Frankenstein Rituals : Grimm's Rise Again Series Part 1 Book

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Frankenstein Rituals : Grimm's Rise Again Series Part 1


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Logan White-Black is the main character of this story and he intends to fulfil that role by doing whatever he wants to do, even at the cost of others. Logan wakes up in a child's body, in a time that was slowly being forgotten, in a world different from his own, it's a good thing then that he already knows exactly what to do to, to become a powerful wizard after reading so many fanfic's based around the exact situation he was in. House Elf's for the win!!! ... A semi self insert of me into the world of Harry Potter, what I would do if I was reborn in that world with my memories intact. It will be a semi self insert as the MC is getting reborn into another body, not transferring over his own. This story doesn't have any lemon scene's since I'm terrible at writing them but there are mentions of such act's and actions like them, hence the R-18 tag. This also won't be a harem, even when in the beginning the main character is in a 'complicated' relationship. My end goal is a normal relationship and I have already decided as to who I would like for him to settle down with. My writing has improved since the very beginning, but that doesn't mean it is good so please have some patience when you see for yourself just how bad it really is. Hope you enjoy reading my work regardless, and I try to aim for 1 chapter a week, give or take a couple days. If you want to read ahead of the public chapters go check out my Pat reon (Up to Cha 140). I've moved this complete over to Pat reon as per what was said in the last chapter. ... World's so far : Harry Potter, Hitman : Agent 47, How I Met Your Mother, Jeepers Creepers, Jumper, The Addams Family (AU), Attack on Titan, Wanted. ... Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know. Paypal.me/DrakeGrimmhound Pat reon.com/DrakeGrimmhound


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