Fated:- Unfortunately Fortunate! Book

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Fated:- Unfortunately Fortunate!


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Tara, the only heiress of TN cosmetics, which is known worldwide, and is popular for its special and natural skin care products! Aryan, a psychologist, who is famous for his special skills in treating patients, analysing their problems and helping them! Everything about them both seems fine until when it comes to their personal life! A sufferer and a sufferer who is willing to help the sufferer! Their life took a twisted turn, the time when they were young, a long ago, when occured an accident! The time when one started to see the very unfortunate things from future and another who started to see the very hidden memories of others from past! Crossing paths, unknown of each other, unknown of their own past, what would their life and that meeting show them?? What would be their end?? Join me to experience their story, witnessing their sufferings! Required love, with hidden mysteries! Note:- Cover page doesn't belong to me, credit goes to it's owner! And this is not a translation but an original work! -Excerpt- "What exactly is bothering you Aryan?" asked Tara with a frown, who kept watching him being silent! Aryan was utterly silent, just what would he say to her? That he wasn't alright with the fact he just realised? Congratulate her and himself for being fated very unfortunately?! God really would have had a revenge planned against them! "Aryan?!" she called out again! "Can't you just share your pain? We shared memories Aryan!!" she reminded. Yes, they shared memories, which he didn't want to forget yet, like the others! He wanted to cherish them his whole life! "I am suffering!" he blurted out! "Just like you!" he added, making her frown deepen! Aryan turned to look up at her, their gaze got locked as she looked down his face, he still held her right hand the very same way, "I can't keep it for myself anymore cause I fear I will forget!" he said stroking her hand! While Tara was confused not knowing what was he saying! "I don't understand!" "Do you know about psychometry?" he asked looking straight up into her eyes! Her brows raised, psychometry? Why was he speaking about it? Tara just gave a slight nod, "To be able to see about something or someone just by touching?!" she said and immediately for an odd reason she remembered him touching things randomly with his eyes closed the day when he said someone sneaked in! Her eyes widened! "Yeah, it is!" he said noticing her hand's hold loosening around his! He held her hand again, in grip before he continued, "Just like you have the ability to see into the future, I have an ability to look back into past by touching things associated with person's, and sometimes just a physical contact!" 'You are different! Because you are.... similar!' 'Cause I understand you!' She recalled what he said. "I am psychometric!!" he said! Tears swirled in her eyes! Was it why he always had headaches? Tara never expected it, not from him! To know there was someone like her who can understand was good, actually can help her feel better, but it being him and knowing that he had went through the same, it really hurt, nothing felt like better! Tara now understood, when someone goes through an insurmountable fate, they will never wish or can be happy to see someone going through the same, atleast not someone they knew! Tears streamed down her face, falling on his, his left hand reached up wiping them away. "You have hid something very big!!" she said and her voice sounded painful! "How can I forgive this?"


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