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Mc gets transmigrated into the world of Marvel with a Gacha system,Watch as our MC battles against all odds to fight through the events of Marvel Tags: No Harem,Multiversal story,Weak to strong.Gacha with template World: Main or first world: Marvel Second World:MHA or can be discussed in comments Third world:Recommend

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Chapter 25

Levitating to the first floor as the stairs had already been burned,Tom focused his mind as the pendant worked its wonders,Tom heard a slight shout from his west

Immediately topped used his feet to kick the door open and put up the Protego charm to stop the fires backdraft effect,he hurriedly flew in and looked in the place for the bathroom where any sane man or woman must be hiding to escape from the fire using the water to keep the extreme temperature to a minimum

Finally he found the bathroom and as expected,he came face to face with two teens,around the age of twelve as they were huddled in the water,eyes full of tears

As soon as they saw him,they yelled in excitement

Tom didn't wait around for the backdraft to come around again as he smashed open the barricades windows of the Bathroom,holding the two kids with a wet towel covering them,he jumped and used the boots of Hermes skilfully to save the two

"Get them checked up and loaded onto the ambulance,the apartment was full of toxic plastic and such " Tom commanded as he didn't wait for the cops orders and flew right back in where he came from

Accoridng to the report given by the firemen,there were still two people supposedly stuck on the topmost floor which was a bad thing as the apartment didn't have a roof and the fire would have caused the two to choke to death if he doesn't hurry and save them in time

As expected,the stairs had been melted and the structure was starting to fall apart due to the fire,while the place began to show flashover effects ,the combustible items catching on fire and producing a blasting effect that caused Tom much harm,nearly causing him to loose the spell effect several times as he continuously kept recasting it.

It took Tom a full minute to pass over the hurdles and arrive at the last floor,though that didn't make him happy as every moment was a moment of life and death

As he arrived at the last floor,Tom heard the scream of a young child that sent shivers down his spine,causing him to instinctively cast Protego as he rushed his way in like a bull,the doors that were already on fire breaking into smithreens under the combined might of Protego and Hardening as he smashed his way into the room

Spotting a small kid that only looked to be one years old ,sitting by the fallen body of his mother as he cried his eyes out trying to wake her up

Tom hurriedly grabbed the two as the building started shaking like crazy,the policemen outside shouting for him to escape using the speakers as he smashed against the window and jumped out with the body of the women who was unconscious and the kid who had also fallen due to the low levels of oxygen on the above floor

Tom gasped as he handed over the two,the mask had made things difficult for him today as the house fire situation had already lowered the oxygen level,though Tom didn't regret as he was still able to save everyone

A few medics rushed towards him but were forced to move back as a bright blue film of magic energy kept them at bay

"gasp….I am okay" Tom replied as he held up his hands and slowly floated away,his mind was too tired right now to notice the big notification that he had received or else he would have surely died from the shock

As the amount of GP he earned from this alone was ridiculous,After taking a few turns in the air,Tom started feeling extremely sluggish,sure that he will not be able to reach his home,the pendant was nearly out of energy as the last bits kept Tom from going down

'Let's...head for the factory' Tom thought sluggishly as he flew towards the factory,his body following the forceful flight under the Hermes boots as he toppled onto the cold ground of the factory,his body giving in to the temptations of sleep as he closed his eyes

Today had been a very nerve wrecking day for him as Tom finally realised what his elders at the orphanage meant by saying,'it is harder to save them to kill'


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