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Hey guys! Here is your author misslonelysoul, not really shy to give her work her own review! So here, I want to say my own thoughts about the story, I actually have another two works ongoing as well which you all might already know, but this work is as special as those remaining two! This story is somewhat what I had come up with just a mere thought, and without thinking much, I headed up to write it! And as days passed, I continued it, imagining more and more, and for the first time, I actually felt glad writing this piece! I recognised my own improvement and I am literally so happy to say that this was the best of what I already wrote, and I really would wish you to give it a try! Well enough with the bluffing, don't mind, I talk too much! Coming to the story, it's a mixture of everything! Love. Hate. Contentment. Sorrow. Hurt. Healed. Hidden mysteries. Unexpected discoveries. Thrill and as well as curiosity! No more spoilers, you really need to read the chapters to find out more! Well the author is greedy! ;) Note:- At present only this piece is being updated constantly, and I am taking a break from the other two works as of now! But rest assured, this is temporary!!


Fated:- Unfortunately Fortunate!


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