Gacha In Marvel and the Multiverse

Mc gets transmigrated into the world of Marvel with a Gacha system,Watch as our MC battles against all odds to fight through the events of Marvel Tags: No Harem,Multiversal story,Weak to strong.Gacha with template World: Main or first world: Marvel Second World:MHA or can be discussed in comments Third world:Recommend

Smalltimewriter · Anime & Comics
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102 Chs

Chapter 22

Though just as Tom was about to start pulling his gachas,the long awaited ten gacha pull,he heard the door knocking

Sighing in frustration,he got up to open the door,only to find his prized posession,Peter Parker standing on the other side


"Hi professor!" Petwr greeted with an awkward smile

"….Hi" Tom couldnt help but spit out with a bitter expression as he motioned for him to come in

'I never thought that giving him a free hand wil come to bite me in the ass one day' Tom sighed as he opened the fridge while Peter stood awkwardly near sofa,not knowing if he should be sitting down or not

Tom took two beverages from the fridge,one alcoholic and one simple as he gave the later on to Peter and motioned for him to sit down

"So,how is it that my precious student had the time to visit his teacher today?" Tom asked with a smile

"Uh! That!" Peter went into his usual routine of stuttering

"Dont be shy Peter,ask what you want?" Tom persuaded as he took a sip while looking at his watching,

After a moment of hesitation,Peter finally sighed as he took out a file,handing it over to Tom to take a look as he began to speak

"Sir, i was wondering if you understand what this is,i have been searching on my own for a while,but i think-"

"Cross species genetics!" Tom couldn't help but exclaim as he took a look at the file,a scene from amazing spider man playing in his mind

Tom finally knew what was going on

"Sir! You know about it,do you know about my fathers work as well,i figured since you were working with Dr.Connors" peter ended as he sighed with emotion

Normally Peter wouldnt have come to Tom,but professor Tom was someone who had always given him special treatment no matter what,he had treated Peter with care and given him additional classes so that he doesn't drop his grades

Tom on the other hand was looking at the one thing that could potentially stop the formation of a future monster,but his mind was not on it,besides,did he really have the right to bettay Peter's trust,to not allow him to know abiut his father

'No! Peter is smart enough to arrive to his conclusions,he came to me because he trusts me' Tom concluded as he decided to help Peter as he makes sure that the lizard monster never gets born

"Sigh! I am afraid i am not as familiar with your father as Dr.Connors is,I probably know as much as you do about him" Tom said as Peters expression became sad

"Though i can help you meet him formally,he was with your father working on cross species genetics until they separated,i will ask Gwen to take you to meet Connors"

Tom ended as he looked at Peter who was as happy as a sunflower under the sun,Tom sighed as he felt the future was bleak,he has to prepare to fight some monster now

'I am pretty sure the body binding curse isnt going to be as effective on a guy like the lizard,lets just hope i get something today to help me' Tom thought

The two talked for a while before Peter got a call from his aunt and ran,or swung back home while Tom sighed as he sat alone on the sofa

"System! Do it"

Tom said as the Gacha Roll pulled up


[Common Gacha pull:100 GP]

[Uncommon Gacha pull GP: 500]

[Rare Gacha pull:1000]

"Give me ten Gachas!" Tom yelled excitdely as he rubbed his hands in anticipation,in his two months here,Tom felt that he had become more and more attracted to the concept of the Gacha and the systems description of a Gacha

'The system said i can get almost anything that exists in the omniverse,nothing is out of reach if i play my cards right!'

"i choose ten rare gachas" Tom felt pokemon vibes as he heard the familiar rolling sounds

[Ding! Pulling ten consecutive rare gacha]