Gacha In Marvel and the Multiverse

Mc gets transmigrated into the world of Marvel with a Gacha system,Watch as our MC battles against all odds to fight through the events of Marvel Tags: No Harem,Multiversal story,Weak to strong.Gacha with template World: Main or first world: Marvel Second World:MHA or can be discussed in comments Third world:Recommend

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102 Chs

Chapter 23

[Ding! Ten Rare Gacha pulls have been drawn]

[Host has earned a 100 Gacha points ]

[Host has pulled a Rare Gacha:Gacha Item:Pendant of Serenity]

[Host has earned 100 Gacha points]

[Host has pulled a Rare Gacha item:Ring of holding]

[Host has earned 100 Gacha points]

[Host has earned 100 Gacha points]

[Host has pulled a Rare gacha pull: Rare item: Ring of protection]

[Host has earned 100 Gacha points]

[Host has earned 100 Gacha points]

[Host has pulled a Rare Gacha Skill: Marksmanship]

"System! What are these things,explain them to me" Tom asked,although he got the gist of what these things did,it was better to be thorough and not regret it later

[Ring of protection]

[this ring grants it's wearer a minor protection against physical harm,such as cuts and bruises]

[Ring of Holding]

[This Ring contains twenty item s'mores,each slot can hold up to twenty items of the same type.Note:the ring not add stop tone for its items]

[Marksmanship talent]

[This talent gives user increased marksmanship and less shots missed]

[Pendant of serenity]

[the pendant calms the users mind and helps them focus,making it easier to concentrate and focus on a task]

"ohhhh! Naruhodo, so that's what these rings are for "

Tom gently held up the two rings on his palms as he observed them

One ring was completely black with a weird emblem on it,Tom instinctively knew this was the ring of protection while the other ring was brown in color and had a symbol of a bag on it,this was undoubtedly the ring of holding

Tom gently put one ring on the index finger of his one hand and the same with the other as he observed them

"let's see if the ring of protection stops self harm,though this ring might be useless to me in a while as I have Eijiro's powers now,though it can't be activated in front of everyone so there is that problem"

Tom looked at the mug on the table and held it in his hands,thinking about storing the thing in his ring and the next moment, it vanished into thin air,Tom instinctively understood how much storage he had left and what else he could store into the occupied slot

Tom went around the house,putting several things into the ring ,he finally stopped when he was satisfied

"So I can put in things that are roughly my size,good to know the limits of this thing,I just hope the system gives me some kind of inventory or something in the next upgrade,it does cost 15,000 GP after all and that isn't the only requirement,sigh" Tom rubbed his temple at the thought of gathering that many points

"It will take at least two months or so if I really go at it,not to mention criminals don't even dare to fight me now" Tom lamented as he flash backed to the scene of a group of thugs throwing hands when they saw him fly over

Though only fate knew what kind of problems he will be facing in the future and if his preparations will ever be enough

Tom shrugged off the useless thoughts as he then took a knife from the kitchen and tried to cut himself,and as expected,he felt like a hard shell was covering the layer of his skin,preventing the knife from plunging in and slicing his hands

"Good to know I can't do self harm,might come in handy if I come across a mindcontroller or someone like that" Tom thought as he put the knife in his storage

He then proceeded to test his new and improved talent,the marksmanship ability,Tom felt that whenever he wanted to throw something,he knew exactly where to hit and cause damage

How hard to throw and in what angle to throw to achieve the desired effect

"Nice!now let's see what this pendant is all about,if I am right,this will be really helpful in doing research or when I am in a dangerous situation"

Tom put on the necklace,as soon as he did so ,he felt a refreshing feeling wash over his body as his thoughts seemed to vanish from mind,his mind only focused on the task at hand

Tom didn't waste any time as he pulled up the research papers and he started murmuring and writing furiously,in a matter of moments,he felt an hour pass as he finally put down the pen and noticed that he had done the work of three or four hours in one

"This is some serious stuff,I will be using this a lot more from now on,especially during reasearch work or training " Tom decided as he put the necklace in his storage,he instinctively knew that the thing needed to recharge itself and it had consumed some energy helping Tom complete the papers

Tom had been stuck on a problem that would have compelled him to go to his lab and work on for three to four hours but the necklace had done a wonderous work as it optimised his mind and allowed him to not need outside help,help fill in the missing pieces and complete the research work

"As long as I run a few tests and get it recognised,I will probably get a few hundred points " Tom thought excitedly as he stacked the papers together and decided to lay down for a while to recover,as he felt that he was tired from the use of the necklace,or pendant.


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