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Mc gets transmigrated into the world of Marvel with a Gacha system,Watch as our MC battles against all odds to fight through the events of Marvel Tags: No Harem,Multiversal story,Weak to strong.Gacha with template World: Main or first world: Marvel Second World:MHA or can be discussed in comments Third world:Recommend

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Chapter 24

The next week, with the pendant on his chest,Toms body turned rocky as he started wildly beating against the hard metal beams while shouting like maniac,all while a a few metal beams shot towards him from each corner of the abandoned factory towards him,Normally Tom wouldn't have taken in such a dangerous exercise,but his mind was now very concentrated and wholly focused on improving the body, as the beams fell towards him,Tom punched out one of the beams,barely holding it as another shot itself towards him from the other side ,the previous beam had already took most of what was left out of him,though this was the second part of his training,Mental training,to train one's mind is to be able to take on any hardship and Tom as a person needed that in strides

The beam banged into him as the rocky skin of his body,crushing it into pieces as the shards flew off


Tom immediately rolled to the side as the pain was more then he had thought,the last beam missing him as it swung around for a while before stopping

Tom heaved a sigh of relief as he saw this,he checked his body for injuries but he was fine except for a few bruised patches on his rocky skin and a high amount of pain that was easily blocked by the use of his pendant

Tom didn't stop here as he stood in front of a bowling machine in front of him,another downside of the hardening quirk was that it limitated his mobility and this might cause some problems later on

Tom did his best to dodge all attacks that came at him,his marksmanship talent working in reverse as he foresaw the paths that the ball would be taking,though that didn't mean his rocky body will allow him to move any way he wanted

This continued for a while before Tom decided to end it,Tom did a round of cardio and heavy body weight exercises to boost his base body strength and endurance as it effects his over all strength

He noticed that his spells had also become much stronger then before,with him now estimating that the Protego spell could easily take on most bullets,even the special armour piercing rounds of a sniper with relative ease,though tanking against explsions was still a pipe dream but with some training he will eventually reach that hill as well

Tom was finally done with all the heart wrenching exercises,sitting on the cold broken marble as he looked around the place

'Maybe I should buy this place and make a lab over here for my personal research and also set up some training equipment'

Tom thought as he gave the place another look while drinking some protein powder to gain some muscles

After resting a while,Tom put on his costume which was just a normal casual clothes covered by the face having the initial mask,the cloak covering his whole body as he began to fly away into the night sky

It didn't take long for his ears to ring with the sound of sirens as he saw a fire truck hastily make its way through the downtown area of NewYork

'Let's go and see if I will be of any help' Tom thought as he followed after the truck,ready to assist if anyone needed to be rescued or saved from a house fire.

The whole apartment complex was on fire as the flames crashed against the heavy glass breaking it and flying out of the building into the night sky

The people who had made it out were looking at the scene with remorse and sadness whipe those that had left someone behind were begging to be left alone as they tried to go back in,The fire trucks moved fast as the firemen got to work,setting up firehydrants as other went for the ladder while some talked with the survivors asking for any information for those who were inside

Tom was genuinely scared as he looked at the heavy fire that seemed to be angrily staring at him,he felt his stomach go empty,but the voiced down below begging for help compelled him to help,and he had been identified by the masses so there was no other choice as he looked at the shoes

"I will be sure to wash you guys later,so hang on with me ok" Tom smiled bitterly as he used the hardening quirk on his body,remembering that it will provide some protection in case the things inside explode while he cast a Protego as he slowly entered the building under the gasps of the audience

Tom started from the bottom floors knowing that ,the firemen also entered as they informed him of those that were trapped

Knowing that the lower floors would be much easier,Tom immediately headed for the upper floors as the bubble of protection around him kept flickering under the intense flames,Tom was glad he had done some training or he would have most probably lost concentration by now and would have lost the spell


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