2 [2] No One Understands the Holy Grail War Better Than Me

Foreseeing the impending doom of humanity.

Reinhard had tried repeatedly to find a hospital gate to go back through, attempting to return to his original world, but unfortunately, it was to no avail. He had no choice but to accept reality once again.

The silver lining in his misfortune was that, as an isekai victim, despite not awakening any system despite his countless calls, Reinhard possessed extraordinary innate talent. After diligently mastering the preliminary use of Clairvoyance, he finally realized, when conducting introspection, that the peculiar shadow in his brain was not a tumor but the dormant magic circuits awaiting awakening.

Due to his exceptional quality and quantity, the magical energy spontaneously absorbed and overflowing from Reinhard's body caused intense headaches. If he didn't quickly activate and control it, it would be as fatal as a malignant brain tumor, he might not have more than a few months left to live.

Under the recommendation of Waver Velvet(taking the back door), Reinhard embarked on his journey as an international student at the Clock Tower.

After some time of theoretical studies, he gradually understood that the future observed by Clairvoyance only represented a 'possibility.' This explained the variations in the forms of disasters he foresaw, as world lines often held infinite possibilities.

In other words, the future could be changed!

If humanity could progress and develop faster, perhaps the bleak destruction ahead could be avoided.

Thus, in addition to improving his survival abilities, Reinhard dedicated himself to advancing the world's foundational research, hoping to integrate science and magecraft.

Research topics like 'Increased Wheat Crop Yield under Different Ether Concentrations,' 'Feasibility Study of Rune Symbols in Purifying Contaminated Water Sources,' and 'Exploration of Magic as an Efficient Clean Energy Source' were among his projects.

All of his magical research projects were guided by simple and practical principles.

Unfortunately, the Clock Tower, representing the Mage's Association, was deeply entrenched in outdated customs, filled with monopolies, bloodline discrimination, and narrow-minded prejudices.

The so-called traditional magus families, essentially akin to conservative feudal clans, were divided into various factions, engaged in political struggles, creating a corrupt quagmire that ensnared everyone who stepped into it.

As a magus, few cared about Muggles' thoughts or considered advocating for the interests of ordinary people. Not using Muggles as magical resources already made a magus morally upright. In the moonlit world, Edward Elric's alchemy would be nothing more than an appetizer.

Reinhard's dazzling performance had made him a thorn in the eyes of many noble factions at the Clock Tower. His talents and actions continue to emphasize that 'magecraft research must be integrated with scientific practice' and 'work must be done to benefit the future of mankind,' were seen as a direct challenge.

For Reinhard, the Clock Tower was a necessity due to his lack of options. Being a homeless isekai victim in this moonlit world, even if he wants to live without thinking about these magical things, he can't, because after coming into contact with mysteries, he will inevitably attract people who have come into contact with other mysteries in the future as well.

Besides that, time didn't allow him the luxury of making choices. Reinhard urgently needed the Clock Tower's resources to help activate and control the magic circuits in his brain for a cerebral upgrade. If he continued to delay, he might bleed from all seven orifices and die.

Rising in status at the Clock Tower would aid him in laying the groundwork for his plans. After being promoted to the rank of Pride, Reinhard had the qualifications to establish a magical workshop, allowing him to conduct discreet research on various studies.

In summary, he was currently in a phase where he needed to rely on the Clock Tower rather than the Clock Tower relying on him.

Thus, for the sake of his own survival, Reinhard could only choose the high-profile route, exposing some of his talents. The inevitable hostility that followed was just a side effect.

For instance, the seemingly innocuous black box on the coffee table in front of him was a manifestation of insidious malice.

After a majority vote in the Lords Council, it was decided to grant Reinhard the opportunity to represent the Clock Tower in the Fuyuki Holy Grail War. Ostensibly, it was a 'rare opportunity,' an 'extremely prestigious honor,' and a 'recognition of magical talent.'

However, it was merely sugarcoating.

As a firsthand witness of the Fourth Holy Grail War in Fuyuki, El-Melloi II himself was well aware of its dangers. The current situation of participating in the Fifth War was akin to being a mine-clearing soldier destined for a sacrificial role.

The Holy Grail in Fuyuki seemed to have been contaminated during the Fourth War, and just over a decade later, it was about to accumulate magical energy once again, initiating the Fifth Holy Grail War.

While many at the Clock Tower coveted the Holy Grail, the gruesome fate of Kayneth and his fiancée was still vivid, their magic circuits were severed, leading to the downfall of the El-Melloi family's status in the Clock Tower, with the Animusphere family taking over.

The battles between Servants were already extremely fierce.

And there was a possibility that the Holy Grail had been tainted...

The impending Fifth War in Fuyuki was undoubtedly perilous, a life-or-death situation.

As the pinnacle of the moonlit world, the Clock Tower, according to tradition, should send a representative. The question was, who would it be?

Many eyes were watching.

Eventually, this hot potato was tossed around until it landed in the hands of Reinhard in El-Melloi II's classroom.

After all, he was currently the top among the younger magus at the Clock Tower, and due to his consistent 'obsession' with magecraft research, people believed he wouldn't refuse this 'rare' opportunity.

Because that was the Holy Grail, the lifelong pursuit of a magus, the path to the Root, the Holy Grail capable of granting any wish!

"You're being given this precious opportunity, if you can't handle it and fall short, don't blame Clock Tower, right?"

This plot was clear to everyone in London moonlit world.

Standing on the moral high ground, the Clock Tower was beyond reproach.

Listening to outsiders, they would only think it was a dedicated development of Reinhard by the council.

The council was vigorously emphasizing how rare this opportunity was.

But unfortunately, these guys couldn't guess...

At the Clock Tower, was there anyone who understood the Holy Grail War better than Reinhard?!

As an anime fan who had only watched Fate series, Reinhard was completely puzzled by various settings in the subsequent Fate Grand Order. Having not played the mobile game was the most regrettable thing for him after isekai'd into the moonlit world, he missed out on crucial information.

However, the Fifth Holy Grail War was so famous that even a newb Fate enthusiast like Reinhard could recite its details. The polluted Holy Grail, corrupted heroic spirits, pleasure criminals everywhere, gangs of thugs...

The highest frequency of gas leaks in Japan was during the Holy Grail War, and there was no way he wanted to be on the list of victims.

Reinhard considered himself a person who cherished his life and lacked Emiya Shirou's luck. He also lacked the determination to stand as a righteous comrade.

Moreover, even if Emiya Shirou, was designated as the ultimate victor in all the plotlines of Fate/stay night, was his ending really good?

Not to mention the 40 or so bad ends, just look at the insanity of that Archer guy. Ridiculing his immature past, he himself was the poor creature drowned in his own ideals.

The phrase 'full of heroes' was never a blessing...

And who knew what weird things might appear in this worldline after his isekai to this moonlit world? Now that he was getting involved, even if he knew the plot inside out, his chances of leaving unscathed were fifty-fifty.

So, Reinhard chose to keep his distance.

However, the tales of this isekai victim were not convenient to be told to Waver.

So, in response to this, Reinhard pondered for a moment and then calmly said, "I have no interest in the so-called Holy Grail."

The black-haired youth lowered his eyelids.

"A wise man does not stand under a leaning wall. The idea of voluntarily putting oneself in danger for an elusive wish is just too foolish. My ideals are never based on vain wishes but on using my own hands to turn them into reality."

Listening to his disciple's resolute answer, Waver let out a faint misty sigh.

"It's truly an enlightening determination..."

"Yes, with your talent and abilities, you don't need the wish of the Holy Grail. I personally strongly agree with your decision."

"You are just too normal, Rein. But most magus are a bunch of people with issues in their heads. So, a normal person like you seems like an alien among them."

"Staying in the quagmire of the Clock Tower is like a pearl covered in dust."

The puzzled Reinhard couldn't help but smile wryly. "I'll take this as your praise, Professor."

"Dealing with disciples with normal minds is more comfortable than mediating between those annoying old folks." Waver took a puff of his cigar. "I will explain the situation to the council, you don't need to worry."

"Even the grand position at the Clock Tower should not be your final destination."

Looking at his cheap disciple.

In just one year, Reinhard, who had been promoted to Pride, made Waver had become the most sought-after special lecturer at the Clock Tower. The threshold of El-Melloi II's classroom was almost trampled by students, leading to an increase in class hours, and the tuition fees were substantial. He taught classes every day with both pain and joy.

However, Waver himself knew best.

He didn't teach Reinhard much, at most, he guided him to get started. In the past year, muttering strange things like 'Foundation and runes are similar to writing programs in language,' Reinhard's progress was so rapid that it seemed like he was cheating.

According to his own words, because he had worked in a profession similar to magus, a barcode farmer or something like that, learning magus was like a walk in the park. Waver didn't quite understand this.

But there was no doubt that Reinhard might have already surpassed his professor in the field of magecraft.

"Above magecraft, there is a realm that transcends magecraft," Waver said. "That is the goal you should climb towards."

"A realm that transcends magecraft..."

Reinhard chewed on these words.

"..Are you referring to 'True Magic'?"

"Yes." Waver nodded. "Even your hope of returning home might be hidden in it."

"Returning home."

Of course, it didn't mean buying a plane ticket to return home but 'returning to his original world.'

Yes, as a mentor, Waver Velvet knew that his cheap disciple was not from this world. After all, Reinhard, suddenly appeared in London, without even a passport, and his strange ID card stated he was born in '99...

When Reinhard showed Waver his phone.

Faced with this ingenious technological marvel, Waver immediately understood the origin of the person in front of him.

Although surprised, Waver was more fortunate to have encountered the real thing.

Because, traveling to another dimension in the moonlit world had long been a precedent.

That was...

"The Second Magic, Operation of Parallel Worlds."

Reinhard slowly uttered this term.

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