certain courage to be able to face danger,especially Hell's Kitchen which is full of dangers

"oh! It's you,hey guys! It's that begger lookin guy from yesterday,though I guess we did beat some sense into you,though this is not the time for that,get aside or I will carve you a new one" the gruff man said with angst as he pulled out a knife

Tom also remembered this guy from the previous host,as well as the reason for why he was in such a situation that day,left naked in an alleyway in Hell's Kitchen

"Here,take this and leave her alone" Tom gritted his teeth before he pulled out a stack of cash from his pockets

He wasn't in any condition to fight,his body was bruised all over and going to and fro from school was already enough for him

"Haha! Now that's what I call money,alright" the Russian bastard quickly stuffed away the cash as the other goons also backed away,there was nothing to do anyway

"though be careful not to come in my way the next time,you can't survive death thrice" the man warned as he slowly put the knife near Toms neck,

Tom didn't get scared,he had seen his fair share of fights while being an orphanage in a third world country that had no concept of welfare and kindness, this was nothing new

'I need to up my game and be sure to squash this bastard the next time I see him' Tom mentally noted down the man's face for next time

Revenge was a dish best served cold after all