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Raiden Kagawa was an ordinary human whose life took an unexpected turn when he found himself thrust into the chaotic realm known as the DC Universe. Struggling to comprehend the enigma of his sudden transference, he discovered an extraordinary system bestowing upon him the abilities of heroic spirits from bygone eras. As Rai embarked on his journey in this unfamiliar world, he encountered numerous challenges and adversities that would undoubtedly redefine his character. The question that looms over him is this: how will a man endowed with the combined might of countless heroes confront the dual forces of hope and darkness that pervade the vast expanse of the DC Universe? . Also . If you wish to read more or simply support me just because ?  than check out my patréon at "https://www.patréon.com/Riadooo" Don't forget to change "é" to "e" //********************************************************\\

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97 Chs

The Team X Raven Vs Trigon

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He punched and punched again, but no matter what, he couldn't land a single hit on the area surrounding the tower and its garden.

"My dear child, I believe your name is Rachel, correct?" asked Merlin.

"Yes, I'm Rachel," replied Raven.

"Good. What lies deep inside you is power, a very incredible power that far outclasses your father's. You must have felt it, right? Why else would he need you to open those gates? It's because you are everything he can't be, a true inter-dimensional demon hybrid, a mix between a god and mortal!" spoke Merlin.

"Don't call me a demon! I'm nothing like him!" replied Raven with anger in her eyes, nothing she hated more than being compared to her father.

"Everyone, you are all now much more powerful. I will need you to hold him for as long as you can. You can use as many equipments as you need. I'll supply you all with my illusion magic. Now, go."

Hearing Merlin's words, the others all jumped to action. Superboy now felt complete; he could fly and laser Trigon just like his DNA father.

Robin, with the endless amount of equipment supplied to him through Merlin's illusions, was far more efficient than ever.

"Just like Raiden, Αερο Κεραινο," spoke Zatanna as she used a spell far more powerful than her normal self would ever use. "This power, AHAHAH, Father would never believe that I met Merlin, THE real Merlin!"

"HOLY CRAAAAAAP," spoke Wally as he darted faster than he ever had. He ran circles around Trigon's legs, giving him zero chance to even see him.

"YOU PATHETIC WORMS," spoke Trigon as he punched the ground, making Wally stumble. But to his shock, a purple barrier protected Wally from his strong attack.


"AAAAH," screamed Trigon as, on his back, two blades pierced his skin and slid down his back. Then water blades shot out that penetrated his back even more.

"My water, it's much more solid," spoke Kaldur.

"WHAT!" spoke Trigon, as his hands weren't able to move. In fact, they moved without his will, making him do a T-pose. He looked at the source of this power; Megan's eyes glowed green as she looked directly at him.

"YOU LITTLE-" Trigon charged his eye blast. But before he could release it, four arrows blasted his eyes and exploded. "He, he, I can shoot better than Oliver now."

With Trigon closing his eyes, Superboy took advantage of his momentary shock to deliver a flying double fist to him with the help of Robin tying his massive legs and a slight super push by Wally. Trigon fell back first.

"They are hanging on better than I thought. All have some special latent power, but they won't last long, and you know it," spoke Merlin.

"I won't become a demon," answered Raven with rage.

"Why not? I may not show it, but I'm a demon as well. I'm an Incubus. Yet at the same time, I don't harbor such evil desires that your father harbors."

Merlin walked to Raven and placed his hands on her head.

"It might be surprising, but being a mixed blood isn't a curse; it's a blessing. You can be the best of two worlds."

Merlin used his illusion magic to showcase Azarath in its prime. Beautiful women danced around fire as they laughed and joked amongst themselves.

"Mother…" spoke Raven, recognizing one of the women.

"Yes, and that little child over there is you."

"Why are you showing me this?" said Raven, once again angered by Merlin.

"Look into your mother's eyes, what do you see?"

"She was happy," replied Raven.

"Indeed she was."

"I took that away from her. All because I wanted to meet my father. If hadn't messed with the gates," spoke Raven as sadness filled her heart.

"Is that what you think? Do you think your mother was happy because she was amongst the peaceful people of Azarath?"

"Why else would she be happy!" replied Raven.

"Hmm, let's try this." The illusion changed as it showed a young six-year-old Raven asleep, and her mother sitting next to her.

"My Rachel, as long as you're safe, I can forever be happy. I know you will grow up to be the most beautiful child ever. I love you," spoke Arella, Rachel's mother.

"You might not know this, but you forever had the love of your people, Raven, even knowing what you would become and what that would bring," spoke Merlin.

"This was their duty, to protect and save you from your father, and yet, you are still afraid of him, afraid to tap into your true potential and power," added Merlin.

"If you help me, can I become someone that would make her proud?" asked Raven.

"No, I can't do that, Raven, because she's already proud of you," replied Merlin.

"Then can you help get vengeance?" asked Raven.

"Today? Yes, you can repel him, but to truly defeat him, you must become Raven on your own, without my help."

"I am ready then."


With each step, Merlin's feet created a trail of flowers as he said, "This may be temporary, but it is your true power. Its essence will be drawn out temporarily, and you will become the you you've suppressed. Hero creation! Time to awaken, child."

On the ground, Trigon's rage reached its limit. "To think that I would be brought down by measly beings such as yourselves. Foolishness! It is my blunder. I shouldn't have played with you. I will end you all."

Red energy burst from his skin, creating a barrier around him too hot to cross, forcing everyone to retreat.

Between his horns, a yellow sphere of energy was created, swirling around with incredible speed. The sphere grew larger and larger, filled with energy until it was the size of a massive city block.

"Tha plirósete gia na amfisvitísete énan Theó: Sfaíra Katastrofís."

The yellow sphere launched itself, wreaking havoc in its path, completely obliterating the surrounding area. A cloud of smoke covered everything, but light still shone in one singular area.

"The mage…I wonder how long can you last?"

The entire team found themselves teleported back to the garden of Avalon as Merlin smiled at Trigon and said, "Not much longer, I'm afraid. But... that doesn't matter because you will lose."

As soon as Merlin said that, a purple raven, the size of a skyscraper, flew towards Trigon's face. The raven blasted Trigon into the skies far upwards as a voice was heard.

"PATERAS! Aftí eínai i ekdíkisí mou, gia ti mitéra, gia ton Azarath kai gia ména!"

The raven wrapped itself around Trigon, and dark purple energy was released, countering the red energy by Trigon.

"CHILD! YOU DARE BETRAY YOUR FATHER!" screamed Trigon as he released one of his hands from the Raven's wrapping and started punching it over and over.

"Guess I'll have to help," said Merlin.

"WHAT?" Trigon looked at his shoulder to find Merlin walking on it.

In his hand, a gold sword, more holy than anything Trigon had ever laid eyes on. The sword shone with brightness, the power of good, the planet's hope.

"I hope Artoria doesn't get mad at me, but I'm going to use her power for a bit. This light is the planet's hope... proof of the life that illuminates this world! Behold! Excalibur!"

The sword released a golden torrent of energy, blasting directly at Trigon's face, melting half of it away. But the pain wasn't done. The Raven took this chance to sneak past Trigon and enter its inside from the blast's location, destroying Trigon from the inside out.

Trigon's body fell down from its high up location all the way to the endless abyss surrounding Azarath.

Raven's body shrank to her normal as she fell down on the ground, but Merlin was there to soften the fall with flowers. He then said, "You've done well, child, one step forward to a brave future."

"Did I defeat him?" asked Raven.

"For now, yes. He will come back eventually, but by that time, you will have grown stronger to fight him head-on and win on your own."

"What should I do to reach that future?"

"Join Raiden, join them, make friends. There's nothing that can make anyone stronger than the desire to protect their loved ones."

"I have to say goodbye now. The child's body can't hold on any longer; he will be out for quite a while. Make sure to keep him safe."

Merlin's body shone as he lost control, and the injured Raiden emerged once again. He fell on Raven's shoulders; she hugged him and whispered in his ears, "Thank you."

The team arrived at her location shortly, where she opened the gate back to Earth, informing Kaldur of her desire to join the team. Of course, Raven was accepted immediately. As for Raiden, he was rushed to Star Labs, but no doctor, healer, or magic could affect him; his body simply healed with time on its own. After two weeks, he opened his eyes.

"Thank you for helping her, Merlin."

"I've been observing you from afar. The tough battles aren't going to stop. You are Gaia's Chosen in this world. As such, you must grow stronger."

"Your journey is quite a long one. I'm only joining you because I'm a little curious. You haven't gained my full trust, but… I want to see what you can do. As such, here, this is for you."

{Bond Increased!

Merlin Bond 1 → Bond 5}

{Host Can Choose an Active Skill:

Dreamlike Charisma A

Illusion A

Hero Creation EX}

"You are forcing your bond to Level 5?"

"Indeed, it's easy to trick such a system, or perhaps you have earned that level of trust from me, who knows? I recommend The Charisma. Your fate is that of a leader, a King, and all kings must have Charisma," said Merlin, even recommending a skill to Raiden.

"Then I shall go with that. Thank you, Merlin."



Name: Raiden Kagawa

AKA: Rai

Gender: Male

Attribute: Man

Alignments: Chaotic・Neutral

Basic Traits: Humanoid, System's Host, Loved by Gaia

Passive Skills: Martial Arts E

Active Skills: Dreamlike Charisma A

Noble Phantasms: None


Strength: C (E) … Endurance: C (E)

Agility: C (E) … Mana: A+++

Luck: A … NP: Null



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