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Angel Aparicio is a not very common young man, when he discovers that God is an alternate version of him, with everything against him, he is sent to the world of Marvel with the powers of Gilgamesh If you want to read my work in Spanish, I'll be uploading it later

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- Son, why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend?, my mother yelled after I returned from leaving my new girlfriend at her house.

- For nothing in particular, only that today we began to be boyfriends, I answered with a smile.

- I see, that's good, I was starting to worry since I hadn't had a girlfriend, my mother said giving me a big smile, I just looked at her blankly and went to my room.

There is a year left until the events of Ironman, are you waiting for my powers? I had completely forgotten, it would be good to try them now.

Looking to my left I noticed a window, without a smile as I quietly approached and opened it.

- Shit, it's high, but I'm supposed to be Gilgamesh so I guess nothing will happen, I thought as I took all the courage I had and jumped out the window.

- My time has come, I thought while I was a meter from the ground but at that moment something shone behind me and some chains grabbed me before hitting the ground, when I turned up I noticed that 4 doors of Babylonia were open while they Enkidu's chains came off.

- Who loves you?, I asked the chains which just let go of me, falling and hitting my mouth.

- Well, not me, I whispered in pain as I stood up, luckily there was no one, after all it's 1 A.M. and this place is private property.

- First we go to the park, I went to a park that was in my memories.

I walked a couple of blocks before arriving, I noticed with relief that the park was empty, it was a moment of truth.

- Well, how should I start? The chains came out on their own without me ordering it, so it could have been unconsciously when detecting a danger.

- When I was in Babylonia I remember that just thinking about it appeared, but will it really be that easy?, I thought.

- Oh, how about I summon the knife I had.

I tried to focus on my hand as I thought about the knife I had when it appeared in Babylonia and a second later a golden ripple appeared on my hand which materialized the ceremonial knife.

- Perfect, but let's see how many doors I can open, I thought while I was concentrating thinking that I opened 100 doors, suddenly the whole place where I was shining due to 7 ripples which were behind me.

- Only 7? I'm screwed, but well, oh wait, if a smile as I thought of a specific method of transportation.

With a blink of an eye the outfit he had on earlier which was the same clothes he had worn all day changed to golden armor and all the gates of Babylonia dispersed as a larger one opened revealing a huge ship in the sky. which I climbed with a smile.

- The Vimana, Gilgamesh's method of transportation par excellence, let's see how it goes, I told myself as I took flight in the direction of no specific course.

- Uh!, What is that?, Oh wait, I feel tired, I whispered suddenly, only two minutes had passed, but at that moment the Vimana disappeared in golden particles next to my armor, while I fell looking at everything with resignation.

-I just hope I don't die, I thought as he fell into the void of a street being unconscious in the middle of the fall.

In another side...

-Sir we have detected an Unidentified Flying Target, said a girl in front of a giant monitor while she focused the camera on a strange ship.

Nick Fury expected a calm and reasonable person, but seeing this strange ship flying over the skies of New York was alarming, especially considering

- Focus on the driver, said Fury seriously.

-Yes, answered the same girl while she with a keyboard approached the view of the drone that followed the ship focused on the driver,

In it you could see a young blond with red eyes in a large golden armor looking at everything as if only occasionally ants, but at that moment he would focus his gaze on the drone, which alarmed everyone in the room but for a second then the ship disappeared leaving the blonde in free fall, who apparently was left unconscious.

- The target is falling, said the same girl, a little worried since such a fall would kill even the most resistant.

As he was about to hit the ground two golden ripples appeared from which chains shot out like lightning and grabbed the young man and slowly lowered him before disappearing.

- What was that?, Nick asked surprised when he saw the chains.

-Apparently they are chains, sir, replied a man next to him.

- I know what they are, I mean the golden circles, corrected Fury

- Ah, I don't know sir, maybe some method of teleportation, since the chains come from there, maybe they are somewhere else, the man answered.

-Could be, don't stop watching him, Fury said as he left the room and called a number.

-Natasha, go to the location I'll send you along with the information in a few moments, he said and hung up while he went to his office.

In a departament...

Natasha Romanoff was known as the best assassin, but when she fell into the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D. her only function was to serve them, otherwise she would possibly be killed, so she resigned herself to following the missions that were entrusted to her, but she is in particular perplexed by her.

- Pretend to be a pretty girl who found a possible being from another world lying while trying to get all the information possible? Well, even if he is handsome, Natasha thought looking at a computer with the information they had managed to collect since he was born. sighted.

-I guess it's because of the proximity, well here we go, Natasha said to herself as she changed from her gothic outfit to normal clothes while she hid several knives and a gun, just in case.

Natasha quickly made her way to the intended position as she watched a drone that was barely visible, but her eyesight was higher than normal so she managed to see it.

Upon reaching an alley, I only managed to see the unconscious boy, in person he looked more handsome, but leaving that aside, he took him in his arms and went to a hotel that was owned by S.H.I.E.L.D for this type of mission where it had to be done. pass for a normal girl, the reason why Enkidu's chains did not come off was due to the almost zero amount of mana that Gilgamesh had left, the use of the last two chains that were to save his life left him with a lower amount of mana, so it would take several hours for the boy to wake up.

Upon arrival, she saw several normal people or well, they seemed like that, but they were infiltrated agents, who only nodded when they saw her, she went to her room, she already had several stories created about her past so that the other side discovering her was almost impossible or well that's what he thought, after all the boy in his arms knew even his Rule34.

The person to be with this guy was Alessandra Wallen, a 22-year-old college girl from the UK who came to New York on vacation, on her way to her hotel after buying a drink as she couldn't sleep after changing clothes. time between countries, he knew that boys his age were probably interested in comics and anime, how he had seen it with several other boys.

She put the young man on the bed but later she remembered an interesting position which was to put the boy's head on his thighs while they slept, something that she had seen in an anime to analyze the behavior of girls in that area.

Staying in that position, she simply waited for the boy to wake up.

6 hours later...

It was 7:30 AM, Natasha thought about sleeping since the boy wouldn't wake up, but the idea made her shake her head, she didn't know this boy and from the report he was probably anything but normal so she had to be careful, but in That moment he felt something.

-What time is it?, I yawn as she opened her eyes only to meet the sight of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life, although she knew her which was what surprised me the most.

"Good morning," Natasha said in the sweetest voice she could muster as she gave him a loving smile.

I blanked out looking at this girl as a blush graced my face, why was Natasha Romanoff giving me that smile and why was I lying on her soft thighs, this is bad, feeling that will make it, uh, actually it's over stop.

I quickly stepped aside as I sat up straight with my back to Natasha, after all I didn't want her to see my erection.

Natasha was surprised and gave a smile since the boy's blush was probably due to the position or perhaps because of her, after all she was aware of his attractiveness, but she had also noticed the boy's erection a few minutes before, his professionalism made her not to do anything, but if he wasn't on a mission he wouldn't mind touching him a bit, that in turn made him not be surprised to see how the boy got away from her.

- Who are you?, I ask with fake confusion in my voice, after all I knew this girl from head to toe.

- My name is Alessandra Wallen, I found you unconscious in an alley and I thought you had been mugged or something, Natasha said with false concern, a lot of falsehood will come out of both of us.

- Hmm, no, I was unconscious from tiredness, you see, I trained a lot, that's why the dust on my clothes, I told him giving him a embarrassed smile, finally my erection had disappeared, letting me turn around to see that beautiful girl again, but I also notice that he had put it in, probably it was a mission or something similar, how he did it with Tony Stark.

- I see, and what's your name? Natasha asked, curious.

- I am Gilgamesh, I replied without further ado.

- Like the one from mythology?, Natasha asked surprised, but now truly, although also distrustful, she had realized that the boy lied to her like it was nothing, but at the same time it was possible, after all Gilgamesh was a guy who according to the legends had magic, something that It was impossible, but for some reason he didn't feel a lie from the boy.

Meanwhile, Nick Fury, who was listening through a hidden microphone, began to search for the boy's information.

- I already found it sir! Said an employee and showed him a screen where the information of the objective came out.

- Gilgamesh Aparicio, 19 years old, studies at the university and is quite intelligent, son of Aura Aparicio, a billionaire investor who invested too much money in Stark Industries. He read the information Fury.

Natasha heard the information through a small earpiece in her ear that was covered by her hair, but I heard it too.

So they already found me, Although it bothers me a bit, it was my fault for not knowing that I had so little mana, I will have to find a way to increase my reserves.

-Yes, my mother really likes the history of Mesopotamia and she gave me that name, I replied with a calm smile as she watched Natasha calm down a bit due to the information, but she still kept her guard up.

- Hey do you like anime? Natasha asked with a blush, this girl is a professional after all forcing a blush was surprising.

- Yes, why?, That was the word that Natasha needed to hear to continue with her plan or well, Fury's plan, both Fury and she knew that seducing someone was the easiest way to get information, and the boy in front of her who had just entered adulthood probably had very active hormones.

Natasha in a quick movement had the intention of getting on top of the boy and saying a couple of things in her ear but in that moment four chains came out of nowhere and captured her four limbs.

When Gilgamesh noticed that he felt his cover was off, after all the chains activate themselves upon sensing danger and noted Natasha's furtive glance at Gilgamesh as signal enough to catch the girl before she could even touch him. .

In S.H.I.E.L.D. everything fell silent when noticing how the same chains that saved the boy now had his agent trapped.

- My mana dropped by 40%, so each chain takes away 10%, it would bother me, but at the same time I understand that these chains are my weapon of victory along with EA, so I won't question, I thought.

Natasha who was chained was surprised, she tried to free herself with all her strength but the chains did not move a millimeter, she was surprised by the strength of the chains but she was more surprised that the boy in front of her did not flinch at all, he even seemed thoughtful as he stared into space.

-Hey you can free me, Natasha said blankly, she didn't think she would do it but the next thing she surprised him.

- Ok, I replied while the chains disappeared, after all if I tried anything they would reappear and with all the pain in the world I would have to kill her by invoking a sword, although I doubted that I would do it, I trusted that I was smart enough.

- Tell me Natasha, what were you trying to do?, I asked her with a frown, I didn't care if she knew who she was, after all I couldn't find a decent excuse to join the avengers other than to intervene in events of other future heroes like Ironman or Captain America.

-Who is Natasha?, Natasha asked trying to look confused, but seeing her expression of surprise that lasted less than a second was obvious.

- Do not try to hide from me Natasha Romanoff, nor you Nick Fury, I am aware that you are watching and listening to us, I said to Natasha and then to a wall where you could see a small camera lens.

In S.H.I.E.L.D. everyone was alert, after all that the boy knew that you were spied on was a problem both for them and for Natasha, although Natasha was finally not that important.

Natasha was equally surprised, she quickly went to the other side of the room and pulled a gun from somewhere in her pants.

- Oh! So you're trying to attack me? Me, a superior being? on the outside he seemed calm and arrogant on the inside I was scared, after all it was the first time that a gun was pointed at me and although I am aware that it will not hurt me much I know that it is a problem and even so I continue to come from a world in which a gun was the deadliest weapon so I still have a bit of that fear.

- I won't attack you if you don't attack me, said Natasha, ready for anything.

- You know Natasha, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life, marry me, I said with all the seriousness I mustered.

-What? Natasha asked confused, she never thought she would tell him that.

- Tell him yes!, Nick exclaimed through the communicator.

-Yes-, Natasha was going to say but she was interrupted.

- You shut up Nick, I can hear you up to a kilometer away, and I want the decision to be yours.

her, if you try to threaten her or anything similar I will take care of taking down all of S.H.I.E.L.D. leaving no survivors, remember that you don't know me at all, but I know you perfectly, I said while my eyes became slits looking at the camera.

Natasha was confused, they had just threatened the place where she worked but for some reason she didn't feel angry, well it was obvious, indirectly she was saving her if at any time she made a mistake she knew that the guy in front of her had the power to keep his words.

- I accept, said Natasha without further ado.

I looked at her looking for some sign of a lie or the like but I only found hope in her eyes, this guy thinks I meant it, well I already have a girlfriend but I know I'm putting her in danger and more so by not knowing the future of EndGame Though on second thought that was the biggest threat, well I should go to Sorcerer Supreme, I don't remember her name, but seeing the future would be nice, or better yet, I'll become Sorcerer Supreme.

- Are you okay? Natasha asked, still alert but under the gun, waiting for the answer.

- Eh?, If I just let myself go, I told her with a smile while my weapon dispersed in golden particles, anyway if she tried to attack me the chains would stop her.

I approached the camera that was hidden in the wall and with one blow I destroyed it.

- Take off the microphone, I told him with authority.

"Wait," Nick was going to say, but Natasha took it from him along with the microphone.

"And now?" she asked confused.

- Take off your clothes, ok no, give it to me, I told him with a mischievous look.

She only frowned more, but she handed me the microphone and earpiece.

With a simple squeeze of my hand both things were destroyed, I gave a smile and told him.

- You know, I have a girlfriend, but I don't want to put her in danger and you are the necessary excuse to leave her, I told her while my look changed to a sad one, I was really acting, I just didn't want to continue with the relationship, it was too fast and I really didn't I felt nothing for her but a slight affection for what we spent together, and since I didn't want to harm her, I'll just go to the sorceress and tell her to erase her memories, I'll think about how to convince her.

- It's okay? I guess, answered Natasha uncomfortably since she really didn't care.

-Well, come with me, I'll take you to a place, I told her as she extended my hand.

"Okay," she said as she took my hand a little unsteadily, but she was surprised that she would just walk to the door and open it, walking out of the room and heading me to who she knows where.

-Well maybe you wanted to guide me to the exit?, I told her embarrassed as she just nodded blankly and guided me, I felt a bad premonition as she stopped me and since we were holding her hand she stopped too.

-What's wrong?, she asked me confused.

- Are you stupid? It is obvious that they will ambush us, and probably kill us both, I told him without further ado.

-You're right, do you have another way to escape?, I ask it would be her.

- Yes, I said with a smile, I opened a window that was next to me and I noticed several cars to my right, probably people who were heading to the entrance, but I also noticed that they saw several windows, luckily the one I was in was not was one of them.

From one moment to another I took her as a princess, she didn't try to free herself so I just jumped with her in my arms, I noticed how she tensed up and opened her eyes wide but I just gave her a smile, when we were about to drop a ship It flew by at high speed, falling on top of us without harming us because I landed on my feet.

-Ready, I told her as I sat with her still in my arms, she looked around her and noticed that we were in the strange ship that she had seen in the report.

- Do you like it? It's called Vimana and it's my transport ship, I told him with a smile.

-It's... Pretty, she said, not knowing what to answer.

-Sure, but not more than you, I told her to make her smile but she just looked at me strangely.

Why is this not an anime, she should blush and fall in love with me while she kisses me and calls me Gilgamesh-kun, does this count as infidelity?, Nah if she doesn't remember it won't happen.

- We traveled for a few hundred meters until I saw a particular building.

-Wait?, Where do you have your black suit?, I asked letting her stand up, when she did she hardly moved for fear of falling or so I think.

- Is that for what?, Natasha asked.

- Well, you look more let's say hot and we have to be presentable, I told him with an arrogant smile.

- Is it okay?, Natasha said pointing to a building, luckily it's not far, but I noticed with displeasure that too many people were taking photos of my Vimana, this is bad. I quickly flew to the direction Natasha pointed and jumped next to her, the Vimana continued past us and we passed unnoticed.

- How are your legs not broken? Natasha asked looking.

- I'm a demigod. What did you expect?, I ask with a smile.

- We'll leave that for later, go change here, I'll wait for you.

she knows he went and quickly went to a corner, noticing the boner he had, damn, without his suit it's already hot enough to give me a boner not to mention that he sat on me for a while, it was lucky he didn't stop, though I feel a little bad for being so direct with her, I feel like she might end up hating me, but I can't help it, being able to say whatever I want because I have the power to do it is so satisfying, in my past life I couldn't say anything for which was nothing, but now I'm strong enough to stand on top of the universe, not the multiverse, Damn Loki idiot, you only make things worse.

Two minutes passed and she came back, she looked even better than in the movies she watched, damn another boner.

-Ahem, I'm sorry to behave like this with you, I've had little social interaction for as long as I can remember and I can't help but be arrogant with people, I told him as I turned around to prevent him from seeing my face in all its splendor.

- It doesn't matter, they've treated me worse, Natasha said sarcastically, I just turned my head and gave her a sad look, but this time it really was sadness, she never deserved to be treated like that in Russia, but well.

"Well, let's go?" I told her with a fond smile as she held out my arms.

She just gave a small smile since she knew she hadn't lied when I apologized and she walked over to me and hugged me.

-Shit, I feel her whole body, but this is not the time for that, I thought as she hugged her waist and did everything possible to keep my crotch away from hers.

I approached the balcony of the roof of the building while she looked down and just jumped, it seemed that she was not afraid, but inside I was dying every time I jumped.

We fell back into the Vimana and went back to the other building.

When we arrived we did the same thing only falling into the opposite building.

- Is it here?, Natasha asked.

-No, it's in front, I answered while she jumped from the building, luckily there were only 4 floors and I managed to fall without damage, leaving the alley we managed to see our destination in front of us.

- And that's it? Natasha asked a little impatiently.

-Welcome to the Holy Sanctorum, or the sanctuary of New York, the place where the sorcerer supreme is, I really don't remember her name so ignore the first thing, I said with a smile and then embarrassed.

- Sorcerer Supreme? Don't question me since what you used was probably magic or so, Natasha replied resignedly, it was too much information to assimilate in such a short time.

In golden particles a suit appeared on my body, leaving my entire upper half exposed.

(The same one I used in Babylonia)

- Interesting outfit, said Natasha looking closely at my whole body.

- Thank you, they tell me a lot, I told him with a mischievous smile while we both walked towards the other street.

People were looking at us too much, it was a bit awkward, but I decided to ignore it as we just came over and played.

The door opened to reveal a bald woman in strange clothes, but certainly not as strange as mine.

I quickly noticed my mana which was about half of her, I didn't worry too much, I just hoped I didn't have to fight her.

- Hello Supreme Sorceress, I greeted her with an arrogant smile.

She opened her eyes wide but a second later they returned to normal.

- Hello Gilgamesh, I greet the distrustful sorceress.

- Can we come in? I would like to discuss some things, you know, I asked.

-Sure come in, she said noticing all the people who were looking at them strangely.

As she passed by, she pointed out some armchairs in which we sat down.

- Well, let me introduce myself, I'm Gilgamesh and Natasha is next to me, it's a pleasure, I told him with a normal smile, arrogance was not necessary after all, my goal was not to be an enemy of this woman, but to train me in some way. near future.

- Nice to meet you, I am Ancestral, the supreme sorceress, I also greet giving a smile, but I knew that I was still alert, probably she knows me or knows my past self.

- Well, what do you need?, I ask curious.

- Well you see, I would like you to erase the memories of a group of people, more specifically, erase their memories of me, I said narrowing my eyes with a smile.

- You know I won't do that, right? King of heroes, I ask, also giving a challenging smile.

"Hmm, are you sure?" I asked as two Babylonian doors opened behind me and my smile widened.

"That's what I should ask," answered the Supreme Sorceress as two shields of magic formed in her hands.

Natasha was tense, she felt an oppression coming out of both people and she didn't know what to do, she only got ready when she noticed that Gilgamesh opened two doors while she put a hand on her weapon, prepared for what was going to happen.

- If you do it I will owe you a favor, if you don't I will make you do it by force, I said while another door of Babylonia opened on the ground from which I slowly got out or a sword that made Natasha and the Sorceress Supreme tense as they felt death on their necks at the sight of that sword.

- Surely you will know this sword, right?, I asked while my smile became more arrogant, my ego was in the sky, I didn't know why, but when I took out EA I felt that nothing in the world could stop me.

- EA, the strongest weapon in the world, no, in the universe, said Ancestral resigned.

- Then if you will help me?, I asked childishly.

- Well, there's no other way, and even if you threaten me, I know you're not bad, replied the bald man.

- Who knows, but hey, let me explain.

End of chapter...

4.700 words, not bad OwO, I hope you don't mind the attitude of the main character, remember that he is a guy who hardly had any social interaction and tends to get too hot, that's why he doesn't know how to deal with people and I accept a relationship so quickly that probably it wouldn't last long...