6 Thoughts and Night

Friedrich POV:

After I entered the city, I looked around for a while before resuming my walk toward the Chaldeans

'Nothing noteworthy, exactly what you'd expect from a medieval village' I noted with a clear disinterest 

I was a bit conflicted about this whole situation, if humanity was destroyed as they said, the balance of the three realms will be broken and the apocalypse would have ensued' I thought quite lost by all that was happening

'This doesn't make any sense' I sighted behind my helmet 'Napoleon and Jeanne D'arc, the true one this times it seems, she acts exactly like a saintess should, gentle and caring to everyone around her, this is both a good trait to have and a weakness, but on a battlefield gentleness and pity are sins'

'Wait,' I suddenly remembered, widening my eyes behind my mask. 'Siegfried was already dead at this time, so it's normal for him to be a Heroic Spirit, Jeanne too,but Napoleon shouldn't even be born yet !'

' How can he have left a legend if it didn't even happen yet ? ' I questioned 'I can't even question him about this too, I'm passing as a local so in theory I don't even know Napoleon'

"How troublesome this is" I muttered before accelerating to join the Chaldeans 

"Ah ! Monsieur Friedrich", said Napoleon "Do you know where Monsieur Siegfried is ? Jeanne would like to show you your rooms for tonight " asked the future emperor while looking around to find Siegfried.

"He is visiting the village a bit it seems" I said looking at the emperor "And the "Monsieur" is not needed" I added not used to have honorifics said to me

"I see, so I will go and find the dragon slayer to guide him to his lodging tonight ! " said the emperor before promptly departing

I saw the saintness letting out a sigh at his departure

"Not used to a cheerful person like him ?" I asked the group trying to pry information

"Not quite" said Jeanne "I'm still not used to his antics, it's just been a day since I joined with them" she informed me 

"That's quite short" I noted

"Yes, " replied the young boy " We have been in this Singularity since yesterday afternoon so we didn't have quite the time to make acquaintance with everyone" explained the master of Chaldea "Do you have any question Friedrich ?"

I pondered for a bit, then a question came to my mind 

"I have a question, why is the presence of Mash so different from the other Heroes ? There is still an part of humanity in your aura" I asked quite curious about this fact

Hearing my question, Mash looked at the young man, looking for his approval to respond, Ritsuka nodded giving his approval

"I am what you can call a Demi-Servant, a Heroic Spirit gave me his powers but I am still a living human " she explained looking at the sky "But I don't know who and why the Heroic Spirit chose me " she added.

'So humans can channel the power of deceased heroes ? this is totally different from the Fullbringer, what an interesting developpement, this could be an immense aid to destroy the Shinigamis' I thought quite excitedly

"Thanks for the explanation Mash" I nodded at her, she appeared quite happy to provide this explanation, what a strange girl

"We arrived " Said Jeanne stopping before a house "the owners died in the war with the English, so the mayor said that we could lodge here for the time being" she explained before entering the house " There is three beds, we heroic spirits don't needs to sleep so this is perfect for you" added the saintess

"I'll take the beds on the first floor" I informed before starting to climb the wooden stairs" And thanks for the lodging" I added before arriving in front of the door. 

"You're welcome" I heard the saintess say from the ground floor

I opened the door and entered the bedroom, well it was what I expected, a bed and a chair where I could put my uniform, the only window giving a view of the moon

"How many years have passed since I last saw the moon of the human world ? 100 or 200 years ? I don't remember very well my earlier years" I murmured looking at the beautiful celestial body reflecting the sun's light.

'Let's sleep, with the war, the void and this day in this timeline I didn't even catch a once of sleep' I thought before entering the bed "Well not that bad" I muttered judging if the bed was comfortable or not "It's better than the barrack anyway" I added with murmured words before closing my eyes and drifting to sleep

The blackness swirled around my closed eyes and after a moment I was once again in front of His Majesty, recognising the throne room, I kneeled immediately waiting for His Majesty to speak

"Friedrich, I've seen everything that transpired during the day, I must say that  I was quite impressed with you and what I saw." Said the father of all Quincy "You were already a excellent Soldat, but with a Shrift your potential skyrocketed, but you're still far of the level demanded from one of the Stern Ritter, that's why I will teach you during your sleep" added Yhwach before moving his arm and pointing one of his finger at me, 

"But first, it will be Quilge that will be in charge of your training " after saying that, I saw a light escaping for his Majesty finger. I sensed the shadow below me devouring me and after a while, I was in the training ground of the army.

On the podium was the Stern Ritter with the letter 'J' Quilge Opie, Stern Ritter J is a man that wears a variant of the typical Wandenreich uniform with white trousers, black boots and a white top fastened by a black belt with decorative buckle.

I gulped, the reputation of this man was nothing to scoff at, he was one of the most versatile Stern Ritter, he is renowned for his incredible reishi control and utilization of the technique Sklaverei, a technique that deprive the surrounding environment of his reishi and use it to unleash extremely strong attack.

"Well, what do we have here ? " said Quilge with a joyous tone "Let's shape you up to His Majesty standart !" exclaimed the quincy before using his movement skill to disappear 

'Where is he ? ' I stressed looking around the training ground

"Well ? " said a voice behind me, I turned around and the Stern Ritter was behind me, leg lifted, I used Blut on instinct to protect my stomach before a devastating blow was delivered to me

"Ughh !" I groaned before flying and hitting the wall of the training ground 

"A good defensive use of Blut," commented my assaillant "although rudimentary" he added 

"This is not like that you will impress His Majesty ! " exclaimed Quilge almost religiously 

'Well, I think I will not have a good moment tonight' I commented darkly before standing up from the rubbles and facing the Stern Ritter.

"Good, let's see what you're made of " said Quilge before creating a sword made of reishi and pointing it to me.


Well let's go little training arc for Friedrich, well I think he would have prefered to sleep peacefully but no rest for the wicked :)

See you soon :)

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