Gacha In Marvel and the Multiverse

Mc gets transmigrated into the world of Marvel with a Gacha system,Watch as our MC battles against all odds to fight through the events of Marvel Tags: No Harem,Multiversal story,Weak to strong.Gacha with template World: Main or first world: Marvel Second World:MHA or can be discussed in comments Third world:Recommend

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102 Chs

Chapter 7 Two Gacha Roll

Mary quickened her steps once they neared school so Tom had enough time to draw two Gachas,he planned on saving for ten draws but his heart was now a gambler through and through,he knew from the several novels he previously read that having a Gacha was like playing with luck

But considering how he came to this world,his luck was definitely good enough tor this,

'System! Roll two common Gachas' Tom spoke in His mind

[Ding rolling two Common Gacha rolls]

The familiar rolling sounds appeared in his mind as he Waited with baited breaths looking at the screen in front of him,not noticing that he had arrived inside the school and was already in front of his classroom

[Ding! Cmmon item: 9mm Pistol with three mags]

[Ding! Common item: 1000 dollars]

As soon as the words of the system appeared in his vision,he felt his usually empty bag become heavy

Tom felt a chill in his spine due to this

'Don't tell me I just got a gun into a school' Tom thought as he felt like he might fall down so he took the podium as support while the students from yesterday looked at him in wonder,not understanding why their new teacher was acting so suspicious

'Lord! Save me my Lord' Tom started praying as he carefully put the bag aside,afraid he might accidentally shoot someone or the gun might somehow fall out,this wasn't some comedy anime where everyone will act surprised and everything will be forgotten, he might end up getting fired which is the least punishment he could think of

'System! Don't you have an inventory or something like that,I don't want to get fired because of this'

[Ding! No host,the current system doesn't have any such thing,continue to level up the system to unlock new features]

Tom noticed the silence permeating through the whole class so he decided not to think about it and take the class attendance for now

"Ahem! Let's take a roll call,shall we"









"Alright now that we are done with that,let's start todays class by revising what we learned yesterday,among you all,who can tell me which food contain the most dietary?"

nearly half the class raised their hands causing To to feel elated,he didn't know he would feel so happy teaching someone


The classes went like that and finally recess tie came,today his class with the sophomores was after recess,so the principal called him over as he still didn't have his own office

One thing about Midtown high was that every major teacher had their own cabins,and Tom was allotted one such Cabin

"I hope you feel welcome in our school,by the way,the teachers are going to have a talk today on how we can better manage the students today after school,so you are welcome to attend " The principal smiled as he left closing the door behind him

"phew! I guess I can relax in here until some student comes barging in!" Just as Tom finished speaking,his door burst open in a rather familiar manner as a bespectacled girl walked in

"So you really are teaching here,Tom!"

With out a doubt this was Mary,Mary Willers,his landlady as well as his student

Though Tom wasn't in any mood to accommodate her as he had a literal gun to take care of,he reckoned he still had an hour before the break was over so he could probably run outside and get rid of the gun…..or he could go through the whole day and take the gun back home for his safety later on

"Is this any way to address your teacher?!" Tom smirked as he looked down at the girl in front of him,he half expected her to get angry,but the girl became rather awkward as she slowly skipped back a few steps

'Is she sick or something,she was never this timid back then' Tom thought as he looked at her

"Sorry, Sir Tom, I was just wondering if you were free and could teach me what I missed yesterday as I missed my classes due to family reasons" Mary spoke as she suddenly realised what she said,her face grew a little red in shame as she realised she just set herself up

She half expected Tom to take some revenge for her actions from way back,"Sigh! Alright,let's sit down and go over what I taught everyone yesterday " at this time,Tom spoke as he sat down as he motioned her to sit on the other side as he looked at her

'I guess I could help her a little bit,from what I have seen in the previous owners memories,he was really thankful to her and thus nearly died naked for her while fighting those Russians'

"ah! Ok,Ahem,so I got these notes from Gwen and-"

"Keep quiet and listen to me,don't talk back while I am talking,alright" Tom said in a serious manner as he looked at her

He was going to make sure this girl got the top grades fairly just for the sake of the previous owner and to pay his debt

Though he didn't notice the red soft glow on her cheeks,nor her inner thoughts as he started teaching her