Chains of Destiny

Author: VoidPhantom
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  • 13 Chs
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What is Chains of Destiny

Read Chains of Destiny novel written by the author VoidPhantom on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, magic, mystery, dark, antihero. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Evan Blackwood, a normal boy in the realm of Eldoria. He was the only child of his parents. His parents were Mages that opposed the ruling power, the Council of Shadows. Because of their opposition, they both were assasinated by the council. Evan who was just ten, was taken as a slave. Evan was sold of to become a gladiator, to entertain the nobles. He is pushed close to death on many occasions, but his thirst for vegeance kept him alive. Finding solace in darkness, Evan awakens as a dark mage. Shadow Song, the organization that rebels against the council. The organization was the one his parents belonged to. They set their sights on Evan, and assist in his escape. With freedom, Evan can now pursue his vengeance, using the Shadow song as a stepping stone. As he pretends to go along with their plan to restore balance to Eldoria, while planning to exact his revenge. His rage burns deep, as he doesn't care to use those around him or even the entire realm to get his revenge. As he gets closer to his revenge, he leaves a bloody trail behind. But now to get his opportunity, he will have to risk even more. Will he do it or will he find something worth saving in this world. Protagonist: Evan Blackwood

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auniquepearl · Teen
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Add more details on your synopsis, so we will know more about the world you build. First and second chapters are well written, there's no need to add. He has a darkness power right? I'm expecting you'll add something more about his power next and how he will fight using it.. there's a lot of darkness power fighting scene we can read. the question is what uniqueness your novel can offer. I'm looking forward.


The idea isn't bad but work on your synopsis so readers like me will know what we're expecting to see I in the novel. Above all, you're an amazing writer.


The start is good, I've read the first chapter only and the story already goes darkening. Though I suggest to describe more inner feelings or dialogue for the mc, it would add more colors to the story.


Well done author you have a great plot. The storyline is fast paced and just draws the reader to want to read on. Nicely done.


Okay so I am not into this kind of plots but honestly it's okay but,I think the synopsis is a little too long and it's bland,edit some details,let there be some dailogue,it's okay it will go a long way the chapters are good 🤛🤛


perfect, the story was absolutely perfect but the author needs to add more info on the synopsis


As I read the story it seems Interesting shadows,magic, etc. but somehow I notice something my advise is that don't put too much narration on the story add some conversations too make it look intense , overall the story was good the plot, and can you add something on the future that makes him revive some undead and make him its shadow allies just asking but oveall it's fine.-HarveyBakes


Oh my gosh, this fantasy novel has me absolutely hooked! The world-building is incredible, the characters are so complex and interesting, and the plot is just full of twists and turns! I can't put it down - I'm dying to know what happens next! This is the kind of book that you lose yourself in completely, and I am just living for it right now. If you love fantasy, you have got to read this book! waiting for the next chap...


darn good if I would say so my self, nice work from the Author, this is an anti-hero in reality.


It jus started but can see dt we are getting smwhere already. lets see more and see where this is going☺️ and all d best😁


Author here. This is my first novel on this platform, and I know it won't be the last, but what I want to say is that. This novel carries my entire imagination in full force. Every chapter is carefully written down, to Sid your immersion, but if I fall short in any way, please let me know.


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