1 New World R-18

I translate this with Google translator.

warning, the version of Gilgamesh used is an alternative, that is, it is different and will have changes to possibly benefit the protagonist of another story -ejempuffy- well that was all I hope to enjoy the story.

The universe as a whole is mysterious, including the beings that inhabit it, but among all of them there was one that stood out from the rest, although for everyone it would be just someone else, for the creator of the whole it was a very interesting specimen, well after all it was an alternate version of him so his interest was clear.

- What are you looking at? Asked a girl with green eyes, brown hair down to her back wrapped in a white ribbon, the girl was quite attractive to look at.

- You know, alternate versions, I was watching this me for a while and let me tell you that it is very interesting, I mean his personality, in everything else he is quite common, answered a guy with blond hair, blue eyes with a band with a curious sign on his forehead, looking out of what looked like a television.

- Hmm. And what's interesting about it?, The girl said to herself looking at the screen seeing a boy with black hair and black eyes watching an anime.

- The interesting thing is not what he sees, but what he thinks, answered the blond hair while the sound was heard from the screen.

-Gilgamesh is an idiot, the biggest idiot I've ever seen in my life, having the ability to kill whoever gets in front of him, his arrogance clouds his intelligence. To die for not considering someone worthy? How stupid, what is the use of calling yourself superior if you are so inferior as not to realize the potential of the enemy, as the saying goes, someone's worst enemy is oneself, or was it something So, thought the boy in front of a computer watching Gilgamesh's death for the tenth time that day and analyzing its stupidity.

- Yes, it's particular, usually your alternate versions tend to adore Gilgamesh, to say the least, the green-eyed girl told the blond hair.

- Certainly Monika, after all the influence of Gilgamesh's character leads some to acquire an arrogance even worse than his, said the blonde to the now recognized Monika.

- Don't you speak for yourself? Monika asked sarcastically.

- Hmm, well it doesn't matter, it's time for him to come, otherwise his personality will change a lot and it will be useless to me, said the blond while on the screen suddenly a shadow appeared behind the black hair and with a kick his head flew out .

- Why are deaths getting worse? Monika asked with a shiver.

The blond just ignored her while the same boy who had just been killed came out of a portal.

- I'm dead? Unexpected, for some reason I'm not panicking and every time I'm about to explode my emotions seem to reset, it's obvious that's why now I can analyze the situation, I'm not even going to try to do anything, probably the person or thing that brought me here exceeds human existence in several aspects, especially considering that I'm dead, another possibility is that I left myself unconscious and now I'm facing some mobster or something similar, although I doubt it enough I already recognized the two people in front of me, Namikaze Minato from the anime Naruto and Monika, a character from the video game Doki Doki Literature Club.

The two watched as the boy changed his expression exaggeratedly, at first it was a tremendous fear, but due to a skill his expression went blank, then repeated itself and then turned to astonishment when he turned to see them, then it turned to fear and compression before finally saying something.

-Namikaze Minato, Monika, my name is Angel Aparicio and I am a simple human, the boy introduced himself while he stood up.

- Interesting, in fact very interesting, said the blond with a smile.

- Hello, as you said, I'm Monika and this next to me is Puffy, Monika introduced herself with a smile.

"Puffy? So that's it," the black-haired whispered with wide eyes but a second later he was back to normal.

- Well, interesting observation yours Angel, although a little wrong, said Puffy.

- Wrong? Angel asked.

- That's right, but it will be something you'll realize over time, answered Puffy.

- Over time? That means I'll be reincarnated, questioned Angel.

- That's right, but everything will be completely random, you can touch from the power of Krillin to the power of Zeno-Sama and you can touch the world of SpongeBob or Spy x Family, it all depends on luck.

- Spy x Family? Angel asked confused.

- Hmm, oh yeah, you died in 2021 so you don't know him, well it doesn't matter, a roulette will appear in your mind and it will show you what you got, I'm a little busy so bye, Puffy said goodbye with a forced smile while he kicked in the stomach and flew towards a portal that appeared behind him.

- You are very hard with your reincarnations lately, Monika scolded a little annoyed.

- Mah, Mah, after these reincarnations are very unnecessary, the only important ones are Tobi, Alter and Angel, the rest don't matter, Puffy replied casually, looking towards the portal that had just closed.

With Angel...

-Hmm, it seems that the other me doesn't like him, it's weird but he didn't look anything like me, rather, I don't look anything like him. I was going to continue with my thoughts but I heard something in front of me.

[You want to start with reincarnation]

[If not]

I thought about the yes option while another window appeared in front of me.

[Starting roulette to choose the power/character.]

I spin a wheel with various names and known powers, including Black Goku, Satoru Gojo, Sasuke Uchiha, Rimuru Tempest, Giyu Tomioka, Baki Hanma, even some crazy people like Nimu or Gawr Gura, vtubers from my world, quite curious.

[Gilgamesh - Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works.]

The roulette stopped at a name that left me with a bad taste in my mouth, I was between happy and doubtful, especially because I died right in the scene where Gilgamesh died, happy because despite everything Gilgamesh is very powerful, but doubtful why it was the Stay Night version and not the Grand Order version which was stronger since it could be Grand Caster although I doubt I can access it but it's all up to me other version.

[Starting roulette to choose the world.]

The wheel began to spin and I could see different worlds, I just hoped it wasn't a world like Dragon Ball or the Marvel and DC comics, although with the last two it wouldn't be such a problem, it would be something to take into account.

[Marvel - MCU.]

Reading the first word made me pale, but reading the rest calmed me down, but not enough. In what time would it appear? Perhaps at the beginning of the story or before or after, nobody knows and the worst thing is that I haven't seen the last Spiderman movie, it came out in 3 months and by bad or good luck I died.

[How old do you want to be?]


I chose 19 just in case, I thought they would give me a choice of a year to arrive but the following surprised me.

[Traveling the world]






[575 BC Babylonia]

I opened my eyes in front of a throne room in which I was sitting.

- Where am I?, I wondered confused seeing everything around me as I stood up.

- Is your majesty alright? Asked a girl a few meters from me.

I got a little excited but I pulled myself together and told him.

- I'm fine, I'm going to take a bath, I said as I walked out of the room, while memories came to my mind.

My name is Gilgamesh I am the king of Uruk, I have ruled Babylonia for 20 years and I have access to all the powers of Gilgamesh and I have a curious knife in my hand, I thought seeing a knife apparently made of gold in my hand.

Apparently it's a ceremonial dagger that has been handed down from generation to generation and now belongs to me, something worthy of Gilgamesh, but it's not that big of a deal.

Upon reaching the entrance of the hot springs that I saw in my memories I managed to see another girl with a towel in her hand, she bowed and handed me the towel, followed by that I entered the place.

Upon entering the first thing I did was see myself in the reflection of the water.

What I saw was a red-eyed blond boy with a slim but fit complexion, with a red pattern all over my body, tattoos I noticed but I didn't care and simply took off what little clothing and jewelry I had on before entering the water and relax, I began to think about the Why? Of everything that was going on, in the first place. Wasn't he supposed to show up in 2009 AD? and not in fucking 575 B.C. but well minor things, maybe it's to complement my story as Gilgamesh the king of heroes or something like that, from what I saw in my memories the only one with magic here except for my dead parents or well my mother, leaving aside that rest for a while analyzing more of the information and realizing that there was nothing more relevant so I just relaxed but on that.

- Your majesty, we are under attack!, Exclaimed the girl from before with fear on her face, I went blank for a second, while a blush spread over my face since I was naked, but in a second it disappeared while my memories from before they came to me, giving me an idea of ​​what to do.

-Get out, I'm on my way, I told her as she realized that she was naked and quickly left the place.

-Shit not a second in this world and I already have to fight, well I'm a little excited, let's see what happens, I thought as she put everything on me and quickly left, following the girl while she gave me a quick report.

- Some strange beasts attack us sir, it is unknown what type they are, but they are quite many and very fast, so many warriors die before they can kill them, the girl told me, quite worried, jogging while I followed her with a look between serious and excited .

- Maybe it's the demonic beasts I saw in Fate/Grand Order, or maybe others, well it doesn't matter, it's time to fight? ear, I thought excitedly as we left the palace seeing the warriors fighting with the beasts, but among them I saw some strange people.

- Hey, who are they?, I asked him confused since even in my memories they didn't appear.

- I don't know sir, but they are helping us and apparently they also have powers like you.

- Hmm, ok, I replied as I continued to watch, we had the advantage so there was no need to worry.

- Let's see how my power is going, I whispered with an excited smile which changed to arrogant as I looked around the battlefield seeing the objectives and with a thought dozens of Babylonian doors opened behind me, surprising and scaring the girl next to me side.

With a thought all the weapons were launched, killing all the strange beasts, apparently they weren't the ones from Fate or maybe that's how they look in 3D, well I don't know, things to think about in the future, now it's time to see why those guys who look like superheroes are here and they look at me in amazement, but first I introduce myself.

Listening to the cheers of my people, I looked at the foreigners who decided to help me.

- My name is Gilgamesh, I am the king of Uruk, I appreciate your help but even so, I will ask you to introduce yourself and tell me your intentions in my kingdom!, I exclaimed with the grace worthy of a king looking at the strangers.

They looked at each other even more confused and then all turning to see one of his companions who, more confused, just looked at me.

A brown-haired girl in a green suit came forward and introduced herself.

- I am Ajak and I am the leader of the Eternals, said the cautious girl.

- I'm Ikaris, said a boy in a blue suit.

- I'm Thena.

- I'm Sprite.

- I'm Druig.

- I'm King.

- I'm Sersi.

- I'm Phastos.

Almost everyone introduced themselves and a girl waved while the guy named Druig translated.

- I'm Makkari.

There was one left to introduce himself which was a guy with Asian features who gave me a strange look and then said.

- I am Gilgamesh.

I stared at him trying to see if he was kidding me or lying, but apparently not.

- Well, our intention in your kingdom was to kill the beasts that you killed, said the leader with all the respect she could give, although very badly since she interrupted me when I was about to speak, but I'll let it pass since I don't know if be dangerous, although their abilities were interesting, they seem to be mere mutants, although he said something about Eternals, oh I remember, it was a marvel movie that would come out in a month, well it's interesting.

- I see, well as thanks you are welcome to be here, I replied to everyone while I simply turned around and went back to my palace.

A few hours later...

I spent a few hours observing the movements that these Eternals made, from what I saw they have a fairly advanced ship at this time, maybe aliens? I don't know but it seems that they are not hostile, well that Ikaris guy gave me a strange vibe, but nothing to worry about, with EA in my possession not even The One Above All can stand up to me.

Note that the girl from the team, if I remember correctly Sprite, was telling a story to the citizens, when I focused on what she was talking about, I was able to hear that she was talking about me and Enkidu, or well, the story that is being told, how do you know her? , I have no idea since Enkidu does not exist in this world but well.

In that I managed to feel something in my crotch.

- What's going on?, I questioned excitedly while everything around me began to fragment while a light filled everything.

[Monday May 4, 2009]

- Happy birthday Gilgamesh! Said a blonde woman with blue eyes looking at me with a smile on top of me, I got nervous since the girl's intimate area was right on top of mine, I didn't want something disastrous to happen so I removed the woman off of me and put her next to me on the bed.

At one point a tremendous headache came over me causing me to moan in pain, but a second later it vanished, it was strange since when I appeared in Babylonia that didn't happen.

- Are you okay son? Asked the woman next to me looking at me with concern.

-Nothing mom, just a little headache, I replied assimilating the information while she gave him a smile.

-I see, but still, Happy Birthday!, Exclaimed the one now known as my mother while she gave me a hug.

- You are already 19 years old son, you are becoming a man, said my mother beginning to tear up.

-Don't cry mom, try to calm her down while she kept thinking about everything.

Apparently I'm Gilgamesh Aparicio my mother's only son, apparently my father died in an accident when I was 5 years old and since then he hasn't had a partner, I attend university, I thought I would have Gilgamesh's personality but apparently he was a kind boy , a little unpleasant to be honest, it also seems that he did not know my abilities but he was quite outstanding in the physical and had a rare anomaly that gave me red eyes, nothing unusual within what cabe, too many girls are interested in me but apparently the me before having my memories was an idiot and didn't have a girlfriend, well that's an advantage so I gladly accept it, my mother seems to be a pretty good investor who invested too much in Industries Stark, that will help me get closer to Tony Stark in case of anything, it's May 4, 2009 so there is about a year left for the events of Ironman 1 to happen, so I have time to plan what to do with my life to future.

- Well son, you should get ready to go to university, if not you will be late, when you arrive we can celebrate, my mother warned, stopping crying and giving me a smile.

- Yes, mom, I told her as she left the room, leaving me alone.

Well now I have to think, I just met those Eternals, I killed some weird monsters and everything was destroyed while I woke up and I had a woman who is now my mother, it's my birthday and I don't know if that was a dream or a memory.

At that moment I remembered that I had to go to college and I quickly took the first clothes I found, I don't know if it was a coincidence or the one I wear the most but I put on black pants with a white shirt and a black sweater.

When I finished dressing I saw more of my memories and left my room towards the kitchen where my mother gave me breakfast every day before going to university.

Upon arrival I managed to see my new mother cooking, I saw her more closely and noticed her attractive body, I gave myself a mental blow since now she was my mother and I couldn't have those kinds of thoughts, but I just couldn't forget my previous mother and although my memories of this world told me that she was my mother, my memories of the other world said that she was a woman not my mother, putting aside my perversion I saw that my mother put two plates on the table while she turned to see me.

-Breakfast is ready, honey, she said happily as she sat down, I just followed her, I noticed that she had a black shirt and pants of the same color

- Take advantage, I said while taking a fork and eating bacon and egg and pancakes, a typical American breakfast, oh I forgot, I currently live in New York, in a quite luxurious apartment near the university where I go but even more near the Stark Tower, where my mother usually goes from time to time since she is one of those who has invested the most in Stark Industries.

- Son, are you okay? You look strange, I ask my worried mother, after all I kept silent for much of breakfast.

-She's nothing mother, I'm just thinking that I'm already 19, I told her giving her a smile.

- Well, after all, in a year you finish university and you have to look for a job, although you already know that you can decide to be an investor like your mother, my mother said calming down.

- Thanks for the food, it was delicious, I said some time later when I finished breakfast.

-It's nothing son, remember that when you come back from university we're going to celebrate, remember that I'll invite a friend who wants to meet you, my mother said goodbye while she kissed me and went to work.

-Yes, take care, I told her as she watched her go.

Well it's time to go to university, I'm a little tired from everything that happened today, not even a day passed and I already died, revived, lived four hours like a king and finally ended up in a luxury house as the son of a billionaire investor, but well nothing to write home about, obviously it's sarcasm.

Leaving the apartment I went down to the garage while with the keys I had in hand I opened the locks of a Lamborghini Huracán Performante, good tastes of my past self.

When I got in the car I turned it on and left the garage, with another button I closed it and left for the university.

Despite being kind, he was also quite extravagant and very narcissistic although he kept that to himself, I am going to slowly change my personality so that it does not seem to change from one day to the next, I feel strange, despite having been reincarnated less than One day I don't feel remorse or sadness for leaving my past life, even thinking about my family, it's probably something that Puffy did, but well, leaving that aside, I'm about to arrive.

When I arrived at the university, all those present stared at the car, the excited girls and the envious boys, it did not seem strange to me since in my memories that always happened, I simply parked, got out of the car and went to my classroom without giving them one look, from here I would start to change my attitude towards people, so I have to be cold.

When I got to my classroom, several people congratulated me. I just thanked them with a cold look, which confused people, but I just ignored it and sat down waiting for my teacher.

Hours later...

I was sitting in the coffee shop in the corner as I watched everyone looking at me weirdly and chatting with each other, with me being the main topic of conversation.

So all groups.

- Gilgamesh is acting very strange.

-Yeah, but he's great.

- Has something happened to him?

Those kinds of questions were heard in the cafeteria, but I heard something strange outside, so without saying a word I left the cafeteria.

When I left I heard the noises louder, I prepared myself mentally in case it was some bully bothering a girl but when I arrived in front of an alley I was surprised.

- I already told you that's all I have, a boy growled, I thought they were hitting him but when I got closer I noticed something, ahem, curious to put it that way.

- And so you plan to please me? Said a girl who was being ahem, you already know.

- Shit, I'm going to cum!, The boy whispered out loud.

- If we only have 2 minutes! And do it outside you idiot!!, the girl almost yelled, the boy finished outside her.

- ...., I think I should go back, I thought as I turned around but I stepped on a branch that was conveniently placed.

-Hey!, Exclaimed the girl seeing me, since she was literally looking in my direction but she didn't notice me until I stepped on the branch.

- Hey!, The boy also exclaimed who, seeing me, ran away.

- Idiot don't leave me here!, Whispered the girl, only I heard her since I whispered too low, she simply fell to the floor and began to cry.

I just stood there, not knowing what to do until I remembered a phrase from Gilgamesh. "I have tasted all the pleasures in the world."

[Lemon warning: This is my first +18 so don't wait too long, watch it under his own care and remember that after lemon there is still more to read from the chapter]

I shook my head, but at the same time I looked carefully at the girl, average body with breasts a little above average, orange brown hair and eyes of the same color, she had her skirt down along with her panties, little by little she let me carried away by the feeling, I had just been touched by another man, but nothing I couldn't put aside, the excitement blinding me as I slowly approached her, my judgment clouded.

- Are you okay?, I asked as kindly as possible.

- Why are you still here? Are you coming to make fun of me? Asked the girl looking at me while more tears came out.

- Don't worry, I see that idiot doesn't please you, but I could give you all the pleasures in the world, I told him while my pupils contracted and then dilated like those of a snake that had just seen a very appetizing prey.

"W-What!?" The girl asked in shock as a blush filled her face but she thought about the blonde's proposal.

- Uh, it's okay, he's not my boyfriend anymore, the girl whispered sadly.

I just smiled as my eyes dilated even more, my hormones were going crazy, I let out a breath too hot while doing my best to contain myself while thinking about what to do now, I had thought that the girl would go and call me a pervert or stalker but I end up accepting something that surprised me.

Unable to contain myself anymore I took the girl in my arms and started running towards a far away place, from my past memories I remember a significantly hidden place, probably no one will see us there, so I hope everything goes well.

- Ah!, Where did you take me-?, Said the girl but my lips interrupted her words, I began to kiss her while I ran and hid from all the people who were around, when I reached the place which was a small alley dead end which had a medium tree just a meter and a half before the end of the alley, I quickly approached the tree and left the girl sitting there, who was still in shock due to the kiss.

- Are you sure?, I asked her more out of reflex than out of consideration, if it were up to me I would have thrown myself at her and devoured her, but I don't want to end up like an ahem you know and end up a couple of years in jail.

- Y-yes, do you really want to do it with me? There are many girls much better than me, I ask with a mixture of sadness and pity.

- Mah, it's okay, my duty is to give you pleasure, I can't let you leave with a bad experience and from your expression it seemed like your first time so just relax I'll do everything, I told him while giving him another kiss, this time hotter as I put my tongue in her mouth.

I quickly took off her jacket and shirt, exposing my body and my red tattoos.

By removing me from the kiss, the girl could see my perfect body which made her lower area moist while she was also surprised by my tattoos.

-Come on, take off her clothes, I said with a smile, like a predator looking at her prey.

-Yes, she said as she began to get excited, she quickly took off her shirt, when she was going to take off her bra I stopped her.

- Wait, first take off my pants, I said pointing to my pants, which had a huge bulge.

She just nodded as she gulped and licked her lips, now she too had a carnivorous look, dispIt's about to swallow my whole bara.

As he got closer I took the button and unbuttoned it, followed by that I took the zipper and pulled it down, took my pant parts and pulled it down slowly, eager to see my hot cock, as I lowered it something hit his chin, hard enough to leave him a slight mark, she looked at what hit him with an accusing look on her face, but when she saw it all her excitement returned, not being able to resist anymore, she also lowered the boxers and saw it, a 19 centimeter erect penis pointing directly at her face She, with nothing else to do, took it with one hand as she began to move it everywhere, as if it were a lever of a car, I just waited impatiently for her to do something, I couldn't resist long before trying to dig to the depths of her womb.

She continued to masturbate my cock for a while before putting it in her mouth, the taste was peculiar, but at the same time addictive, not being able to contain myself anymore when I noticed that the girl had put my penis in her tight mouth, I took her by the head and started to move my hips, she opened her eyes in shock as my penis was reaching her throat while I kept moving more and more, I continued like this for 20 more seconds before realizing that she was choking, I quickly pulled out my cock as she gave me Note that this was not a hentai but the real world.

- Sorry, I apologized quickly, the girl coughed a couple of times and when she got herself together she gave me a murderous look as she lunged at me, she knocked me down on the ground while I saw that she started to move her hips stimulating my penis even more while she took off the bra, exposing her cup D breasts, without wasting time I took one of her breasts as I began to rub her nipple, the girl moaned slightly as I took it between my fingers and began to rub it even faster, she quickly took off her skirt that by the way never had it on, I sat leaning against the tree while I took the left breast with my hand and the right began to suck it while the girl moaned even louder.

- Ahh, Ahh!, I'll put it inside! She moaned the girl as she took my penis with one of her hands and placed it just below her wet vagina.

"Okay," I said, stopping sucking on her erect nipple as I watched as she slowly inserted my penis.

Without being able to resist, I gave a push, fully inserting my entire penis into her vagina, causing the girl to widen her eyes while a loud moan came from her lips, I quickly knocked her to the ground as I began to move, kissed her and stimulated with both hands. her nipples, we began a battle for dominance of the other's mouth, our tongues moved between each other creating a strange sound while saliva came out of both mouths, letting ourselves be carried away by carnal desire.

When we finished the battle of tongues I went down to her breast right from her and continued sucking on it as if it were a baby.

- Uh! Ahh! Keep it up Gilgamesh! Don't stop! This is how sex really feels! I could become addicted to your penis! Exclaimed the girl with her tongue sticking out, neither of them noticing their surroundings, both being watched by a girl in shock as she started to get wet too.

- Shit, you're really tight, damn it, why are you so hot? We both moaned into the kiss as something slowly moved closer.

- Ahh!, Ahh!, Your penis is great Gilgamesh! Please repeat this! The girl moaned louder and louder in ecstasy.

"Shit she stop being so lewd, I think I'm about to cum!" I moaned feeling my penis get bigger as I felt a big load coming closer.

- Let's do it together!, Let's finish together as a couple!, the girl moaned being almost pierced by my hard penis.

-AHHHH!!!, she moaned as loud as a scream as they began to spasm and love juices spurted out of her wet vagina.

-ME TOO!!!, I moaned not so loud as she felt how my load was shot like a hose straight to the girl's uterus, if she didn't take a pill she would probably get pregnant.

[End of lemon: I hope you liked it :3]

We both dropped to the soft, wet grass tiredly as we both stared at each other, feeling something strange in our chests.

-Hey, the girl told me while she took my cheek.

-Yes?, I asked her also taking her cheek.

- I think I fell in love, the girl replied, looking at me with tremendous intensity.

- Did you fall in love with me or my penis?, I asked with an amused smile.

-Of both, after all you agreed to do it with me despite being a complete stranger and being completely normal, the girl told me as tears began to come out of her eyes.

- If that's the case maybe we could try it, I told him with a loving smile as I wiped away his tears with my finger.

At that moment I approached her face and gave her a kiss on the lips, thus starting something that I didn't even know was going to happen.

Meanwhile the other girl with a puddle on the floor looked surprised and sad at what had just happened.

- After all, if you never had the courage to do it, he would escape into the arms of another, you're an idiot, Aura, the girl whispered as tears began to flow from her face and she quickly made as little noise as possible, luckily none. I listen to both of them since they were busy giving each other love.

- What was the name of this girl?, I thought in panic, everything happened so fast that I don't know what to do anymore, accept the feelings of this girl that I hardly know just because I had sex with her, shit I'm screwed, oh I already remembered , her name is Olivia, she goes in my class, she congratulated me in the morning, but I only thanked her and we never had any interactions due to her lack of confidence and she was ignored by almost all the boys, due to the other beauties in the room class, poor, but well now in my arms is something that even the most beautiful girl in this university would want.

-Hey Olivia, do you want to come to my house?, How do you know today is my birthday and my mother will have a small meeting and she told me that she will invite whoever she wants, I asked curiously.

- Okay, but are you sure? You hardly know me, Olivia said a little unsure.

- Now you could say that I know you even more than your parents, after all you were my first time, I told her with a smile while giving her another kiss, I really didn't lie, she was my first time both in this world and in the world. another, so it was impossible not to grow fond of him just for that.

When she finished the kiss she gave me a beautiful smile, my heart gave a pretty strong beat when I saw that smile and I couldn't help but hug her.

- Hey, I think we should go to the showers, I told him with a smile seeing that we were both very sweaty and with fluids from the other.

-Yes, she replied as she gave me another kiss and stood up with a big smile.

After that we both put our clothes back on and headed to the showers that were in the gym, luckily there was no one there and we were able to take a shower together, it should be noted that we had sex again since the hormones are too strong .

A few hours later...

Classes ended and we both didn't skip them due to our time together, I was a bit confused, after all now I had a girlfriend and I was no longer a virgin. Was this the way to go? or I just got carried away, but well, human feelings are incomprehensible, surely I got carried away, after all during my past life I didn't have friends because I thought they were unnecessary, although I still think so, only, seeing the smile that I dio made me feel something, indescribable, I won't say I love her, but it made my stomach turn, that feeling I only felt once before.

We both left the school freshly showered towards the parking lot, people looked at us strangely since we had wet hair, a clear sign of having taken a bath and we were holding hands, the girls looked enviously at Olivia, but the boys looked at me They looked at me with dumbfounded eyes, probably thinking that I'm an idiot for being with a completely normal girl instead of going after one of the hot beauties, I just ignored them and Olivia gave the other girls a superior look as we got into my car and headed off. We were heading to my house.

-We're going to get there, I told Olivia, who just nodded a little nervously.

When I got to the apartment I left the car in the Garage while Olivia just followed me, when I entered the house I noticed that all the lights were off, there was probably nobody there or that's what I would think if I was an idiot, most likely they are hiding waiting to give me a surprise, well I already heard my mother give a countdown speaking as low as possible.

When I entered completely suddenly, the lights came on, revealing my mother, the totally unexpected Tony Stark, along with Happy, his assistant or something like that, I remember, and Pepper, nothing that she would not expect, after all, my mother is very close friends with Tony. Stark.

- Surprise! Everyone present exclaimed, obviously excepting Olivia and me.

- Wow! A surprise party? I asked, feigning surprise with a smile.

- Happy birthday son! My mother came over and gave me a hug to which I returned.

- Happy birthday!, Said the others present when the hug ended.

-Thanks, I said simply, while I turned to look at Olivia seeing that she was looking at Tony in amazement, I simply tapped her on the forehead with two fingers like Itachi did.

- Uh!, Exclaimed Olivia pouting, it's strange that she does that being 19 years old, but I can't expect much from this world, they literally start making jokes when half the universe is in danger, but hey.

- Well a pleasure, my name is Gilgamesh and is next to me is Olivia, my girlfriend, I introduced myself and Olivia with a smile to those present, while my mother opened her eyes wide.

- Nice guys, your mother told me a lot about you Gilgamesh, curious name by the way, Tony greeted as he approached and hit me on the back.

- I'm Pepper Potts, a pleasure, said Pepper, shaking hands with me and Olivia.

- And I'm Happy Hogan, greeting Happy.

After that, the whole party went by without inconvenience, having some other talk and that's how I finished my first day in this world.

End of chapter.

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