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Roman of House Trambelio, or Roman Trambelio for conventional reasons happens to be the object of disdain for many a people and rightfully so, born into a major magus family with a partially defunct leg and lacking one eye, Roman would no doubt be disdained by the mostly elitist and aristocratic Magi. Maybe even thought of as a breeding mare. The fact that he was engaged already spoke volumes upon volumes regarding that. But, It wasn't as if all hope was lost. Yes he was slightly crippled and no type of healing worked but, had anyone sought to understand why it was so? If they did, did they ever succeed? The truth of it was, they didn't. Roman had died before and reincarnated, passed through the origin of all creation, the Root, retaining a self. Some part of his soul was sapped hence the dysfunctions but he'd gained much for it, a power that may shake the very world given time to truly manifest. Question was, what would he do with it? === You can find up to 7 chapters ahead at, patre0n.com/stoned_face


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