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A teenager from earth died just as he and his friend had received permission to organize the gaming event in their college. He died because of the lightning sent out by the God in a fit of anger. In return, he was asked to choose a world of his own choice. He had many options, he could basically choose any world such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, Fairy Tail, Bleach... But he decided to choose Highschool DxD because of the less trouble in the beginning phases as compared to the others... Another reason was to be in a world which supported the idea of harems, he decided to be reborn as Red Devil in the gremory house as Rias's Twin Brother. Follow his story to find out how he conquers the world and women he likes... (Warning: MC is not a good person... He is someone who follows through his desires. This novel will have lots of rape.) Enjoy the journey~ Support me on my P A T R E O N: http://bit.do/EvilLord04

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The start of a new life

10 April, 2019

I was walking down the street while whistling as I was in a very good mood right now. Me and my friends were organizing a gaming event and we finally received the permission from our Head of the Department.

I was relieved as we got the permission because the hardest task i.e. receiving the permission was done. We could finally organize a gaming event and possibly an anime quiz event in the near future.

I was filled with a strange sense of accomplishment as I was the only one who actually talked to the Head of the Department while the other were completely mute.

It made me more confident as I thought that I could do anything, but fate seemed to have other plans for me.

It suddenly started to rain heavily at that time and I rushed forward to find some cover, but unfortunately Lightning Flashed and it struck me before I could react. I was left with a strange sense of disappointment as I saw my life flashing before my eyes while my soul left my body.

When I next opened my eyes, I was standing in front of an Old man with a white beard which haven't been trimmed for quite a long time.

"You are finally awake." The old man said to me as I looked around to get some idea of where I was.

"Where am I?" I asked the old man, it didn't seem as if it was a hospital or someone's house, it was incredibly strange place.

"You are in my residence right now. Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself, I am what you humans call God." The old man introduced himself with a hint of pride of his face.

I didn't even know how to react to this as I responded, "Yeah right. Sorry to say, I am an Atheist. I don't believe in the existence of God."

The God sweatdropped as it heard my response, perhaps it was the first time he was dealing with someone like me, "Well, it doesn't matter what you think. I am God and that's a fact."

I looked at him with dead eyes expression, "Don't you know that a fact means that it's been scientifically proven. How do you scientifically explain the existence of a God?"

The God was getting annoyed after hearing his smart ass responses, his eyes twitched at this boy and decided to prove it. Suddenly, a cake appeared in one hand, while the pizza appeared in the other hand as he smirked, "Is this enough of a…"

He wasn't able to finish the sentence before I grabbed the pizza from his hand and started eating it, "Alright I believe you. Just make some Oregano and Ketchup as well, oh and one medium coke as well."

As he heard his orders, the God remained dumbfounded for a short period of time before I glared at him with an annoyed expression, "Aren't you God? Why is it taking so much time? The pizza will get cold."

After some moments, the God started chuckling as he had probably never met someone like me, while I was waiting for him to make my order and thinking 'Has this God guy gone retarded?'

But it seems as if God decided to obey his wishes and made some oregano, ketchup as well as A medium sized Coke. He remained dumbfounded as he glanced at me eating pizza in a relaxed manner with no particular worry written on my face.

After I had finished half of my pizza, the God opened his mouth, "Aren't you worried about your situation here? How can you be relaxed at this point?"

I shrugged and responded back, "What would I achieve by worrying? The last thing I remember was being struck by Lightning and I doubt that I could survive that. So, I guess I am dead right now and you really are God. So, if I can't do anything about my own situation, why should I use my brain thinking of something when you are going to tell me what I have to do."

The God was once again shocked by my response as he didn't think that I would give such a good reply, I continued to eat my pizza and God waited for me to finish eating. It seems as if he didn't want to disturb me in the middle of eating.

Well, it was a good call by the God, I would have been annoyed if he disturbed me while I was eating. It's better that he didn't disturb me.

After I was finished, the God handed me a handkerchief as he spoke out, "Alright, now that you have finished eating. Let me tell you about your situation and explain to you."

I nodded at that as I received the handkerchief, "Alright, I am listening." I wiped my face with the Handkerchief and the God coughed once to clear his throat.

"You were killed because of my mistake. I was playing this Nintendo Switch game made by you humans and I lost. I was angry at this and threw down the lightning in the Human World, I didn't expect you to get hit by it. I didn't mean to kill you." As I heard his words, I wondered whether this God was a retard or not.

If he was really a God then why didn't he just make a Mod version of the game and play it, if everytime he lost and he killed a human then wouldn't that simply destroy the human race if they somehow invented a hard game in which God was interested.

I maintained a neutral expression so as to not let the God know what I was thinking of. As I was an Otaku while I was alive, I asked what any otaku would ask, "So, Are you going to reincarnate me in another world? Is it going to be a cultivation world or a world I choose?"

The God looked at me as he murmured something under his breath about 'Stupid humans with their fantasies.'

He sighed after he finished murmuring, "Well, you got it right about the reincarnation part. I will send you to a world you choose. The ones before you had chosen the Naruto world with Sharingan and Dragon Ball Z world with Saiyan Bloodline."

As I heard that there were people before me, I knew that this God was definitely some irresponsible being. Just how many people does he accidentally kill?

I started thinking of which world I should go in 'Should I go in Dragon Ball Z as well but with Broly's Bloodline. Or Naruto's world with Rinne-sharingan from day 1. One piece is too boring. And Bleach has that war arc. It will be too much trouble to be there even if I am the strongest person in that dimension.'

After some time, I remembered about other anime as well 'Oh right, how can I forget about Fairy Tail or should I choose High School DxD. I can make a Harem in the later while not in the former and also the Woman in Highschool DxD are sexier. Guess it's an easy choice then…'

I smirked a little as I started to speak my wish, "I want to be reborn in Highschool DxD world as Rias's twin brother with the Power of Destruction. I also want a Bloodline of Chaos Dragon, the Dragon God of Destruction, it's power is greater than the Great Red. Is it possible?"

The God shrugged his shoulders as if to say "Very easy". I added at the end, "And also, seal my memories for the time when I am reborn. And my memories should return when I am of four years of age."

The God expressed some interest as he heard my words, "Why do you want to seal off your memories? The other humans like to have their memories from day 1."

I smiled a little and responded back, "They want their memories because they want to train from day 1 and become the strongest. I just want to enjoy in that world. And even if I had my memories in the first 4 years, I won't be in any position to do anything. Instead, it's going to irritate me."

The God nodded back as he also agreed with the sentiment.

I had one last doubt and voiced out my question, "Ehem… God. Can't you read my thoughts if you are so powerful?"

The God nodded his head as he replied back, "I can indeed read your thoughts if I wanted to but I had rather not, it's no fun to do that. If I had decided to read your thoughts then I simply had to ask you a single question and I would have received all my answers."

The god flashed a grin at me while I mentally let out a sigh of relief, if the God had known my thoughts and come to know how many times I had thought of him as a retard then he could say goodbye to the change to be reborn.

He waved his hand as he said to me, "Alright, get ready. It's going to cause a headache."

His warning fell on deaf ears as I didn't care about a small headache before the magical powers of the God did their work and I simply phased out of existence.


In the underworld

It was a joyful event in the Gremory House as Lady Gremory aka. Venelana Gremory had just given birth to twins. One was a boy while the other was a girl.

After the birth, Zeoticus Gremory threw out a huge party in which he invited many devils from the new Satan Factions while also his family friends.

They decided to name their children at the party, Zeoticus Chose the name for the female child, "I think Rias would be a good name for the girl."

Venelana nodded her head as she glanced at her child, "Since you chose my daughter's name then I will choose our Son's name. Let's see…" She spent some time thinking of a name and smiled, "Izashi… His name will be Izashi Gremory."

And this was how the life of Izashi Gremory started…

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